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  • Gain basic proficiency in Scala
  • Get to grips with functional programming
  • Understand how to scale your programs efficiently
  • Course completion certificate

Course description

  • What is the focus of this course?

    Simplilearn’s online Scala programming course is for beginners introduces the learners to the fundamentals of Scala.The course will help students understand variables, conditionals, loops, functions, and classes present in Scala.

  • What are the course objectives?

      By the end of this course, you will gain confidence to code in Scala and progressively learn the advanced level in Scala programming. The course helps you to do the following:

    • Install Scala successfully
    • Write and run your Scala code
    • Manipulate string
    • Learn about lists and maps
    • Incorporate loops and conditionals in your program
    • Create arrays and functions
    • Understand features of Scala like Polymorphism, Inheritance, and many more
    • Acquire knowledge on file I/O and exception handling

  • Who should do this course?

    The course is ideal for programming enthusiasts who want to learn a new, functional, and derivative language of Java.

Course preview

    • Lesson 00 - Course Introduction 05:05
      • 1 Course Introduction05:05
    • Lesson 01 - Language Fundamentals 2:19:50
      • 1 Introduction02:58
      • 2 What is Scala and Installing04:06
      • 3 Your First Scala Program04:41
      • 4 Variables and Constants08:42
      • 5 String Manipulations09:01
      • 6 Variable Length Arrays09:10
      • 7 List and Maps Introduction09:44
      • 8 Sets10:36
      • 9 Immutable Maps08:18
      • 10 Conditionals08:02
      • 11 Element Traversing and Streams07:58
      • 12 Tuples and Zipping08:40
      • 13 List Manipulations11:58
      • 14 Conditionals and Loops09:05
      • 15 Advanced Looping07:06
      • 16 Project Instructions04:18
      • 17 Project Solution I08:51
      • 18 Project Solution II05:26
      • 19 Summary01:10
    • Lesson 02 - Expressions 47:47
      • 1 Introduction02:06
      • 2 Statements and Expressions Introduction11:01
      • 3 Expression Blocks and Pattern Guards06:40
      • 4 Match-All and Wildcards07:12
      • 5 Down Casting and Closures08:24
      • 6 Project Instructions03:27
      • 7 Project Solution07:44
      • 8 Summary01:13
    • Lesson 03 - Functions 29:12
      • 1 Introduction02:31
      • 2 Functions Introduction10:58
      • 3 Functions Advanced09:03
      • 4 Project05:31
      • 5 Summary01:09
    • Lesson 04 - Classes 40:24
      • 1 Introduction01:19
      • 2 Class Construction08:35
      • 3 Auxiliary Constructors and Lazy Values06:54
      • 4 Inheritance & Abstract Classes10:08
      • 5 Polymorphism05:13
      • 6 Project07:24
      • 7 Summary00:51
    • Lesson 05 - Extra 20:43
      • 1 Introduction00:47
      • 2 File I/O09:22
      • 3 Exceptions05:02
      • 4 Project04:38
      • 5 Summary00:54
    • Lesson 06 - Course Summary 02:02
      • 1 Course Summary02:02
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  • How would a certificate from Simplilearn help me?

    In today’s era where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly and demand for qualified    candidates is significantly increasing, a certificate from Simplilearn is the key to your success and a valuable add-on in your resume. Our training courses are designed and updated by 2000+ renowned industry experts, and more than 40 global training organizations have recognized us as an official provider of certification training.

  • What are the prerequisites for this course?

    Prior programming experience is beneficial.

  • What are the benefits of a Scala programming certification course?

    Being a scalable object oriented programming language, Scala is one of the perfect programming languages to  include in your skill list. A flawless mix of  brief syntax, functionality, intermediate nature, and scalability makes this Java acquired platform independent language very exciting. It will act as a value add-on in your programming skill profile and help you to build projects with ease.

  • Who are the trainers?

    All our trainers are certified and are highly qualified, with multiple years of experience in working with front-end development technology.

  • What are the payment options?

    Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt will be issued to you automatically via email.

    • Visa debit/credit card
    • American Express and Diners Club card
    • MasterCard
    • PayPal

  • Can I cancel my enrollment? Do I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment. We provide a complete refund after deducting the administration fee. To know more, please review our refund policy.

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