Can I get a Job with the PMP Certification?

Can I Get A Job With A PMP Certification?

Avantika Monnappa

Last updated October 5, 2017


15.7 million new Project Management jobs by 2020. Economic footprint of the Project Management profession to grow by $6.1 trillion, in the same period. A whopping 37% increase in the output of project-intensive industries, such as Manufacturing, Finance, ONG, Construction, and IT.

Certified PMPs take home an average salary of $109,405.

Let those numbers sink in, for a moment.

In a world where the median household income of the largest economy on earth, that of the United States, is $50,500, that entry-level PMPs –that’s certified Project Management Professionals- make over twice as much money in a year is quite telling.

Given all this, getting a PMP certification seems a no-brainer.

But as always, the million-dollar question remains: Will a PMP Certification help me get a lucrative job off the bat?

Cutting To The Chase: The PMP Certification – The Competitive Edge

Having certifications on a resume is seen as a huge advantage by candidates and recruiters alike, today. An increasing number of candidates have begun to enroll for certification courses to spice up their resume, add immense value, demonstrate proof of their commitment, and set themselves apart from their peers so hiring companies would prefer their resumes to uncertified professionals’.

The PMP is not only the most reputed Project Management certification, it is also one of the best certifications to get irrespective of your professional background and industry. Every other professional wants to be a PMP -and the staggering figures cited above make it fairly obvious why.

The chief draw of a PMP continues to remain the high salaries on offer. Despite the gender disparity, women who are PMPs still earn more than female, certified professionals in other fields. Female PMPs make $95,000 per annum, while the men earn $105,000 per annum.

Salary by gender

Aside from the salary factor, what else can a PMP certification do for you? Can it guarantee a job in this highly competitive world?

Are you looking to take up the PMP certification, but have these questions running through your head? Read on as we answer all your queries, and put your doubts to rest!

PMP Certification Pro-Tip: For the absolute best reasons professionals across the world consider a PMP certification worthwhile, head over here for our take on the matter -and a compilation of feedback from trained and certified PMPs!

5 Ways The PMP Will Help You Get An Amazing Job

1 The PMP Makes your Resume More Attractive

Because the certification is universally recognized, there are certain prerequisites that one must fulfill to attain the certification. Attaining these prerequisites is something that is held in high regard by most employers because it takes time and effort and commitment.

If you

  1. Have just started out in your project management career or you are looking to pursue Project Management, then the PMP certification will add tremendous value to your resume.
  2. Are already in the field of project management and have all the necessary experience with a proven track record of your work, a certification will take your career to the next level

Why, you may ask?

Because most often recruiters use the certification to narrow down their candidate pool.

In an interview with Software Advice, Kevin Archbold, consulting manager at Key Consulting, says that while applicants are being filtered, many recruiters tend to divide resumes into two piles: one that consists of CVs with the stamp of the PMP certification, and the other without it.

Rosemary Guzman, Executive Recruiter at Hook the Talent, told the same paper that there are many recruiters that prefer this certification over even a master’s degree. The master’s degree is a good thing to have but have the certification plastered on to the resume shows the recruiter that there is proven experience and rigorous criteria has been passed and accepted by a national project management community.

Quote 1

The PMP credential imparts training in managing projects in an industry, with extensive, high-level exposure to industry projects, meaning most industries give more weightage to it than to other certifications.

Tim Wasserman, Program Director of Stanford’s Advanced Project Management Program, says that highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceuticals, the defense, the financial services, and aerospace, do not consider any candidate for employment without this foundational certification.

Industries like these value the PMP because of its ability to adhere to the strictly defined processes and the skills that are possessed and put to use while overseeing regulated and sensitive projects like creating a new drug for public consumption.

He goes on to say that even the regular jobs out there today for project managers, require the PMP certification.

Quote 2

2. The PMP Imparts Knowledge Of A Common Global Language

In addition to improving your job prospects, PMP training helps you acquire proficiency in the global standard language of Project Management that registers with executives and fellow project managers. Prior to PMP training, there may be aspects that a candidate cannot clearly articulate, say, for instance, the project goals, the resources that are necessary, the assumptions being made, the risks taken, and the constraints stakeholders are operating under.

