An HTML line break is a point that defines the end of a current line and the start of a new line. In HTML, the <br> tag is used to create line breaks. In this HTML line breaks article, we will discuss how we can insert the line break in our HTML document with or without the <br> tag.

HTML Line Breaks

The HTML <br> tag defines a line break. Each <br> tag creates a new line. 



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How to Break a Line Without Using the <br> Tag in HTML?

You can enter a new line in your web page without using a <br> tag with one of the following alternative methods:

  • Using the <pre> Tag

The <pre> tag displays line breaks, spaces, tabs, etc. exactly as written in the HTML file. It has a fixed font (usually Courier).



  • Using Display: Block

This sets the display property of elements to block.



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