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CAPM Certification Course Overview

Our CAPM certification training gives beginners an overview of core project manager philosophies and knowledge of the five process groups and 10 knowledge areas prescribed by the project manager Institute (PMI®). The course covers the fundamental concepts of project management and its processes, preparing you for the CAPM certification exam.

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  • 14 end-of-chapter quizzes
  • Scenarios and case studies included
  • 23 PDUs offered
  • Two CAPM® simulation exams
  • Course completion certificate
  • 14 end-of-chapter quizzes
  • Two CAPM® simulation exams
  • Scenarios and case studies included
  • Course completion certificate
  • 23 PDUs offered
  • 14 end-of-chapter quizzes
  • Two CAPM® simulation exams
  • Scenarios and case studies included
  • Course completion certificate
  • 23 PDUs offered

Skills Covered

  • Project manager knowledge areas
  • Project manager processes
  • Project Integration Management
  • Earned value management
  • Organizational theories and leadership styles
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project environment
  • Integrated change control
  • Quality tools
  • Project manager knowledge areas
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project manager processes
  • Project environment
  • Project Integration Management
  • Integrated change control
  • Earned value management
  • Quality tools
  • Organizational theories and leadership styles
  • Project manager knowledge areas
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project manager processes
  • Project environment
  • Project Integration Management
  • Integrated change control
  • Earned value management
  • Quality tools
  • Organizational theories and leadership styles

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Project managers are required in nearly all industries like engineering, information technology, construction, and manufacturing. As per PMI, the CAPM credential distinguishes you in the job market and enhances your credibility and effectiveness working on projects.

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CAPM Course Curriculum


Professionals seeking to raise their skillsets to a new level in the growing project management field are ideal candidates for the CAPM online course. This certification is best suited for project associates or executives and any professional aspiring to start a career in project management.
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For the CAPM certification:
You should have a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent) and 1,500 hours of professional project experience.
You need to have a secondary diploma (high school diploma or the global equivalent) along with 23 hours of formal project management training.
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Course Content

  • CAPM® Certification Course

    • Lesson 01 - Introduction

      • 1.01 Introduction to CAPM
      • 1.02 Key Takeaways
    • Lesson 02 - Introduction to Project Management

      • 2.01 Introduction to Project Management
      • 2.02 Project Management Process Groups
      • 2.03 Project Management Processes
      • 2.04 Process Groups ITTO
      • 2.05 Portfolios Programs Stakeholders
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 03 - Project Environment

      • 3.01 Project Environment
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 04 - Role of the Project Manager

      • 4.01 Role of the Project Manager
      • 4.02 Code of Ethics
    • Lesson 05 - Project Integration Management

      • 5.01 Project Integration Management
      • 5.02 Project Integration Management Knowledge Areas
      • 5.03 Direct and Manage Project Work
      • 5.04 Perform Integrated Change Control
      • 5.05 Scenario 1 Project Integration Management
      • 5.06 Scenario 2 Project Integration Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 06 - Project Scope Management

      • 6.01 Project Scope Management
      • 6.02 Project Scope Management in Planning Process Group
      • 6.03 Project Scope Management in Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
      • 6.04 Scenario 3 Project Scope Management
      • 6.05 Scenario 4 Project Scope Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 07 - Project Schedule Management

      • 7.01 Project Schedule Management
      • 7.02 Project Schedule Management Processes
      • 7.03 Schedule Network Analysis Techniques
      • 7.04 Scenario 5 Project Schedule Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 08 - Project Cost Management

      • 8.01 Project Cost Management
      • 8.02 Earned Value Management
      • 8.03 Scenario 6 Project Cost Management
      • 8.04 Scenario 7 Project Cost Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 09 - Project Quality Management

      • 9.01 Project Quality Management
      • 9.02 Project Quality Management Processes
      • 9.03 Quality Tools
      • 9.04 Scenario 8 Project Quality Management
      • 9.05 Scenario 9 Project Quality Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 10 - Project Resource Management

      • 10.01 Project Resource Management
      • 10.02 Team Dynamics
      • 10.03 Organizational Theories and Leadership Styles
      • 10.04 Scenario 10 Project Resource Management
      • 10.05 Scenario 11 Project Resource Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 11 - Project Communications Management

      • 11.01 Project Communications Management
      • 11.02 Project Communications Management Processes
      • 11.03 Scenario 12 Project Communications Management
      • 11.04 Scenario 13 Project Communications Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 12 - Project Risk Management

