In today’s era, CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools are vital for your business to thrive. If you aren't updated in using CRM tools and systems, you would eventually risk losing sales and falling behind the competition.CRM softwares customizes your process and sales cycle, looks at your metrics, captures all touchpoints, or gains potential customers. Choosing the best CRM software might be difficult as numerous excellent options are available. 

List of 20 Best CRM Software

The following is the list of the best CRM Software:

  1. Batchbook
  2. Nimble
  3. Vtiger
  4. Insightly
  5. Clevertim
  6. Google Contacts
  7. DashClicks
  8. Nutshell
  9. Contactually
  10. Pipeliner
  11. PipelineDeals
  12. Base
  13. Zoho CRM
  14. Prosperworks
  15. Pipedrive
  16. HubSpot CR
  17. EngageBay
  18. TrackVia
  19. Odoo
  20. Podio

Let’s get to know a bit about each of the best CRM Software:

Contact Management Using CRM Softwares

You're always curious about your customers and potential leads. CRMs that focus on individuals rather than tracking conversations can assist you in this area.

  • Batchbook

BatchBook integrates with email apps and social media platforms, allowing it to pull customer information from them. Its integration with Hootsuite enables the app to connect to multiple social networks while displaying CRM data.

  • Nimble

Keeping in touch with your customers by collaborating on their Google calendars and sending more emails than you would like. Nimble can assist you with this. It can generate contact cards for you and recommend who you should follow up with.

  • Vtiger

Vtiger CRM will manage your contacts the same way that a contact-focused CRM would, but it will also include a combined email inbox for your team to collaborate on communications. It also has a support system where you can respond to customer emails and a project management tool where you and your team can plan your work.

  • Insightly

Insightly is more than just a CRM app because it has deep Google integration and a design that looks very similar to Google apps. It works with any app you use, not just Google apps, and has some additional contact-centric features to assist you.

  • Clevertim

Clevertim provides a quick overview of your contacts' information. You are not required to navigate to individual pages on them. You are shown a summary of your customer in the contact list.

  • Google Contacts

Google automatically updates your Google+ contacts. When you select an email, your contact information will be displayed on one side, which will be similar to many CRM add-ons. Though it is not marketed or known as CRM, utilizing its features allows you to be a free member of a CRM.

  • DashClicks

DashClicks allows you to manage your people and business contacts seamlessly using beautifully designed contact cards. You can easily add, manage, and segment your contacts while organizing your sales process.

Using CRM Softwares to Track Conversations

These apps help you keep track of all your conversations and manage multiple users in a conversation.

  • Nutshell

Nutshell is capable of collaborating with your Gmail conversations. It recognizes and displays tasks and contacts that require your attention on that particular day. It has also added features to pull in information such as weather, time, and even your contacts' Twitter profiles. It is one of the best CRM software at the present day.

  • Contactually

Contactually is based on email exchanges. It has a plethora of customizable email templates that can save you a significant amount of time and effort. Contactually's dashboard is organized based on the priority of your contacts and the most recent emails.

Using a CRM to Track Leads and Deals

These apps are intended to track customers throughout their purchasing process.

  • Pipeliner

Pipeliner allows you to connect your contacts and organize your deals based on their stages. The pipeline can turn every aspect of your CRM process into a graphical representation. It allows you to see how your potential leads and deals interact.

  • PipelineDeals

You would be able to see what needs to be done for the day using PipelineDeals. While many CRM apps organize the dashboard based on the most important conversations, PipelineDeals displays everything.

  • Base

The base is simplified to show you precisely what to do next. When you look at a step in your sales process, you will see only that step and a bar to navigating to the next step. Drag quickly moves on to the next stage.

  • Zoho CRM 

Zoho's suite of apps includes everything necessary, from word processing to email hosting, spreadsheet apps to accounting apps. Zoho CRM is a CRM app with many features you would expect from a sophisticated CRM.

  • Prosperworks

Prosperworks allows you to track leads and deals while keeping track of your contact lists and conversations. Your information is automatically updated with an appropriate combination of three features, including Gmail integration.

  • Pipedrive

Many users appreciate Pipedrive's easy-to-read board. It's straightforward but provides a helpful summary of what's happening in the CRM process. You use filters to narrow down the deals and access only what you require.

  • CRM HubSpot

CRM HubSpot is a new CRM app that is free to use. It is best known for its marketing automation tools. You can combine it with other professional marketing services provided by the team or use the CRM app on its own.

  • EngageBay

EngageBay CRM provides a plethora of features that aid in the management of customer relationships. Lead generation forms, pop-ups, and engaging emails can be used to generate leads, and marketing automation can be used to retain customers.

Best CRM Software With Multiple Functions

Use these apps for more than just what many CRM apps do - 

  • TrackVia

Even If you don't have a CRM, you're probably using another system to keep track of your contacts, leads, and deals. You almost certainly have a spreadsheet for it. Now, most CRM apps would require you to upload that specific spreadsheet, and the data would be automatically updated.

  • Odoo

Though hosted web apps work fine, they lack the appeal of running your apps on your server. Odoo's CRM, an open-source app platform similar to WordPress's open-source CMS, will provide you with a personalized CRM experience. It comes with 30 business apps that you can install and run on your server for free.

  • Podio

Podio offers everything you need for your business. The Citrix team runs it and the app has everything from a deal-focused CRM app to a lead and dedicated contact app.

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