Our Back-End Developer Courses Duration And Fees

Back-End Developer Certifications typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Caltech Coding Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 17 Jun, 2024

6 Months$ 8,000

Career Growth Stories

  • After my course completion, I started applying the skills that I learned from the course to my business. In fact, while I was taking the course, I was able to solve a major problem with traditional supply chain management for a client. Not just that, at my business, I was facing issues rolling out the hyperledger fabric and what platform to choose. While I was taking the course, I learned about it and was able to roll it out.

    - Ashwin Thotapalli
    Co-founderCaerulean Bytechains Pvt Ltd
    Co-founderCaerulean Bytechains Pvt Ltd
    Co-founderCaerulean Bytechains Pvt Ltd
    Co-founderCaerulean Bytechains Pvt Ltd

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Back-End Developer Learner's Reviews

  • Andrea Mydosh

    Andrea Mydosh

    Sterility Assurance Engineer

    This course has a comprehensive curriculum which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the domain. The learning model delivered by industry experts along with 24 x 7 Learning support, practice labs, and flexible schedules made it very effective.

  • Andrea Mydosh

    Andrea Mydosh

    Sterility Assurance Engineer

    This course has a comprehensive curriculum which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the domain. The blended learning model delivered by industry experts along with 24 x 7 Learning support, practice labs, and flexible schedules made it the best coding bootcamp.

  • Rogelio Lotho

    Rogelio Lotho

    Software Developer

    My experience with Simplilearn was great. The curriculum is excellent, and the video lessons are incredible. The curriculum and course content is very relevant to the industry currently. The instructors were also very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Himanshu Parashar

    Himanshu Parashar

    Director, Data & Analytics

    My learning experience was outstanding. Since I am a working professional, I liked the blended learning environment where I could learn at my own pace. The instructor-led live classes were also unique. I learned a lot of things during the course. After the course completion, I could grab a new job.

  • Radhakrishna Mothukuri

    Radhakrishna Mothukuri


    The course structure with Simplilearn is a well-stitched program. The content is truly something to appreciate. Industry experts conducted the classes. These experts as instructors made all the difference with their live examples, success stories, etc.

  • Swapnil P

    Swapnil P

    Systems Engineer

    After the course completion, I switched my job to TCS as a Java developer, and now I am working as a Systems Engineer. I got a 20% salary hike as well.

  • Akshat Jalan

    Akshat Jalan

    After completing the course, I could understand Blockchain very well, develop my own digital coin, and earn a promotion and a decent salary hike within my organization. Simplilearn decoded Blockchain for me and helped me learn new skills and enhance my knowledge.

  • Logesh Muruganandham

    Logesh Muruganandham


    This certification in blockchain helped me to get updated with the technology trends. The course has been beneficial in improving my portfolio. The instructors are knowledgeable and quickly gel up with the participants.

  • Kunal Khatri

    Kunal Khatri

    The live classes were at par with the self-learning videos, and we learned how to code smart contracts and many other things. I liked the live classes' one-to-one interaction with the teacher and doubt-solving sessions.

  • Pooja Choudhary

    Pooja Choudhary

    Software Engineer

    This course was highly beneficial, and it helped me upskill. Since I am a fresher, I am glad that I was also to get my first job after completing the course.

  • Raj Kurup

    Raj Kurup

    Application Development Senior Director at CIGNA

    This team is the best. I love the format and logistics so much that I would love to enroll in more courses. Awesome team!

  • Vidya S

    Vidya S

    Software Developer

    My learning experience here was great. I am thankful to them for providing upskilling opportunities, and I got placed in a reputable organization.

  • Kamar Zaghloul

    Kamar Zaghloul

    Senior Software Engineer

    It was a fantastic journey, and I've learned a lot and gained more knowledge in various topics like backend, Frontend, DevOps, and more.

  • Bhawna


    Deputy Manager

    I had an incredible learning experience with Simplilearn. The instructor's teaching methodology was terrific. I loved his classes.

  • Gopinath Jambulingam

    Gopinath Jambulingam

    Chief Executive Officer

    My learning experience with Simplilearn was great. After the course completion, I created an immutable supply chain for my clients, which helped streamline my business operations. I could get more clients, and my overall earnings increased by 80%.


FAQs For Back-End Developer Courses

  • What is back-end development?

    Back-end development is the process of developing server-side logic. As front-end development focuses more on creating web applications and websites, the back-end focuses more on the server and everything that cannot be seen on the website. Back-end web development involves scripting with programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and working with developing frameworks, website databases, software tools, and much more.