      • 12.01 Project Risk Management
      • 12.02 Project Risk Management Processes
      • 12.03 Scenario 14 Project Risk Management
      • 12.04 Scenario 15 Project Risk Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 13 - Project Procurement Management

      • 13.01 Project Procurement Management
      • 13.02 Project Procurement Management Processes
      • 13.03 Scenario 16 Project Procurement Management
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 14 - Project Stakeholder Management

      • 14.01 Project Stakeholder Management
      • 14.02 Project Stakeholder Management Processes
      • 14.03 Scenario 17 Project Stakeholder Management
      • 14.04 Scenario 18 Project Stakeholder Management
      • Quiz

CAPM Certification & Course Advisor

  • Tim Jerome

    Tim Jerome

    Project Management Expert and Evangelist

    Tim Jerome is an international project management expert with over 15 years of experience at companies like Intel and Digital Network Services. A former president of the PMI Rio Grande Chapter, Tim is also a PMP instructor with over 10 years of experience in addition to his consulting experience.

  • Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen

    Project Management and Agile Expert, Consultant, Author

    Jeff Allen is a highly regarded project management and Agile expert with more than 15 years of experience at large companies like Compaq and HP. As an Agile Coach, he has mentored over 5000 professionals globally.


CAPM Course Exam & Certification

CAPM® Certification Training Course
  • How do you become a CAPM® certified professional?

    To become a CAPM certified professional, you will have to undergo formal CAPM training from a registered, accredited training organization like Simplilearn and successfully pass the CAPM exam.

    PMI, PMBOK, PMP, PgMP, CAPM, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

  • What are the prerequisites for the CAPM® certification?

    Prerequisites for the CAPM certification:
    • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
    • 1,500 hours of professional project experience
    • Secondary diploma (high school diploma or the global equivalent)
    • 23 hours of formal project management training

  • Do you provide any practice tests as part of this CAPM Certification Course?

    Yes, we provide 1 practice test as part of our course to help you prepare for the actual certification exam. You can try this free CAPM® Exam Prep Practice Test to understand the type of tests that are part of the course curriculum.

  • How do I become an Certified Associate Project Manager?

    A project manager is a senior-level designation and professionals need rich experience to become eligible for it. Interested professionals can take the first step by becoming associate project managers and then gain the necessary experience. A CAPM certification gives you the right skills and helps you understand what it takes to be an associate project manager.

  • What is CAPM Certification?

    The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification is one of the best project management certifications that is ideal for beginners who want to get into the project management field. Candidates who want to start their career with entry-level project management positions will greatly benefit by obtaining this certification.

    By acquiring CAPM certification, you will be familiar with several concepts related to project management, such as project quality management, project environment, project stakeholder management, project resource management, project integration management, project cost management, project communications management, project procurement management, project scope management, project risk management, project schedule management, role of the project managers, etc. 

    In order to obtain CAPM certification, you need to complete a CAPM course and pass the official exam. Simplilearn's CAPM Certification Training Course is one of the high-end CAPM courses that is taught by industry experts. This course covers a wide range of topics as per the exam syllabus, such as the basics and core concepts of project management, business analysis frameworks, agile methodologies, predictive plan-based methodologies, etc

  • CAPM Certification - Everything you need to know

    CAPM certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which recognizes your proficiency and skills in project management procedures, principles, best practices, etc. Below are a few basic things you should know about CAPM certification. 

    Who should apply?

    If you are interested in pursuing a career in project management, you can apply for CAPM certification. Whether you are a working professional from a different background or a student, CAPM is the ideal type of certification if you want to expand your knowledge and get into the project management industry. Even if you are already working in project management but want to enhance your skills and knowledge, it is a good option to apply for this certification. 

    When to Apply?

    If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for the CAPM certification at any time. Nevertheless, you need to have a secondary diploma or secondary degree and professional working experience in order to meet the eligibility criteria. 

    What is the value of CAPM certification? 

    CAPM certification is a relatively valuable certification for project managers. It confirms that you retain the required skills and knowledge to manage projects effectively. As it is a globally recognized certification, you can get global career opportunities and expand your professional network. 

    If you have a CAPM certification, you can advance your career quickly and improve your earning potential as well. Your portfolio will stand out from other candidates, and you can find numerous employment opportunities from top firms.

  • What are CAPM requirements?

    If you want to apply for CAPM certification, you need to fulfill the eligibility requirements, which are listed below. 

