Our Web Developer Courses Duration and Fees

Web Developer certifications typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security

Cohort Starts: 2 May, 2024

6 Months$ 3,000
Caltech Coding Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 17 Jun, 2024

6 Months$ 8,000
Automation Test Engineer

Cohort Starts: 1 May, 2024

11 Months$ 1,499
Artificial Intelligence Engineer11 Months$ 1,449
Cyber Security Expert6 Months$ 2,999

Career Growth Stories

  • I had a fantastic learning experience with Simplilearn, and the course helped boost my career. I was promoted from Cybersecurity Analyst Level -1 to Cybersecurity Analyst Level -2 with a 40% salary hike. 

    - Aakash Raymond
    CS Analyst L1Wipro
    CS Analyst L2Wipro
    CS Analyst L1Wipro
    CS Analyst L2Wipro

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Web Developer Learner's Reviews

  • Peter Bartow

    Peter Bartow

    Sr Project Manager IT PMO

    I enjoyed taking the class with so many people from all over the world. The course was elaborate and easy to comprehend.

  • Peter Bartow

    Peter Bartow

    Sr Project Manager IT PMO at University of Miami

    I enjoyed taking the class with so many people from all over the world.

  • Ebenezer Fowobaje

    Ebenezer Fowobaje

    Product Owner at High Products Consulting

    The training is very efficient and accurate...Simple and direct teaching technique was helpful.

  • Erik Smidt

    Erik Smidt

    Sr. Security Manager

    The course was well balanced and covered each domain clearly and in good detail. The instructor was very knowledgeable and led a very effective course.

  • Rohit Dohare

    Rohit Dohare

    IT Security and Compliance @ Anglepoint Inc.

    I would like to thank Simplilearn for providing a knowledgeable trainer. It was a great experience with Simplilearn team.

  • Carlos Arteaga

    Carlos Arteaga

    After completing the course, I could crack my dream internship as a Junior Cyber Security Analyst Intern at Chase, with a 25% increment in my income now.

  • Tejaswa Rastogi

    Tejaswa Rastogi

    The course encapsulates the offensive approach, which is good, and there is much to learn.

  • Samuel Rajesh

    Samuel Rajesh

    I have enrolled in the CISA course from Simplilearn and found it to be amazing. I think the course will help me find a new job in the future.

  • Shekhar Pawar

    Shekhar Pawar

    Chief Executive Officer at GrassDew IT Solutions Private Limited

    Simplilearn is one of the best online learning portals. I had enrolled for CEHV10 - Certified Ethical Hacker Training certification. The course was simple and easy to understand. Overall it was very good. I would recommend it strongly for professional enhancement.

  • Thomas Kurian

    Thomas Kurian

    Information Security Engineer at Kuwaiti Canadian Consulting Group

    The training is online and interactive. The recordings are also shared for our reference.

  • Rakesh Sharma

    Rakesh Sharma

    IT Consultancy and Advisory

    I loved the course on CISSP® - Certified Information Systems Security Professional from Simplilearn. It was concise, comprehensive and easy to follow. Their videos, live sessions, and exams are excellent.

  • Rajarshi Barui

    Rajarshi Barui

    Cyber Security at PwC India

    My experience with Simplilearn is very pleasant. Their support is prompt and excellent. The trainer helped me exceptionally. I appreciate his efforts personally. Thanks Simplilearn.

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma

    Student at G D Goenka

    Simplilearn's cyber security course helped me a lot to gain knowledge. The course was really awesome. Thank you Simplilearn.

  • Srinivas R

    Srinivas R

    IT Security Manager at HCL Technologies

    The quality of the training is very good. The method and technologies used in Simplilearn made the learning engaging and interesting. The customer support is very good. I had a very good experience in Simplilearn.

  • Kedar Raval

    Kedar Raval

    Senior Consultant Telecom, IT and Information Security

    Very helpful for career in Information Security. The best part of the training is that the trainer is giving many practical and real-time examples to clarify concepts. Thank you.


Know more about Web Developer Certification

Web developer bootcamps are short but intensive programs designed to teach students the same information, techniques, and skills in a few months that they would have otherwise learned over a few years in a traditional degree course.

