CAPM Certification

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification is an entry-level credential in project management offered by the PMI®. The CAPM test evaluates professionals' fundamental knowledge and terminology ... and processes in project management. Simplilearn (Global PMI REP ID 3147) offers CAPM® training courses through blended model that includes online CAPM® training and CAPM® classes coupled with CAPM® test questions.

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About CAPM® Certification Training

  • FAQs

    1. What is CAPM®?
    PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) is an entry-level certification for project managers and individuals working on one or more projects. It showcases the professionals’ skills in the fundamental knowledge, concepts and methods of effective project management.
    1. What is difference between PMP® and CAPM®?
    CAPM® is an entry-level credential, whereas, PMP® is for experienced project managers. CAPM® recognizes the fundamental and basic knowledge of the project practitioners while PMP® recognizes the experience and competence of leading and directing projects.
    1. What are the pre-requisites to take up CAPM® certification?
    The candidates require High School Diploma or an associate’s degree and 23 contact hours of project management education or 1500 hours of professional experience in a project.
    1. What is the fee for CAPM® exam certification?
    The exam fee for CAPM® exam is $225 for members and $300 for non-members. The re-examination fee for members is $150 and for non-members is $200.
    1. Is there any training required to take up CAPM® certification?
    Yes, training is required for the successful completion of CAPM® certification. Simplilearn is a leading training provider of CAPM® through its classroom, online and instructor-led online training modes.
    1. How long does it take to receive the certificate after taking CAPM® certification exam?
    Within 2-5 weeks of successfully passing the CAPM® exam, you will receive the physical certificate authenticating you as CAPM® certified.
    1. How to prepare for CAPM® exam preparation?
    To prepare for CAPM® exams you can use study aids, study groups, workshops or opt for trainings by R.E.Ps. Simplilearn is a globally recognized R.E.P training provider for CAPM® with the R.E.P ID 3147.
    1. Will CAPM® certification help me in getting a job?
                 Yes, CAPM® is a globally recognized credential in demand by top Fortune500 companies. It is one
                 of the top three skills employers are looking for in a candidate.
    1. How long is CAPM® certificate valid for?
    The Certification CAPM® Certification is 5 years.
    1. How long does it take to renew the CAPM® certificate?
    A candidate needs to renew his/her CAPM® certificate every 5 year. He/she is not required to earn PDUs.
    1. What are the advantages of renewing the CAPM® certificate?
    The renewal of CAPM® certificate acknowledges your dedication towards project management, thereby, assuring your employer that you have stayed current in your knowledge of project management.
    1. How can working professionals benefit from CAPM®?
    CAPM® credentials establish your skills to initiate, monitor, implement and execute a project effectively. For working professionals, CAPM® provides skills to hire, lead and manage project team and deliver projects efficiently.
    1. Does PMI offer any discount for students who are registered members?
    PMI members receive a $100 registration discount. There is a group rate of $600 applicable to 3 or more students from the same organization.
    1. How can joining PMI be beneficial while pursuing CAPM® certification?
    PMI members get a discount on CAPM® exam fees; online purchases and events. Members also have access to e-books and discussion forums for the latest developments in project management.

  • About CAPM® Certification

    CAPM® certification is a globally recognized entry-level certification in project management. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) certification is offered to professionals by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) to newbies in project management who successfully qualify in the CAPM® exam. CAPM® certification demonstrates a professional’s fundamental knowledge in project management and its terminologies and processes. Simplilearn offers CAPM® exam prep training through blended mode of learning with CAPM® practice test for extensive practice.

  • Best Suited

    Professionals who look forward to move ahead in the project management career with a professional certification from the reputed PMI should opt for CAPM® certification. Professionals who have little or no experience on project management and are looking towards improvising their project management skills and knowledge are ideal participants for CAPM® certification.

  • CAPM® Certification Benefits

    • Globally recognized professional certification
    • Demonstrates one’s fundamental knowledge and expert skills on project management
    • Establishes project management skills in the global market
    • Opens up greater career prospects in project management
    • Earns better income

  • Exam

    CAPM® exam is conducted and governed by the PMI® Institute. Professionals require 23 hours of professional training in order to attempt CAPM® exam. The exam fee for CAPM® exam is $225 for members and $300 for non-members. The re-examination fee for members is $150 and for non-members is $200. Know more from CAPM® Handbook.

CAPM® Training Types

  • Classroom Training Training Type

    CAPM classroom training is conducted for professionals who want to interact with a highly qualified instructor for better understanding of topics. CAPM Certification is an entry-level credential in project management offered by the PMI and Simplilearn invites you to participate in interactive CAPM classroom workshops. CAPM training includes classroom sessions, access to CAPM online certification courseware, CAPM study guide and full-length practice tests prepared by qualified trainers. We also offer 23 hours of PMI PDU certificate at the end of the CAPM certification training course. 

  • Online Self Learning Training Type

    CAPM online training is ideal for CAPM aspirants who are comfortable with self-study and do not have enough time to attend regular CAPM classroom sessions. Simplilearn brings to you CAPM online training course giving you the liberty to study from the comfort of home. Online CAPM training includes audio-video chapters, quizzes and CAPM exam prep tests prepared by qualified trainers. Our e-learning courseware is based on CAPM exam syllabus. We offer 23 hours of PMI PDU certificate at the end of the training.

  • Instructor Led Online Classroom Training Type

    CAPM virtual classroom is the right opportunity for you to connect with an experienced instructor online from your own comfortable space. CAPM virtual classroom includes live interactive training sessions over the internet, access to CAPM online courseware and full-length practice tests. On successful completion of the CAPM online classes program, we offer 23 hours of PMI PDU certificate to participants.

  • Practice Tests Training Type

    CAPM practice tests are designed for candidates who are looking forward to polish their CAPM exam prep before attending the actual exam. CAPM practice tests include multiple-choice questions prepared by experienced trainers based on the exam syllabus. Each practice tests include 150 questions with answers and detailed explanation for doubt clearing. Simplilearn offers 1 to 2 CAPM practice tests thus allowing you to buy practice tests as per your level of CAPM exam preparation.

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