    Education Requirements 

    When it comes to education requirements, it is mandatory to obtain a secondary degree (associate's degree, high school diploma, GED, or any other global equivalent).  

    Experience Requirements 

    You need to have professional working experience in order to be eligible for CAPM certification.

    • Have formal project management education training for a minimum of 23 hours. 

    • Have at least 1,500 hours of professional project experience.

    Certification Maintenance Requirements 

    You need to renew your CAPM certification in order to maintain its status. The CAPM certification renewal period is every three years, and you need to have at least 15 PDUs. 

    Follow these steps in order to renew and maintain your CAPM certification: 

    • Obtain a minimum of 15 PDUs within three years  

    • Go to the PMI dashboard and add the details of your PDUs.

    • Make the payment (the renewal fee is USD 150 for non-PMI members and USD 60 for PMI members. 

  • How to earn your CAPM certification?

    Here is a detailed step-by-step guide you can follow to earn your CAPM certification. 

    Earn a secondary degree or global equivalent 

    You need to have a secondary degree or any other global equivalent to meet the eligibility criteria. This can be a high school diploma, GED, or associate's degree as well. If you already have a high school diploma and are currently enrolled in another degree, you will qualify for the CAPM certification exam. 

    Pursue formal project management education or professional experience 

    The next step is to pursue formal project management education or professional experience, as it is necessary to meet the working experience requirements. Make sure to have 1,500 hours of professional project working experience. You will also be eligible for this certification if you have about 23 hours of formal project management education training. 

    Apply for the exam and prepare 

    Apply for the CAPM exam through the PMI official website. Fill in the application form and ensure that the details are correct. They will take 1 to 5 days to review your application. After receiving the confirmation email, you need to pay the exam fee. The CAPM exam fee for non-PMI members is USD 300, while the PMI members need to pay only USD 225.

    You can enroll in a CAPM course to prepare for the test. CAPM examination has an MCQ format with a total of 150 questions. It is a 3-hour test and available in 8 different languages. In order to pass this exam, you need to obtain a passing score of 80%. If you failed in your first attempt, you can take the test again about three times a year. 

    Maintain your certification 

    If you want to maintain your CAPM certification, you have to obtain a minimum of 15 PDUs every three years. This is because your CAPM certification is valid for only three years, and you need these PDUs to extend its validity. 

    You need to earn these PDUs in different areas, which are listed below: 

    • 9 PDUs - continued professional development education 

      • 2 PDUs - technical areas

      • 2 PDUs - strategic and business management

      • 2 PDUs - leadership

      • 3 PDUs from other areas 

    • 6 PDUs - Giving back to the industry. 

  • How Much Does CAPM Certification Cost?

    The cost for the CAPM exam will differ depending on whether you are a PMI member or not. For instance, if you have a PMI membership, the exam fee will be only USD 225. If you do not have a PMI membership, you need to pay USD 300 as an exam fee. You can acquire the PMI membership by paying USD 129 and a one-time application fee of USD 10.

    Coming to the cost of CAPM certification courses, there are plenty of online courses that are available for free. You can enroll in paid CAPM courses for advanced training. 

  • What are the benefits of earning CAPM certification?

    There are plenty of benefits of obtaining CAPM certification, such as professional growth, increased skill set, better employment opportunities, and many more. The top three advantages of earning CAPM certification are mentioned here. 

    Contributes to professional development and growth 

    The CAPM certification demonstrates that you have a robust foundation in project management principles and practices. As you learn new skills and gain more industry knowledge, it can help you advance your career and ensure continuous professional growth and development. 

    Increases the positions you qualify for 

    CAPM certification is a globally recognized credential, and it is acknowledged by companies around the world. This means that it can make you a potential prospect for various career roles in the project management field. You can work in numerous career roles, such as: 

    • Project manager 

    • Project coordinator

    • Project management director

    • Project management analyst 

    • Management consultant 

    • Business analyst consultant

    • Marketing communications coordinator, etc. 

    Leads to the PMP credential 

    If you have a CAPM certification, it will be easy for you to obtain advanced credentials like PMP certification, which increases your career prospects. If you are interested in advancing your career in project management, the CAPM certification can help you to fulfill your goals. When you are pursuing CAPM certification, you can gain the professional working experience that is required to apply for PMP certification. 

  • Is it worth to do CAPM certification?