The web developer bootcamp curriculums cover everything, from the basics to techniques and skills that directly translate into the working sector. This includes programming languages, frameworks, databases, documentation, source code control, full-stack programming, etc.

Moreover, such bootcamps are job-oriented, teaching skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, etc., and teaching an updated curriculum that aligns with the industry’s job demands. The best web developer bootcamps also offer job assistance to help graduates get high-paying jobs.

The Growing Demand Of Web Developers

It is the era of digitisation where businesses, from small shops to big corporations, are shifting their work to the internet or entering a hybrid mode, trying to reach the global market with their online presence. 

With this, there is a constant increase in the demand for skilled web developers who can help create, design, and maintain webpages and web application software to help boost the growth of businesses.

Moreover, since web development is dynamic, businesses seek developers who constantly update themselves with new and incoming technologies and trends.

In addition, the shift of internet usage to mobile, the boom of e-commerce, and the focus on improving the user experience have increased the demand for web developers multifold. Therefore, there is no doubt that web development is a lucrative field.

Web development bootcamps equip students with all the necessary skills that can help them enter this highly lucrative IT sector.

The Benefits Of Web Developer Bootcamps

Web developer bootcamps are the best way to kickstart a career as a web developer, regardless of having any prior experience in the field. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Short Course

Bootcamps teach everything one needs to learn to become a successful web developer in a fraction of the time a traditional degree course takes. While a degree course can be 3-4 years long, bootcamps are generally 4-11 months only.

This enables candidates to enter the market as prospective web developers quickly, saving time and money and giving them a time boost to succeed in the field.

  • In-Depth Knowledge

Web development bootcamps are structured to teach students basic and advanced courses and techniques required in the field. This includes primary programming languages, collaboration tools, web hosting, etc.

They are also trained in maintaining the websites and troubleshooting problems to help prevent loss of business. Eventually, the bootcamps ensure that students graduate as experts in web development.

  1. Enhanced skills

The best web development bootcamps also equip students with problem-solving and analytical skills. Moreover, if they offer job assistance, they are bound to teach interview skills, soft skills, communication, etc, for all-around development.

  • Networking With The Giants

Bootcamps often have lectures with subject experts and renowned names from the industry, allowing students to connect with them. This can help them in building their career or advancing through it. 

  • Job Opportunities

Since there is a high demand for web developers, there are plenty of job opportunities to grab after achieving a web development bootcamp certificate. However, since bootcamps teach all updated knowledge and equip students with in-demand skills, their graduates are presented with better opportunities.

This could mean higher paying jobs or senior level jobs even as a fresher. In addition to this, bootcamps often have ties with leading companies, giving students a chance to interview for the same.

All About Simplilearn’s Web Developer Bootcamps

Simpliearn is one of the best online platforms to learn digital skills, such as web development. Currently, Simplilearn offers two web development bootcamps, which are as follows:

  1. Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development

Created in collaboration with Caltech Centre for Technology & Management Education, this bootcamp covers the skills and techniques required for full-stack web development using Java. The bootcamp includes Capstone projects in 4 domains.

Besides the practical and theoretical knowledge, the bootcamp also helps create a webpage and portfolio from scratch, which the students can use in their job interviews. 

  1. Full Stack Java Developer Program

This bootcamp specialises in teaching all aspects of Java development, including front-end, middleware, and back-end web development. The technologies covered in this bootcamp equip students with skills to create, design, deploy, and test end-to-end applications. 

Additionally, the bootcamp has an all-around JobAssist program that helps build interview skills and resumes for high-paying jobs. Moreover, the students can interview with top companies via the course.

Following are the details of both the bootcamps:


Post Graduate Program In Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack Java Developer Career Bootcamp


Rs. 99,999/-

Rs. 85,000/-


9 Months

11 Months

Offered By

Simplilearn & Caltech


Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's degree with 50% or higher marks.

2+ years of work experience is preferred.

Basic programming knowledge.

MCA, MSc (IT), or B.Tech/M.Tech degree from an accredited institution.

2020 and onwards graduate.

0-3 years of work experience.

Why Choose Simplilearn’s Web Developer Bootcamps?

