Is doing CCNA Certification really worth for Networking Professionals?

Is doing CCNA Certification really worth for Networking Professionals?


Last updated February 22, 2017


CCNA has grown to become the most popular IT certification in the world. The certification main focus lies on developing relevant role-based modules to match the rapid deployment of technologies in the current sophisticated networking environment. Companies whether big or small are investing in new tools including infrastructure to ensure they keep up with the pace.

As the sophisticated network process increases, there will also be need to increase the level of skills such as security, voice and wireless. A CCNA certification would mean that you will have the capacity to build on the core networking skills thanks to the highly specialized concentration paths to springboard your career in both current and developing technologies. This certification will benefit the employee as well as the employer thanks to the valuable process provided by the available modules in networking system.

Here is a video that takes you through introduction to CCNA Certification Training:

CCNA certification concentration paths

CCNA certification concentration paths consist of three distinctive paths that will equip you – the learner - with tools and resources to help you work with ease for more money. Namely:

  • CCNA Security
  • CCNA Voice
  • CCNA Wireless

CCNA Security certification involves troubleshooting as well as monitoring network devices to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data. A CCNA Security expert qualifies to work as a security administrator, network security specialist or a network support engineer.

CCNA Voice certification is a course that equips networking professionals with skills in VoIP, which includes IP telephony, IP PBX, handset, voicemail solutions and call control. Available roles could be that of a voice manager, voice administrator and voice engineer.

CCNA Wireless involves using Cisco equipment in configuring, implementing and supporting wireless LANs. A wireless expert is qualified to work as a WLAN project manager and also as a wireless support specialist.

All the above CCNA concentration paths require that you have the basic CCNA certification together with an additional paper in area of expertise. Is doing CCNA Certification really worth for networking professionals? The following are reasons why the answer to this question is a definite Yes!

CCNA certification concentration paths

Separate the chaff from the wheat

A recent survey done by Cisco through Forrester Consultants showed that training and certification programs are critical part in recruiting and hiring people for specialized roles in a company’s networking system. It was later noted that professional certifications come in a close second after four-year degree as requirement for job qualification. Certifications were 49% whereas degree 51%, which makes CCNA certifications one of the determinants that bosses all over use to separate the chaff from the wheat.

Experience a unique learning network

Cisco Learning Network is the first of its kind where social network as a widely explored platform is used for learning. This is a Web 2.0 community featuring wikis, blogs, collaboration and document sharing. The network provides a wealth of services and the best part is that it is open to anyone looking for training and certification, simulation labs, roadmaps, corporate internships, job listings, employee recruiting and referral, mentorship, and much more. Cisco Learning Network was developed for people at all levels of knowledge and experience interested in having a career in networking.

Knowledge and Experience

It is obvious that in the process of acquiring your certification, you will increase your knowledge and level of experience. It doesn’t matter the number of years you’ve been in the field, one thing for sure is that you will learn new stuff that will help catapult your career to the next level. It is through the certification process that you will notice several advancements in the industry.

Career Advancement

Adding the extra paper in your CV can increase your chances of moving up the hierarchy depending on where you are working. The best part is that CCN certification is recognized globally; meaning that in almost every place you go, your work will remain relevant. Who knows, there can be a salary increment once the certificate is handed to you.

The basis for other certifications

Having a CCNA certificate would qualify you for several other Cisco certifications, for example CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless including other expert level certificates.

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You will also come across some higher learning institutions offering up to six credits for students holding valid CCNA certificates who want to apply for a course. Although the basic CCNA certification might be tricky for some, once you complete it you’ll get on the right track. You will now be able to go for more Cisco certificates.

Benefits the employer

Ask any employer out there and he/she would confirm that certified professionals have the capacity to work in the competitive field of Information Technology. This is why many employers prefer to bear the important cost of hiring Cisco Trainers to inject the much needed networking knowledge in their companies. You can call it; using less money to make more money.

Certification proof – alphabets behind your name

Once you are Cisco certified, you will have the authority of using CCNA in your resume for the next three years. You will be ethically and legally allowed to use the four certification letters in your CV including business card. To add on this, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive CCNA certificate, card and letter from Cisco to validate your achievement.


Getting a CCNA certificate will make the rest of your mates together with the employer respect you for the achievement? May be some of your workmates including your boss tried getting certified but for some reason did not manage to do so; they will have to admire the fact that you got your certification. This will also give you a sense of satisfaction, gratification and relief.

The increasing sophistication in networking technologies forecast a worldwide shortage of qualified networking professionals, which is enough reason for you to kick-start your networking career. Cisco is most certainly the better option compared to Microsoft as it does not require any extensive preparation to qualify. Avoid the trouble of actually not-working, but instead sharpen your networking skills so that you’ll be counted among those who remain relevant in the new competitive networking epoch. Start by registering today for a CCNA course.

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