    Yes. It is worth obtaining CAPM certification, which helps you get your career started in the project management field. You can learn a broad set of technical skills (schedule management, cost management, risk management, etc), strategic and business management skills, and interpersonal skills. 

    CAPM certification also enhances your employment chances, and you can get recruited by top companies quickly. Candidates who have CAPM certification earn more than those who do not have this credential. In addition to that, it also improves your career growth. 

  • How long is the CAPM course?

    The duration of the CAPM courses will vary depending on the provider. For instance, there are some basic courses that are 1 or 2 hours long; some courses are 5 to 6 weeks long. The duration of a few advanced CAPM courses is 6 months or longer. Simplilearn's CAPM Certification Training Course offers 11 hours worth of classes. 

  • Is the CAPM exam hard?

    If you thoroughly prepare for the exam by completing the CAPM course, the exam is not too hard. You need to answer 150 MCQs in 3 hours, and the passing score is 80%. The weightage of the topics in the CAPM exam is listed below: 

    • Project procurement management - 4%

    • Project management introduction - 6%

    • Project environment - 6%

    • Project quality management - 7%

    • Project manager role - 7%

    • Project resource management - 8%

    • Project communication management - 10%

    • Project cost management - 8%

    • Project risk management - 8%

    • Project stakeholder management - 9%

    • Project integration management - 9%

    • Project schedule management - 9%

    • Project scope management - 9%

  • What is the salary of CAPM?

    If you have obtained your CAPM certification, your salary will depend on your employment role, your company, etc. Here is a quick look at the salaries of professionals who have CAPM certification. 

    Senior project manager: 

    The average annual salary of a senior project manager is around USD 104,496

    Leader of project management: 

    On average, the leader of project management will earn about USD 124,086 annually. 

    Principal project manager: 

    The average salary of a principal project manager is approximately USD 128,136 per year. 

    Senior principal project manager: 

    In a year, a senior principal project manager can earn around USD 142,133.

    Senior director of project management:

    If you are a Senior director of project management, you can earn approximately USD 168,785 yearly. 

  • Differences between CAPM & PMP

    The major differences between CAPM and PMP certifications are listed below.

    Eligibility Requirements 

    For CAPM certification, the main eligibility requirements are: 

    • Mandatory to have a secondary degree 

    • You need to have 23 hours of formal project management education

    For PMP certification, the main eligibility requirements are: 

    • You must have a 4-year degree and 3 years of professional project management experience 

    • It is mandatory to have a high school diploma with 5 years of project management experience

    • You need to have a CAPM certification or at least 35 hours of project management training

    Difficulty Level 

    CAPM certification is designed for candidates who want to start entry-level project management roles, so it is beginner-friendly. PMP certification is ideal for project management professionals who want to strengthen their skills and knowledge. 


    For CAPM certification, you need to pass the official CAPM exam, which consists of 150 questions and has a 3-hour duration. Coming to the PMP certification, you must pass the PMP exam in 230 minutes, which contains 180 questions.

    Immediate Job Roles  

    After obtaining the CAPM certification, you can immediately work as an assistant project manager, entry-level project manager, and general project manager. If you have PMP certification, you can immediately work as a senior project manager, lead project director, etc. 

CAPM Course Reviews

  • TJ Galbraith

    TJ Galbraith

    Straight-forward and easy to follow with the PMBOK. Enjoyed the class and I look forward to taking the CAPM soon.

  • Hari Hara Mulupuri

    Hari Hara Mulupuri

    Analyst at E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

    Simplilearn is an amazing online learning platform! I have enrolled in the Salesforce & CAPM courses. These certifications helped me to learn the in-depth concepts and to gain confidence in my work. It also helped me in shaping my career from Specialist at Red Hat Software to Analyst in DuPont India. Thanks, Simplilearn.

  • Harini Praturi

    Harini Praturi

    Senior Executive Marketing at WHISHWORKS

    I had enrolled in CAPM course from Simplilearn. I found it really helpful and easy to learn. The simulation exams in the course helped me to understand where I was in terms of knowledge and understanding the subject. The interface is user-friendly and you can also browse through any part of the chapter for revision. I highly recommend Simplilearn.

  • Naveen Kumar Gurunathan

    Naveen Kumar Gurunathan

    Team Lead SAP CRM at IBM

    CAPM certification from Simplilearn helped me to transform my career from supervisor to team leader in my company along with a 10% hike in salary. The course not only helped me to understand the learning but also gave me a bigger picture of the current industry via the classroom training.

