The HTML video tag is useful when you want to add a video to your web pages. In modern web browsers, adding the video is very easy. You do not need to install any extra plug-in for this. You can add the video by using a <video> tag.

What Is an HTML <video> tag?

An HTML video tag is used to embed video into your web page. The <video> element is used to embed video content in an HTML document without requiring any additional plugin like Flash player. 



The text between the video tag is only displayed in the browsers that do not support the video tag.

Note: Keep the HTML file and the video file that you are going to add in the same folder.

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Tag-Specific Attributes






It specifies that the video should be played automatically.



It shows the default video controls like play, pause, volume etc.



It specifies the height of the video



It specifies that the video will start again, upon reaching the end.



It specifies that the audio should be muted.



It specifies an image to preview before the loading of the video.


auto, metadata, none

It provides a hint to the browser about what the author thinks will lead to the best user experience.



It specifies the location of the video file to embed



It sets the width of video’s display area

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