A graphic design aims at expressing a message, information or product visually in an interactive manner. With increased use of social media and digital marketing, it is a growing field. Good business ideas and high-income jobs are further attracting the population towards careers in graphic design. Here are a few Graphic Design courses that can help you build a lucrative career in this field. 

What are Graphic Design Courses?

Graphic Design Courses are job-oriented programs among highly demanded. Focussed and dependent on virtuality and technology, these require software and tools to showcase artistic skills. They emphasize interactive pictures, videos and animation making to increase organizations' marketability, products and awareness. 

Why Pursue Online Graphic Design Courses? 

Online courses facilitate ease of learning by saving time and increasing productivity. Being a self-paced learning method, they can be learnt in combination with the regular schedules of anyone. The flexibility offered in time and location, along with providing an opportunity to learn new skills, is highly looked upon among the population nowadays. 

Types of Graphic Design Courses 

Graphic design courses can be taken through both online and offline modes. The general method to gain expertise in Graphic Design is through Diploma, which is offered from fundamental to advanced and executive levels. Moreover, undergraduate and postgraduate programs are also offered. The candidates can earn BA, B. Sc., B. Des., MA, and M. Des. degrees to showcase their potential. Whereas, online courses are short-term, focused on employable skills and make you job-ready. 

List of Online Graphic Design Courses

Simplilearn provides graphic Design Courses based on the level of learners. So, both beginners and professionals can learn to upskill their careers or switch paths. Here is a list of available courses: 

1. UI/UX Design Expert

This is an Expert Master's Program of 4 months emphasizing UI, UX, wireframes, usability testing, prototypes, User-Centered Designing and other important components. Loaded with practical examples, projects and opportunities to work in integrated labs, the training journey covers all the aspects like portfolio, data collection, analysis, interpretation and much more. 

What You'll Learn

The course UI/UX Design Expert helps candidates learn skills like:

  • UI and Visual Design
  • Heuristic Evaluation 
  • Usability Testing
  • Product Designing
  • Design Thinking
  • User Experience Design
  • Information and Interaction Design
  • Prototyping and Wireframing

Job Trends and Roles

  • Trends: The compound Annual Growth Rate of the UI/UX Design Industry is expected to be 15.4% by 2022. It should accompany an 18 to 30% increase in job roles in the next ten years. 
  • Average Salary: The highly experienced with demonstrated skills can expect 23 lakhs yearly.
  • Job roles: Senior Graphic Designer, Senior Motion Graphic Designer, Animator cum Graphic Designer, Senior Visualizer, Senior Web and Graphics Designer

2. Design Thinking for Beginners

This is a free course that helps candidates explore their interests, learn basics, and gain the ability to be creative and express their thoughts. It is a self-paced video lesson with 90 days of access to the videos. Candidates can expect a completion certificate.

What You'll Learn

The free Graphic Design Course for beginners develops the following skills:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Agile Methodology and Design Thinking
  • Empathy mapping
  • Five phases and four pillars of design thinking

Job Trends and Roles

  • Trends: With digitalization, the requirements of graphic designers are constantly growing for the organizations to present themselves in a manner to remain in the eyes of customers. Around 73% of strategic or design planners are required in technological companies. 
  • Average Salary: Freshers can begin their careers with internships to gain experience. A permanent job with good experience can let the candidates earn around 5 lakh per annum.
  • Job roles: Junior Graphic Designer and Motion Graphic Artist.

3. Among Us Animation Beginner Course

This is another free and interesting Graphic Design Course launched in partnership with Garvit Bhatnagar. A two-hour course that introduces and teaches the application of basics of animation, imitation of squid games, and much more. Accompanied by tips and tricks, the access is available for 90 days. 

What You'll Learn

Skills learned from this course are:

  • Among Us Drawing and Animation
  • Game Graphics
  • Flipaclip

Job Trends and Roles

  • Trends: The requirement for animators will rise by 5% by 2031. 
  • Average Salary: The average salary can be expected in the range of 2.1 to 4.5 lakhs per annum.
  • Job roles: Character Designer, Model Maker, Storyboard Artist, 3D Artist, Animator
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Graphic Design is an expanding field, with the need for experienced talents and out-of-box thinkers constantly increasing. Through the availability of various graphic design courses, people can easily switch their careers, practice it as their fashion or take it solely as one's career path. Simplilearn offers courses for both beginner and advanced-level candidates to learn.


1. Which course is best for graphic design?

The best graphic design courses should be selected based on the individual's level. Beginners or freshers can go for introductory courses on graphic design. At the same time, experts can skill themselves with courses like UI/UX Design Expert. 

2. What qualifications do you need for graphic design?

A diploma, graduation or post graduation degree is the Graphic Design Course that offers insights into all the relevant details regarding creation, design, phase and pillars of design thinking and much more.

3. What are the four types of graphic designers?

The four common types of graphic designers are Animation Designer, User Interface Designer, Motion Graphics Designer and User-Experience Designer.

4. Can I learn graphic design in 6 months?

There are numerous courses, both online and offline mode with varying durations. Online courses are relatively short-term and bring good familiarity with basic concepts, which are the base of any design. Further, the practice determines the efficiency level of any designer.