  • What are back-end development courses?

    These online courses help establish a deeper understanding of back-end web development and provide a hands-on learning experience. From the basics of back-end development to the skills required to build a successful career, back-end development courses are comprehensive programs and include everything to help you become a successful professional.

    A back-end development course is where students are introduced to the fundamentals of web development, how to manage databases, store data securely, and use efficient development tools and implement programming language into a development framework. These courses can turn beginners into experts in web development. 

  • What are the best back-end development online courses?

  • What does a backend developer do?

    The role of a backend developer is to build and create the server side of any website and web application. Backend web development focuses more on scripting web services using programming languages like HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc. Hence, a back-end professional is responsible for providing effective solutions, performing tests, maintaining databases, debugging systems, and ensuring the web pages and applications run successfully.

  • What qualifications are needed for backend development?

    Backend developers are highly-skilled professionals, hence they also need to be highly qualified. A person willing to establish a career in back-end development must acquire a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Computer Science or any other relevant field. They must also have a basic understanding of programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, frequently used in development. These qualifications are essential to build core skills that a web developer must possess.

  • What skills are necessary for backend web development?

    To become a back–end developer, you will have to acquire many skills essential in a developer's day-to-day roles. Some of the most in-demand skills you must acquire are:

    • Coding Skills Knowledge Of Programming Languages Like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Python

    • Knowledge Of How To Build A Website

    • Full-Stack Development Skills

    • Back-End And Front-End Development Skills

    • Problem-Solving Skills

    • Familiarity With Algorithms And Data Structures

    • Knowledge Of Popular Development Frameworks Such As Django, Ruby, Flask, Express

    • Can Work With Version Control Systems

    • Knowledge Of APIs

    • Communication Skills

  • What is the salary of a backend developer?

    Back-end developers are some of the most highly-paid professionals in the field of software and web development. According to reliable sources, these professionals are also highly-valued and have an average salary of $90,652. Based on their skills and years of experience, these professionals can enjoy lucrative careers with salaries ranging up to $106,339.

  • Who is a full-stack web developer?

    A full-stack developer is a skilled professional who can build a back-end and front-end website. These developers have comprehensive knowledge and experience building websites and applications and working with server software. Full-stack developers can create, design, test, and deploy a web page or an application. They use advanced tools and developing frameworks to build these fully-functional websites and web applications.

  • What is the salary of a full-stack developer?

    Full stack developers enjoy a lucrative career with a high average salary compared to other development positions. On average, a full stack developer gets paid $82,000, and this amount varies with experience, company, state, and country. In some countries, these professionals also get paid hourly from $56 per hour.

  • Which programming language is used in backend development?

    Backend development is a code-based job, so it frequently requires the use of programming language for scripting, creating codes for websites and application servers, etc. Some of the most commonly used programming languages are:

    • Java And JavaScript

    • Python

    • C and C++

    • HTML And CSS

    • Ruby

    • .NET

    • PHP

    • Perl

  • What are the career scopes in backend development?

    Back-end offers various career opportunities, so after attending a course focusing on a variety of web development and backend topics, you can wish to start a career with one of these secured and highly-paid positions:

    • Software Developer

    • Web Developer

    • Senior Back-End Engineer

    • Lead Software Development Engineer

    • Full-Stack Developer

    • Senior Software Architect

    • Senior Full-Stack Developer

  • How to become a web developer?

    Become a web developer may seem challenging initially, but by following the right steps, it becomes easy. To become a developer, you must:

    • Acquire A Bachelor Or Master Degree In Computer Science Or Other Relevant Field

    • Gain Expertise In The Programming Language That Is Used Frequently In Back-End

    • Enroll In Development Courses, Paid Or For Free

    • Gain In-Depth Knowledge And Hands-On Experience 

    • Learn How To Develop Websites And Applications

    • Get Ready For The Professional World

  • Why is backend web development important?

    Backend development is important because it ensures the websites and web applications are running efficiently. Back-end focuses more on the server side, APIs, back-end logic, servers and databases; therefore, it works as the backbone of any website or application. The backend is equally essential as the frontend in the domain of web development.

  • Is it easy to learn backend development?

    It may initially seem challenging, but learning backend development is easy with the right degree and course. Students often opt for web development courses after acquiring their bachelor's degree in computer science to make the process easier. It is one of the easiest ways to get hands-on web development skills. It is also the gateway to enter the professional world.

  • How much time is needed to learn the back-end web development?

    It usually takes four to six months to get hold of backend development completely. Some students may take it longer and may prefer to attend a course that has a longer duration.

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