PMP training provides a solid, time-tested framework that helps in effectively conveying all of these. Once a candidate has the proven ability to solve these problems, they automatically become more preferable to an employer than a candidate that may have the skills but no proof on paper.

Knowing the common PMP language makes it easier to communicate with clients and vendors on a level playing field. Using the common language cuts down on the need to explain, and give examples, and makes brainstorming sessions quicker, easier and more interesting.

Some may claim it is easier to learn these skills without formal training. But there is always something to be said for the standardization of approach that formal training brings out that recruiters look for.

Quote 3

3. The Demand For Certified Project Managers

As long as human enterprise exists, Project Managers will remain in high demand. A survey conducted by Enterprise Agile Coach, Flow Trainer, and PMO Optimizer, Andrew Kallman, on, indicates that there are more project manager jobs in the market than there are for Agile Coach, Agile Project Manager, CSM, PMI-ACP, or CSP. The graph below shows the difference.

Job results on Simplihired

The Anderson Economic Group has predicted that each year until 2016, there will be 1.2 million project management roles that will be filled. The market is much stronger in the IT sector. A survey conducted by ComputerWorld shows that 40% of the IT executives have declared that they intend to hire Project management professionals.

The method used to handle projects is on a constant change so much so that any company that is handling projects will need formal and standard project management methods to be applied. Added to this, the number of projects whether small or large, is increasing by the day, regardless of any economic downturn. Taking these two reasons into account, the demands for project management professionals will continue to remain very high for a long time to come.

Quote 4

4. Networking Opportunities

To become a PMP, a potential candidate needs to first become a member of the PMI, which, in turn, introduces them to the world of certified PMPs. According to PMI’s 2013 Annual Report, there were 628,363 PMI members spread across the globe, and this number continues to grow every year.

The PMI stages meetings frequently in most of the major metropolitan cities, where PMI members congregate to learn more about project management theory, and network. These meetings are also set up to help PMPs earn the valuable PDUs that are necessary to renew their PMP certification.

Quote 5

During these networking sessions, there is a wide scope if landing fresh career opportunities from the members who value and know the importance of the PMP certification. These meetings usually have a time that is allotted for people to put forth the job opportunities that are available at their respective organizations.

Apart from PMI’s meetings, there are many other communities available where PMPs can connect and interact offline and online to build communities and explore potential career opportunities, as well as reflect on the latest developments in the Project Management domain.

Quote 6

5. A Little Experience Goes A Long Way

As was mentioned before, the PMP exam requires aspirants to fulfill a set of prerequisites which are held in high esteem by employers. Candidates need to attain a high level of experience. With an associate’s degree, one must have at least 60 months of experience to be eligible for the exam, while with a bachelor’s degree, close to 36 months of work experience is necessary to be eligible.

There is a rigorous audit process soon after to ensure that potential candidates are honest about their prospects. Thus, with the certification on your resume, potential employers know that you have worked very hard to attain this certification and you have a good amount of quality work experience under your belt to validate your skills.  Instead of wadding through your resume, the certification will speak for all that you have achieved.

Quote 7


Taking into account all of the points mentioned above, if you think you are committed to the project management field and it is something you want to pursue, a PMP certification is definitely worth considering.

Employers sift through resumes for hours together to find the perfect candidate. It is not always easy as they get bucket loads of resumes that are completely irrelevant. In a dog-eat-dog employment market, it is important to set yourself apart from your peers and competitors, and the key to getting noticed is the 3 letters next to your name that spell –P-M-P!

Quote 8

With 32 hours of instructor led training, 29 hours of high quality eLearning content, 83 end chapter quizzes and 5 simulations exams, and a 98.6% pass rate with a 100% money back guarantee, Simplilearn offers the PMP course to help you train and attain this highly reputed certification and give your career a massive boost.

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