Individuals looking to enter any industry as a project manager must work as an assistant project manager to gain experience in project management and learn essential skills for the smooth management of teams. The job description, requirements, and responsibilities of an assistant manager are different in every company. 

Here is an overview of an assistant project manager's work and the responsibilities they are expected to carry out efficiently.

What is an Assistant Project Manager?

An assistant project manager supports the project manager and reports to them. They contribute to the planning and coordination of projects, carry out administrative responsibilities, and directly manage some crucial components of project management to guarantee projects are finished on schedule

Assistant Project Manager Responsibilities

The responsibilities differ from company to company. Still, some common tasks that an assistant manager needs to carry out are as follows:

  • Communicating the demands and objectives of the project with clients and stakeholders
  • Assisting in the creation and planning of initiatives
  • Gathering information and research as required
  • Carrying out administrative duties such as creating estimates, invoicing, meeting schedules, and so on
  • Monitoring and reporting on the development of the project
  • Creating client invoices with the project manager based on the services provided
  • Document estimates for clients based on labor, supplies, equipment, and other costs
  • Visiting project sites to assess progress and address client complaints or inquiries
  • Working with vendors and suppliers to ensure the construction teams get the required supplies
  • Tracking project performance using reports from earned value management systems (EVMS)

Assistant Project Manager Job Brief

A typical job brief for an assistant project manager requires them to work with the team, support the business, and supervise internal initiatives.

The duties of an assistant project manager include collaborating with several departments to guarantee projects are finished on schedule. Additionally, this position is in charge of carrying out administrative duties such as creating invoices and estimates for construction as well as setting up meetings as necessary.

Assistant project managers will collaborate with numerous teams and stakeholders to track project development and offer monitoring to guarantee projects are finished on time and within budget.

Assistant Project Manager Skills and Requirements 

There are certain skills that organizations look for when hiring for the position of assistant project manager. They are as follows

  • Demonstrable professional experience as an assistant project manager or in a related position
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Office and the latest project management tools.
  • Organized, capable of multitasking, and managing multiple projects at once
  • Strong problem-solving skills and good attention to detail
  • Great communication skills to easily collaborate with stakeholders, clients, and the team 
  • Educational qualifications as required by the company
  • Additional training or qualifications related to the job role

When Does a Project Have an Assistant Project Manager?

Assistant project managers usually oversee management duties for large, complicated, and important projects. They may also be assigned to a project so they can learn from a more seasoned project manager. This enables inexperienced or junior workers to obtain project management experience before taking on their own projects. 

What is the Difference Between an Assistant Project Manager and a Project Manager Assistant?

A project manager assistant carries out the tasks as a project coordinator. They focus on more administrative tasks and do not delegate any management activities to the project. The following are some common responsibilities of a project manager assistant.

  • Administrative duties like printing, filing, scheduling meetings, brewing coffee, placing lunch orders, taking phone calls, and so on.
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Helping with report and document preparation, publishing, or recording.

How Can You Become an Assistant Project Manager?

Getting a job as an assistant project manager might be a great method to enhance your career and earn experience. However, they are often less rigorous than those of a project manager and will vary depending on the organization and the project. For instance, you might be qualified to work as an assistant project manager if you have prior experience working on a project in a different capacity, for example, as a project scheduler. Look for opportunities offered under any of the following job titles because they are similar.:

  • Assistant project manager
  • Junior project manager
  • Project lead
  • Project management lead
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that commonly arise in the minds of job seekers:

1. What does an Assistant Project Manager do?

By assisting with planning and execution, assistant project managers make sure that projects operate smoothly from beginning to end. They frequently support more seasoned project managers by working on larger, more difficult projects.

2. What are the duties and responsibilities of an Assistant Project Manager?

Although the assistant project manager is responsible for various tasks, they usually concentrate on supporting the planning and execution of projects. To make sure everything runs smoothly, assistant managers will help manage projects, deliverables, data analysis, and administrative chores like scheduling meetings or creating invoices.

3. What makes a good Assistant Project Manager?

A good Assistant Project Manager must have excellent communication skills since they work with several teams and departments throughout a project. They must also have good organizational skills to manage several projects simultaneously and ensure all aspects of a project are completed on time and within budget.

4. Who does an Assistant Project Manager work with?

An assistant project manager is normally under the direction of a project manager and collaborates with several departments to ensure that a project is finished on time.

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