Google Digital Transformation Skills you will learn

  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Concepts
  • Types of Cloud Computing Models
  • Cloud Infrastructure Models
  • Cloud Strategies
  • Shared Responsibility Model

Who should learn this free Google Digital Transformation cours

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Consultant

What you will learn in this Google Digital Transformation free co

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

    • Module 1 : Course Introduction

      • 1.01 Introduction
      • 1.02 Course Introduction
    • Module 2 : Why Cloud Technology is Transforming Business?

      • 2.01 Introduction
      • 2.02 Innovations paradigm shifts and digital transformation
      • 2.03 What is the cloud
      • 2.04 The benefits of cloud computing
      • 2.05 Real-world examples
      • 2.06 Cloud Eras
      • 2.07 Challenges that lead to Digital Transformation
      • 2.08 Google's Transformation Cloud
      • 2.09 The Google's Cloud Adoption Framework
      • 2.10 Summary
      • 2.11 Knowledge check
    • Module 3 : Fundamental Cloud Concepts

      • 3.01 Introduction
      • 3.02 Total cost of ownership (TCO)
      • 3.03 Capital expenditures (CapEx) VS Operating expenses (OpEx)
      • 3.04 Private cloud Hybrid cloud and Multi-cloud strategies
      • 3.05 How a network supports digital transformation
      • 3.06 Network performance Bandwidth and latency
      • 3.07 Google Cloud regions and zones
      • 3.08 Google’s edge network
      • 3.09 Summary
      • 3.10 Knowledge check
    • Module 4 : Cloud Computing Models and Shared Responsibility

      • 4.01 Introduction to cloud computing models and shared responsibility
      • 4.02 Cloud computing service models
      • 4.03 IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)
      • 4.04 PaaS (Platform as a service)
      • 4.05 SaaS (Software as a service)
      • 4.06 Choosing a cloud computing model
      • 4.07 The shared responsibility model
      • 4.08 How the shared responsibility model works
      • 4.09 Summary
      • 4.10 Knowledge check
    • Module 5 : Course Summary

      • 5.01 Summary

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Why you should learn Google Digital Transformation?

$600 Billion

Expected size of Global cloud computing market by 2028.

$150K+ (USA) | INR 22 LPA

Average salary of a cloud architect annually

Career Opportunities

Course Overview

The course on Google Cloud Digital Transformation is a beginner-level course that provides an overview of the types of opportunities and challenges that companies often encounter in their digital transformation journey. It covers topics such as cloud technology, digital transformation, and how cloud technology can help organizations. The course also includes hands-on labs where you can learn how to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services to build and deploy cloud-based applications

Key topics covered in the course includ

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  • What is Digital Transformation?

    The process of organizations and businesses embedding technologies into their operations to promote fundamental change is known as digital transformation. This can include anything from migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud to developing new cloud-based applications, implementing cloud computing models, etc. which benefits organizations with:

    • Increased agility

    • Reduced costs

    • Improved security

    • Increased innovation etc.

  • How to Build a Career in Business Transformation with this Google Cloud-powered course?

    Here are some steps on how to build a career in digital transformation:

    1. Learn the basics of cloud computing 

    2. Upskill your knowledge with Google Cloud Platform Certifications

    3. Gain hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform

    4. Build a portfolio of your work to showcase your skills and experience

    5. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in cloud computing

  • Career in Digital Transformation

    Career in digital Transformation include:

    1. Cloud Architect

    2. Cloud Engineer

    3. Cloud DevOps Engineer

    4. Cloud Security Engineer

    5. Cloud Consultant

  • What are the prerequisites to learn this Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud?

    There are no prerequisites to learn this digital transformation course powered by Google Cloud. This course has been designed to cater to the understanding level of beginners

  • How can beginners get started with the digital transformation course powered by Google Cloud?

    Beginners who want to learn this digital transformation course powered by Google Cloud can start with the basics first. Once you have mastered the basics of cloud technology, you can move on to the advanced topics.

  • How long is the Google cloud transformation course?

    This course consists of 90 minutes of video content that will help you understand all of the concepts to get started.

  • Will I get a certificate after completing this digital transformation course powered by Google Cloud?

    Yes, you will receive a google digital transformation completion certification from SkillUp and Google Cloud upon completing this free course. You can unlock it by logging in to your SkillUp account. Once the certificate is unlocked, you will receive a link to your SkillUp learning dashboard on your registered mail address. Click the link to view and download your certificate. You can even add the certificate to your resume and share it on social media.

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