  • Harshit Verma

    Harshit Verma

    PMO at Metlife GOSC

    It was really a great experience for me to learn from Simplilearn. Being in the field of PMO I have gained knowledge of Project Management with the course of CAPM provided by Simplilearn. The course material along with the assessments after every chapter is really good and very helpful.

  • Ashish Kumar

    Ashish Kumar

    It has been a good experience for me. The objectives the training were clearly defined and explained. The training was well structured The trainer has been very patient answering all the questions I feel very confident for the CAPM certification.

  • Maya Jagannath

    Maya Jagannath

    The objective of the training is clearly met, I am very happy with the training and I feel I will do well, and I have gained more confidence for appearing in the exam


Why Online Bootcamp

  • Develop skills for real career growthCutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills
  • Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainersLeading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work schedule.
  • Learn by working on real-world problemsCapstone projects involving real world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning
  • Structured guidance ensuring learning never stops24x7 Learning support from mentors and a community of like-minded peers to resolve any conceptual doubts

CAPM Certification FAQs

  • How do I enroll for the online training?

    You can enroll for the CAPM online training with Simplilearn. Payments can be made using any of the following options. You will be emailed a receipt after the payment is made.

    1. Visa Credit or Debit Card
    2. MasterCard
    3. American Express
    4. Diner’s Club
    5. PayPal

  • How does the training work?

    All of the classes are conducted via live online streaming. They are interactive sessions that enable you to ask questions and participate in discussions during class time. We do, however, provide recordings of each session you attend for your future reference. You will also have access to practice tests along with the CAPM online training.

  • Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, you can view our Refund Policy.

  • Can I extend the access period?

    Yes, you can extend the access period by paying an additional fee. Please contact our Help and Support portal for more information.

  • Where and how can I access the e-learning content? Are there any limitations?

    Once you register for this course, you will have 24/7 access to the e-learning content on our website. An automated course purchase confirmation will guide you through the process.

  • I am not able to access the online course. Whom should I contact for a solution?

    Please contact our Help and Support portal to have your issue resolved.

  • Does the course fee also include the CAPM certification examination cost?

    No, the course fee is only for earning PDUs required to appear for the respective exams.

  • How many questions are there in the CAPM certification exam?

    The exam covers 150 questions, of which 15 are considered pre-test questions used for future tests and are not scored. These questions are randomly chosen so you will not know which ones they are, so you should answer all 150 questions with equal effort.

  • What is the duration of the CAPM® exam?

    The CAPM exam is conducted over three hours.

  • Are there any pointers provided by Simplilearn for the exam?

    Yes. Simplilearn provides exam tips and “brain dumps” that are specially designed with the certification exam in mind. These tips are especially handy as a quick review before appearing for the exam.

  • How does Simplilearn assure that the material and the training delivered are effective?

    Our certification training is designed for you to pass the exams on your first attempt. With a hands-on learning approach and Global Learning Framework, the training not only gives you the confidence to pass the exam, but also helps you retain knowledge beyond the exam.

  • Will I get the CAPM certificate after completing this certification course?

    Upon completing the CAPM certification course, you will receive a course-completion certificate from Simplilearn. CAPM certification can be obtained by appearing for the PMI Certified CAPM exam. The number of grades or points that one has to score to pass the CAPM exam is not made public by PMI.

  • I’d like to learn more about this CAPM training program. Whom should I contact?

    Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the Simplilearn website, or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service representatives can provide you with more details.

  • What do I need to do to unlock my Simplilearn CAPM Certification?

    Simplilearn has a well-defined CAPM certification process. To unlock the certificate you will need to meet the following conditions:  

    • Complete at least 85% of the course or attend one complete batch
    • If your course has simulation exams you will need to complete them with the minimum passing score.
    • Submit a project and get it approved by our panel of subject matter experts.
    • If your project is rejected, our subject matter experts will provide all necessary help to pass the project in your next attempt.

  • Who are our Faculties and how are they selected?

    All of our highly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 10-12 years of relevant teaching experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating continue to train for us.

  • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

    Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified in your first attempt. They engage students proactively to ensure the course path is being followed and help you enrich your learning experience, from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available during business hours.

  • What is covered under the 24/7 Support promise?

    We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. We also have a dedicated team that provides on-demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after completion of your course with us.

  • Disclaimer
  • PMP, PMI, PMBOK, CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, PBA, RMP, SP, and OPM3 are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.