Who is a Solutions Architect?

Experts in the planning, execution, and management of the creation of intricate software systems and solutions for companies are known as solutions architects. They are essential in closing the knowledge gap between an organization's technical capacity and commercial goals. Solutions architects collaborate closely with developers, project managers, clients, and other essential professionals to fully grasp their needs and convert them into technical solutions that can be successfully constructed utilizing software and technology.

Solutions architects are responsible for gathering and analyzing business needs, assessing current systems and procedures, and devising creative solutions that support the company's objectives and strategies. They must also be proficient in many programming languages, frameworks, and development processes and thoroughly grasp software architectural concepts, design patterns, and best practices. 

Solutions Architect Salary in India

Experience, geography, sector, and the organization a solutions architect works for may significantly impact their pay in India. As per AmbitionBox, the salary of a solutions architect in India ranges from ₹ 13.0 Lakhs to ₹ 45.0 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of ₹ 29.0 Lakhs.

This is an average solutions architect's salary. Individual compensation may vary greatly depending on the solutions architect's particulars and credentials. Economic and living costs also influence salary levels in various parts of India. 

Solution Architect Salary in India: Based on Experience

Entry-Level Solutions Architect Salary in India 

Assuming they have less than a year of experience, a solutions architect beginning their career may anticipate earning an average of ₹5,50,000 yearly, equivalent to ₹45,833 per person per month. This information is based on thirteen public salary profiles that serve as the starting point. In India, an entry-level solutions architect can anticipate earning an average of ₹45,000 per month during their employment (Source: Payscale).  

Mid-Level Solutions Architect Salary in India 

Professionals at the mid-level are solutions architects with five to nine years of expertise. In India, these mid-level solutions architects should make, on average, ₹20,00,000 a year, or about ₹1,66,667 a month. The facts given support this. With 5–9 years of expertise, a solutions architect in India can thus make, on average, ₹1.67 lakhs a month (Source: Payscale).

Experienced solutions architect Salary in India 

Highly experienced individuals are solutions architects with several years of experience—let's say twenty or more years. So, senior solutions architect salaries in India are an average of ₹30,00,000 per year or ₹2,50,000 per month. The pay of solutions architects at the entry and mid-levels is much less than this. Thus, an average monthly salary for a solutions architect with 20 years of expertise in India is ₹2.5 lakhs (Source: Payscale).

Solutions Architect Salary in India: Based on Location


Bangalore, a major city in India, is well-recognized as a technological hub. Many information technology companies have their headquarters in Bangalore. Due to this, the typical salary in India is lower than the amount of money that Bangalore solutions architects earn. Based on these facts, solutions architects in Bangalore may expect to earn around 6.9% more than the national average income for the occupation in India. On average, the solutions architect's salary in Bangalore is ₹24,81,269 per year (Source: Payscale).


Chennai is another city in India that is home to many technology-related businesses. Nevertheless, the data suggests that the compensation offered to solutions architects in Chennai is lower than the average salary throughout the country. It is estimated that people working in Chennai receive a pay of around 13.2% lower than the national average income for solutions architects in India. On average, the solutions architect's salary in Chennai is ₹20,13,182 per year (Source: Payscale).


Pune is also an important information technology metropolis in India. Solutions architects in Pune earn more than the average for the whole country. According to the figures, solutions architects in Pune might expect to earn around 0.9% more than the national average income for solutions architects in India. On average, the solutions architect's salary in Pune is ₹23,39,302 per year (Source: Payscale). 


Mumbai is a central metropolitan area in India. The financial sector is a well-known facet of Mumbai's economy. Despite this, the data suggests that the average salary of a solutions architect in Mumbai is lower than the average salary in India. The average salary for solutions architects in Mumbai is around 3% lower than that for solutions architects in India. On average, the solutions architect's salary in Mumbai is ₹22,95,596 per year (Source: Payscale).


Hyderabad, another city in India, is home to many businesses involved in digital technology. According to the data, however, solutions architects in Hyderabad earn a salary that is lower than the average salary for the whole country of India. Individuals who work as solutions architects in Hyderabad may earn around 9% less than the national average for solutions architects in India. On average, the solutions architect's salary in Hyderabad is ₹20,99,735 (Source: Payscale).

New Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is a prominent center for information technology enterprises. The figures show a slight disparity between the average salary of a solutions architect in Delhi and the national average wage in India. The average salary of solutions architects in Delhi is around 4% lower than that of solutions architects in India. On average, the solutions architect's salary in Delhi is ₹17,59,091 per year (Source: Payscale). 

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Solutions architects in India may earn slightly different incomes, depending on several other factors. The number of years of experience and the location of the solutions architect's workplace are the primary factors determining the salary. On average, highly experienced solutions architects with twenty years or more of experience may earn up to ₹2.5 lakhs per month.

On the other hand, entry-level solutions architects with less than one year of experience can anticipate earning roughly ₹45,000 per month. Cities such as Chennai and Hyderabad often pay solutions architects lower than the country's average salary. In contrast, other cities like Bangalore and Pune give a higher salary.

Enrolling in an AWS Solutions Architect course can be a significant step for those looking to enter this field or advance their careers, as it equips professionals with in-demand skills and knowledge. Considering everything, being a solutions architect in India is a profitable career option, and the income that a solutions architect receives may increase with the individual's experience; where an individual works is the primary factor determining a solutions architect's salary.


1. Is a solutions architect an excellent job?

Solutions architects are excellent jobs for individuals passionate about technology and problem-solving. They offer a rewarding career path with high earning potential, opportunities for continuous learning, and the chance to work on complex and innovative projects. Solutions architects are crucial in bridging business needs with technological solutions, making it a challenging yet fulfilling profession.

2. Can a fresher be a solutions architect?

While it is uncommon for freshers to land a solutions architect role directly after graduation, it is not entirely impossible. Most organizations prefer candidates with substantial experience in software development, architecture design, and project management. However, freshers with exceptional technical skills, a strong portfolio, and relevant internships or certifications may be considered for entry-level or associate solutions architect positions.

3. Is a solutions architect an IT role?

Yes, solutions architect is primarily an IT (Information Technology) role. Solutions architects work within the technology domain, leveraging their expertise in software development, system architecture, and technology solutions to address business challenges. They collaborate closely with IT teams, developers, and stakeholders to design, implement, and maintain complex software systems and applications that align with an organization's strategic objectives. 

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