As documented by Sandip Roy.

Like all managers who reach a point in their lives where they start to think about what next, I was the same. I was already a thought leader and strategist with over 2 decades of experience managing large and complex infrastructure and software development projects/programs, driving process excellence, and also offering well-rounded experience in delivering high budget and high-risk projects in both onsite and offshore models.

Past Experience

I have experience of working across multiple domains viz. Telecom OSS/BSS, Pharma, Chemical, Gas and Healthcare solutions with outstanding contributions in meeting the project goals with cost advantages.

My qualifications as a Project Manager included comprehensive experience in providing directional leadership to project teams, driving various strategic initiatives, and implementing process improvement. I have extensive experience working in Agile-Scrum and Waterfall projects and have also been involved in various technical implementation projects, engaged in solution design, implementation and delivery.

I have also handled the entire gamut of people management activities and achieved project goals by meeting project deadlines and ensuring SLA adherence. I have extensive experience in design, development, testing, and implementation of software products in Scaled Agile Framework being one of the pioneers in Enterprise Transformation Committee (ETC) in the Agile transformation roadmap.

The Challenge: Becoming a Master in Agile Scum

However, I knew I had to do something more at this point in time. I needed to expand my horizons to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the world. I was looking for a comprehensive course that could not only make me a Scrum Master but which could also help me understand the concepts of Agile, as Agile and Scrum go in tandem in today’s world. And that’s when I came across the (ASM) Agile Scrum Master Certification training provided by Simplilearn. 

The training and certification is particularly designed for in-depth knowledge of various agile techniques and Scrum in particular. Moreover, the flexi-pass advantage of the course provides you with the convenience of attending multiple batches without having to pay multiple times. After completing the course any experienced project manager can progress right into the practice of Agile and help in the agile transformation process which is essential in a practical environment. It also gives you the know-how of scaling agile which is relevant to many large enterprise projects.

The Simplilearn Solution: Agile Scrum Master Certification Training

Out of all the options available in the market although Certified Scrum Master (CSM) has its own recognition in the industry, I consider ASM as more valuable in terms of course content, practical adoption and relevance of content for experienced PMs. Furthermore, the course content is very well organized and gamified with scenario based topics and questionnaires for drawing interest and not making the journey monotonous.

In my current role, the concepts I learnt helped me a lot, especially in forming ETC and IC. The trainers of this course are very experienced and help with solutions for all practical scenarios as per industry standards which you could face in projects. The course content is a perfect blend of international standards with minute localized views. In a nutshell, I would recommend this course as the best course available in the market to understand the concepts of Scrum and Agile and become a Scrum Master. Anybody taking this course, will be highly impressed by all aspects of it and it would definitely help them in their careers to a great extent. 

Course Details

This Agile Scrum Master online certification training allows you to deliver products in functional stages, improve collaborations, and create a flexible process where changes are less impactful on project quality, cost, and timing.

The course offers extensive topics such as:

  • Agile Scrum methodologies
  • Agile Scrum applications
  • Daily Scrum synchronization
  • Sprint planning and review
  • Producing Scrum artifacts
  • Implementing distributed Scrum
  • JIRA project management
  • Agile Scrum best practices 
  • and so much more.

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