5 Best CCNA Certification Books: Keep your best friends closer for the Cisco certification goal!

5 Best CCNA Certification Books You Should Read Now


Last updated October 26, 2016


It is rightly said that “Books are man’s best friend” and this is true especially during exams. Your CISCO exams are approaching and it’s time you grab the best CISCO certification books and keep it closer along with going through a good CISCO certification training program and brushing with CCNA exam prep questions for achieving success. Based on certified professionals’ suggestions and various surveys on technical certifications, here’s a list of 5 best CCNA exam preparation books and CCNA practice test that will help you gain proficiency in knowledge areas of CCNA exam towards achieving your certification goal.

CCNA Preparation Library (640-801)


This CCNA exam preparation book is authorized by CISCO and is considered as one of the best books for Cisco Certified Network Associate exam. This library consists of two basic exam preparation tutorials on CCNA exam – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 & Part 2. The courseware of Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 includes simple network, Ethernet LANs, wireless LANs, LAN/WAN connections, and proper network environment management. On the other hand the courseware of Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 gives an expanded knowledge on the Part 1 concepts along with router and switch output concept.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide (640-802)

This is another popular CCNA exam prep book widely suggested by CCNA certified professionals. Authored by Todd Lammle, this book has been a great help for candidates for the CCNA exam. The highlight of this exam prep book is its full-length practice questions. Along with all the important concepts of Cisco network devices, this library includes four full-length CCNA practice tests.  

Cisco CCNA Exam Flash Card Practice Library (640-607)


This CCNA exam prep library includes more than 350 CCNA exam prep questions based on real-life industry. You can also get a CCNA question bank including 500 CCNA practice questions for evaluating your proficiency on CCNA knowledge areas. Also, these CCNA exam flash cards work best for last minute brush up and revision before the CCNA exam.

CCNA Exam Certification Guide (640-607)

The CCNA Exam Certification Guide – Third Edition has gained great reviews from participants as a well-organized exam preparation book for the CCNA exam. This CCNA exam prep book comprises the new format CCNA exam questions. The major course content of this CCNA exam guide are: Internetworking functions of each layer of OSI reference model, Functionality of Cisco IOS(r) software and TCP/IP and IPX protocols, Segmentation of networks using routers, switches and bridges and Use and configuration of Catalyst switches, STP and VLANs.

CCNA Practical Studies (640-607)

This Cisco Certified Network Associate Practical Studies book is useful for both CCNA Exam 640-607 and 640-801. This exam prep book helps one gain better hands on networking lab scenarios. CCNA Practical Studies is a comprehensive guide that provides insights on remote access-based lab environments. This exam prep book includes over 500 pages of lessons and information on the CCNA exam syllabus.

Cisco CCNA exam is a comparatively difficult exam and candidates view that along with self-study through CCNA best books; one needs to go through dedicated CCNA exam training program and practice hands to ensure sheer success in the CCNA exam. Simplilearn offers Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification training program online. Features of Simplilearn’s CCNA Online Training program are:

  • 14 full-length audio-video chapters covering complete CCNA® curriculum
  • Content divided into two modules to facilitate appearing for individual certification exams separately
  • Practice Lab with pre-configured hands-on exercises for comprehensive learning
  • 24/7 access to course content and practice lab

To know more about CCNA certification training or register with the training program, explore Simplilearn’s CCNA certification training page. Simplilearn also offers training courses for Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) exam

Here is a sample video that introduces you to CCNA Certification Training. Hope you find it beneficial.


[You can also learn everything about CISCO Certifications from this Free ebook here]

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