10 reasons to do a PMP certification

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get a PMP Certification


Last updated July 24, 2017


PMP® is a globally acknowledged professional certification in project management that validates a professional’s education and experience in project management. This coveted credential is offered by the reputed Project Management Institute to professionals who qualify in the PMP® Exam conducted by the PMI.

Preparing for PMP® Certification? Take this test to know where you stand!

PMP® is one of those credentials whose reputation precedes them. Nevertheless, here’s a few reasons you should consider getting a PMP® Certification.

Reason #1: PMP® is a globally acknowledged certification

PMP® is recognized and sought-after the world over (there are more than 450k PMP® certified professionals worldwide – Source) Clearing PMP® exam and achieving a PMP® Credential would thus help a professional showcase their skills and expertise to potential global employers.

Reason #2: PMP® leads to a steep hike in salary

PMP® holders witnesses a dramatic and steep hike in salary, with the certification. On average, PMP® certified professionals earn 17% more than their non-certified counterparts, according to the Project Management Salary Survey, Eighth Edition.

Further, new research from the Project Management Institute, suggests that 71% of project managers saw an increase in compensation over the last 12 months.

PMP® certified professionals earn a median salary of $110,000 a year.

Reason #3: PMP® Greatly Expands Your Market Reach and Scope

Holders of the Project Management Professional certification form a global close knit community, with a plethora of Project Management fora, discussion boards, and online communities attracting PMP® professionals from across the world, willing to share tips, insights and pool their experience, thus staying abreast of latest developments and trends in the industry.

Reason #4: PMP® Have Better Job Opportunities

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 80% of high-performing projects use PMP® credentialed project managers, and, according to the PMI® Pulse of the Profession study, organizations with more than 35% PMP® certified project managers demonstrated much better project performance.

Thus, PMP® Certification opens up better career avenues and provides professionals with greater job opportunities in the project management world.

Reason #5: PMP® Professionals Get The Most Challenging Projects

PMP® Certification earns a professional challenging and important industry, since it demonstrates one’s dedication towards project management and showcases required knowledge and experience to handle challenging projects.

Besides, as the PMP® Exam eligibility criteria include both education and experience for project managers, a PMP® Certification validates one’s skills and experience leading and directing projects. Here's the article on Top 10 benefits of attaining a PMP Credential

Reason #6: PMP® Professionals Have Enhanced Project Management Skills And Demonstrate Better Project Performance

Not all Project Managers are PMP® certified and, consequently, project managers who lack the credential perform less efficiently than their certified peers. The standards for the rigorous PMP® exam are higher than other PM certifications, and it tests professionals on all five project management processes – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing, providing the Project manager with a detailed, standardized, actionable set of project management best practices drawing from all five processes.

Further, a professional needs to be aware of all nine knowledge areas of project management, including project scope management, integration management, human resource management, time management, cost management, quality management and procurement management, with in-depth knowledge in order to qualify for the PMP® Exam.

This enhances their project management skills immensely, and allows the project manager to tackle all manner of projects with consummate ease.

Reason #7: Greater Visibility To Recruiters

Research across industries suggests that organizations prefer hiring PMP® certified project managers to their non-credentialed peers. PMP® certification is a standard that demonstrates a professional’s expertise in project management and it immediately catches a recruiter’s eye, during profile evaluation.

Reason #8: Utility Across Industry

PMP® is an ideal bet for all project managers in various professional fields, including IT, telecom, business processing, commerce, finance, research, and more.

Reason #9: Planning Ahead

The test falls into about the middle range in terms of cost. While not as expensive as many of the high tech, very specific exams, it isn’t something you are likely to take lightly. At $555 a test (unless you are a PMI® member, in which case it is $405), it doesn’t seem too expensive.

Once you consider the failure rate, you may decide that you need to take courses, which run between $1,500 and $2,000, and that does not include the cost of the exam.

Reason #10: PMP® Professionals Are Secure Even During Economic Downturns

With the economy yet to get back to where it was 15 years ago, there is still plenty of uncertainty. While no one is immune to layoffs and downsizing, 80% of executives around the world believe that having PMP® Certification demonstrated core competencies that made the certification holders valuable even during a recession.

Agree with our list? What were YOUR reasons for getting a PMP® certification? Let us know in the comments section.

In between that, here is a sample video that takes you through the Introduction To PMP® Certification Training. Hope you find it beneficial.

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PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. 

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