Simplilearn is an online learning platform whose courses have been awarded the best by multiple websites. The web developer bootcamps by Simplilearn have received similar titles, which may be because of the following:

  • The chance to attend the online bootcamps from the comfort of their residence, preventing any extra costs or problems that may come with shifting for a degree course.

  • Opportunity to receive certificates from renowned universities.

  • Classes with industry experts and practitioners.

  • Simplilearn’s JobAssist program teaches soft skills and resume building and provides opportunities to interview with the sector’s giants.

  • In-depth and updated knowledge and skills.

  • Practical skills through hands-on Capstone projects. 

  • 24*7 support from experts.

  • Live interaction sessions.

  • Zero-interest finance options for fee payments.

Job Opportunities After Finishing A Web Developer Bootcamp

Since web developer bootcamps teach multiple skills, technologies, and tools, they open up many job opportunities for bootcamp graduates. Moreover, these jobs are all in a highly lucrative field and pay well.

Some of the top jobs with their average salaries that one can pursue after completing a web developer bootcamp are:

Job Title

Average Annual Salary In India (INR)

Average Annual Salary In the US (USD)

Full Stack Web Developer 



Web Designer



Front-End Web Developer



Back-End Web Developer



UX Designer



Software Engineer



Software Developer



FAQs On Web Developer Bootcamps

  • Who Is A Web Developer, And What Technologies Come Under Web Development?

    A professional who develops websites and other online-based applications is known as a web developer. Web developers create websites using web designs made by clients or design teams and collaborate with stakeholders, clients, and designers to comprehend the idea. A web developer focuses on the backend, the front end, or both if a full-stack developer. The comprehensive online web development and coding bootcamps can train enthusiasts in full-stack web development and prepare them for the tech industry. 

    A few of the technologies a web developer handles are HTML and CSS for website design and a JavaScript framework for front-end development, ReactJS and backend development, and Node JS. These professionals use database technology for holding data for web apps called MongoDB and another front-end development framework, Angular, built on TypeScript. Other additional technologies they use include Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, etc.

  • What Is A Web Development Course?

    To obtain in-depth knowledge of developing websites, software development and other IT jobs can enroll in a web development course. A web developer bootcamp covers all the topics a learner needs to know to become an adept web developer. The learner gets an understanding of any application, a simple one-page application or a complex web-based application. 

    One may study programming, database management, JavaScript frameworks, and more with a web development training course. The best web development bootcamps can equate to a computer science degree. Coding bootcamps and software engineering bootcamps can prepare learners for the job market with technical skills, relevant career services and career support. They familiarize them with real-world projects and front-end web development that can strengthen one’s career path.

  • How Much Does A Web Developer Earn?

    Due to the constant development and management of new applications for the web, web developers are continuously in demand. Around the world, they are typically given significant wages. The different categories of web developers have different salaries. As an illustration, Full Stack Developers are compensated better than Front-end or Backend web developers.

  • How To Become A Successful Web Developer?

    Success as a web developer involves a blend of technical proficiency, ongoing learning, and the appropriate mindset. First, learn basic web development languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These serve as the foundation of every website. Then, to develop skills and keep current with market trends, investigate well-known libraries and frameworks like Angular or React. 

    Online coding bootcamps can provide flexible payment options and train people to prepare interactive websites through project-based learning, equipping them with industry skills and hands-on experience. These classes enhance one’s communication skills  with a comprehensive understanding of technical knowledge.  All required software will be installed and downloaded during class, e.g. Visual Studio Code, Node.js, NPM, Git CLI, Postman, PostgreSQL etc. 

    If you're applying for an online coding bootcamp, there are a few things you can do to enhance your skills and increase your chances of getting accepted.

    1. Create projects that highlight your skills.

    One of the best ways to show potential bootcamps that you have the skills they're looking for is to create projects that showcase your work. These projects can be anything from simple websites to complex applications. When creating your projects, make sure to focus on responsive designs and a range of functionality. This will show that you have a strong understanding of web development principles.

    2. Contribute to open-source projects and contract labor.

    Another great way to gain experience and enhance your skills is to contribute to open-source projects or do contract labor. This will give you the opportunity to work on real-world projects and collaborate with other developers. It will also help you build your portfolio and network with other professionals in the industry.

