A project management consultant plays the role of a planner, advisor, and a project management team leader to conceptualize and implement solutions that relate to quality or process improvements.

Project management consultants are valuable assets to any organization as they enable the stakeholders of a project to identify and rectify inefficiencies in processes and workflows.

Project management consultant duties often involve managing a number of different projects simultaneously, which can be either enterprise-wide initiatives or business-specific projects.

In this article, we’ll give you a clear idea of project management consultant jobs, the responsibilities of a project management consultant, project management consultant salary trends, and the skills needed to become a successful project management consultant.

22 Million Jobs by 2027 in Project Management

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22 Million Jobs by 2027 in Project Management

Who Is a Project Management Consultant? An Overview

A project management consultant brings specialized knowledge and skills that empower businesses to make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project, from the planning stage to completion.

Project management consultants are not only responsible for implementing project management plans for the successful execution of projects, but they are also accountable for delivering projects on time, within the budget and resources allocated.

Besides putting a project management strategy in place, managing budgets, and utilizing resources efficiently, the project management consultant role also includes several other factors, such as monitoring the project management team, coordinating with key stakeholders, identifying project risks, and developing innovative solutions that help achieve organizational goals.

Typically, a project management consultant analyzes business-critical data to identify inefficiencies and trends in projects, which prevents issues from arising, enabling seamless project execution. Creating and implementing contingency plans, defining roadmaps, and providing periodic recommendations are also common tasks that fall under the project management consultant role.

The Job Description of a Project Management Consultant 

A project management consultant must have adequate knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to execute projects efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to planning, organizing, delegating, influencing, and leading the project management team, other crucial responsibilities of a project management consultant include:

  • Getting familiar with the client's business environment in order to lead projects effectively
  • Coordinating with relevant stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization
  • Allocating tasks to the project management team and providing regular guidance to team members
  • Ensuring the scope and schedule of projects are achievable within the given time and budget
  • Undertaking periodic reviews to make sure that projects are on track
  • Updating project documentations on a consistent basis and conveying them to the management
  • Developing positive relationships with associates and clients
  • Defining the structure of a project, its goals, and resource requirements
  • Applying theoretical, managerial, and technical skills to fulfill identified objectives and deliverables
  • Implementing a solid project management strategy for task interdependency
  • Consulting issues associated with a project with the project management team, clients, and other interested parties
  • Managing project risks, contingency and mitigation plans
  • Maintaining high team performance and productivity

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PMP Certification Essential for Senior-Level Roles

Project Management Consultant Skills  

Essential project management consultant skills that today's hiring organizations seek include:

  • Exceptional analytical skills
  • Proficiency in project management tools and software
  • Strong leadership and motivational skills
  • Experience in leading both virtual and physical teams
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders in a variety of project environments
  • Excellent time and cost management skills
  • Deep organizational knowledge
  • Superb problem-solving and resource planning skills
  • Expertise in creating project reports
  • Solid interpersonal skills
  • Efficiency in managing and prioritizing tasks 
  • First-class verbal and written communication skills
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Multiple studies reveal that enterprises are facing an acute shortage of skilled project management consultants, which is driving the demand and also the project management consultant salary. A country-wise overview of the project management consultant salary is furnished below.

₹283k/year to ₹3m/year is the project management consultant salary in India. The average salary for a project management consultant in India is ₹767,675/year.

$56k/year to $174k/year is the project management consultant salary in US. The average salary for a project management consultant in the United States is $84,252/year.

£25k/year to £81k/year is the project management consultant salary in UK. The average salary for a project management consultant in the United Kingdom is £37,726/year.

C$50k/year to C$217k/year is the project management consultant salary in Canada. The average salary for a project management consultant in Canada is C$74,991/year.

AU$60k/year to AU$199k/year is the project management consultant salary in Australia. The average salary for a project management consultant in Australia is AU$91,563/year.

S$17k/year to S$65k/year is the project management consultant salary in Singapore. The average salary for a project management consultant in Singapore is S$48,000/year.

AED 59k/year to AED 594k/year is the project management consultant salary in UAE. The average salary for a project management consultant in the United Arab Emirates is AED 230,727/year.

SAR 0 to SAR 397k/year is the project management consultant salary in Saudi Arabia. The average salary for a project management consultant in Saudi Arabia is SAR 386,700/year.

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Check out the video below that explains the basics of project management.

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