    3. Embrace new technology.

    The tech industry is constantly changing, so it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies. Attend workshops, participate in online groups, and follow different career tips and updates on web development skills. This will help you stay ahead of the curve and make you more marketable to potential employers.

    4. Collaborate and network.

    One of the best ways to learn and grow as a developer is to collaborate with others and network with other professionals in the industry. Attend meetups, join coding groups, and participate in hackathons. This will give you the opportunity to learn from others, share your knowledge, and build relationships with people who can help you in your career.

    5. Take advantage of flexible courses and self-paced courses.

    If you're already working in a tech job, you may not have the time to commit to a full-time bootcamp. However, there are many reputable platforms that offer flexible courses and self-paced courses that can help you learn the skills you need to succeed in a coding career.

    By following these tips, you can enhance your skills and increase your chances of getting accepted to an online coding bootcamp. So what are you waiting for? Start learning today!

  • Are Web Developer Bootcamps Suitable For Beginners With No Prior Coding Experience?

    Yes! Many web developer bootcamps are built to accommodate newcomers who need no prior coding skills. They frequently offer thorough curricula and practical training to assist student with laying a solid basis in web development. Web development bootcamps utilize an in-demand, JavaScript-based core curriculum. Front-end development, back-end engineering & full stack development curriculum are some of the key skills learnt in these courses.

    Learning to use the numerous software programs frequently used in this industry is one of the most crucial aspects of being an all-around skilled web developer. While studying programming languages is undoubtedly vital for a novice, learning how to use the most up-to-date online tools and graphics programs is crucial. Reputed career coaches in these online courses can also familiarize students with programming languages, full stack development, and software development. The comprehensive career services can create an easier job search for students to become a software engineer, software developer, web developer, digital marketing in tech companies, and data science.

  • Are Web Developer Bootcamps Accredited?

    Bootcamps for web developers may or may not be accredited. While some bootcamps might have formal accreditation from reputable organizations, many still need to. But the boot camp's reputation and results might be proxies for its caliber, like its job placement rates and alumni success stories. One can learn web development and software engineering basics through a comprehensive web development bootcamp. Online web development bootcamp can ease the process of learning web development. 

  • How Do Web Developer Bootcamps Boost Your Career?

    As part of their curriculum, several respectable web development bootcamps assist with job placement. It may involve reviewing one’s portfolio and résumé, getting ready for interviews, and making relationships with potential companies. The level of help can change, though. A web developer bootcamp can equip people with useful abilities and information. Bootcamps with solid industry partnerships and assistance with job placement might improve chances of landing a job.

  • What Are The Eligibility Criteria To Attend A Web Developer Bootcamp?

    The majority of web development bootcamps do not have rigid age requirements. They are available to learners of all age groups. One can enroll regardless of age if they fulfill the boot camp's eligibility criteria and are dedicated to studying web development. Always research and compare various web developer bootcamps to pick the one that best suits their needs, learning preferences, and financial constraints.

  • What Are The Best Web Developer Courses?

    With the help of web developer bootcamps, learners have successfully advanced their careers, accelerated professional development, and increased their salaries. Here are some of the best web developer bootcamps offered by Simplilearn:

    • PG Program In Full Stack Web Development

    Coding Bootcamp in Full Stack Web Development is offered in partnership with Caltech CTME. With this, learners can advance their careers as software engineers. One can master cutting-edge coding techniques in a matter of months with the rigor of a bootcamp and acquire all the skills required to become a full-stack developer.  

    With this program, learners will be equipped to create full-stack web applications in Java. They will start with the fundamentals of JavaScript before moving on to more complicated ideas like JSPs, Angular, Hibernate, Spring Boot, and MVC. The moment is now to launch their profession as a full-stack web developers!

    • Full Stack Java Developer

    With our Full Stack Java Developer Career Bootcamp, learner can enhance their career potential. With top-notch skills and profession-readiness training in one potent program, give their career the full push. In this Java Full Stack Developer Program, a learner will learn about middleware, front-end, and backend Java web developer skills. Learners will know how to create a complete application, test and release code, use MongoDB to store data, and much more.

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