Key Takeaways

  • Cloud Computing Surge: Increasing home office usage and advances in mobile networking have driven a surge in cloud usage, creating a demand for skilled professionals in the field.
  • Historical Evolution: Cloud computing's history, from DARPA's project MAC in the 1960s to the present, showcases its transformative journey and the emergence of key players.
  • Top U.S. Cloud Companies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMWare, Zymr, IT Svit, CodeBright, AWSQuality, Microsoft, Verizon, Vrinsoft Technology, and Deloitte are highlighted as exceptional employers in the U.S. cloud computing sector.
  • Career Opportunities: Aspiring cloud professionals can find diverse opportunities in these companies, ranging from innovation and cutting-edge technologies to virtualization, DevOps, cybersecurity, and multidisciplinary consulting services.

Cloud usage is climbing, thanks to factors like increasing home office usage (thanks to COVID) and advances in mobile networking. Fortunately, there is a vast selection of computing companies to help meet the rising demand.

However, the considerable number of U.S. cloud computing companies also poses a challenge for applicants who want a job in the cloud computing field. Aspiring candidates need a resource to show which U.S. cloud computing companies are worthy of their efforts and time.

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However, the considerable number of U.S. cloud computing companies also poses a challenge for applicants who want a job in the cloud computing field. Aspiring candidates need a resource to show which U.S. cloud computing companies are worthy of their efforts and time.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re covering here. This article showcases U.S. cloud computing companies you should apply to and work for. We will cover topics such as cloud computing's history and the best cloud-related companies with the best U.S. cloud engineer jobs, among other opportunities. Once you finish this article, you will better know where to focus your attention in your cloud-related job hunt.

But first, a little history of cloud computing.

A Brief History of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing first appeared as a concept in the 1960s, when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded MIT $2 million for project MAC, including a condition that MIT had to develop a means of two or more users simultaneously sharing a computer.

IBM and the Digital Equipment Corporation (also known as DEC or simply “Digital”) used Remote Job Entry to promote the concept of time-sharing computer resources. This concept became known as “virtualization.” Virtualization, defined as creating virtual infrastructures, devices, servers, and other computing resources, finally made the modern cloud possible when VMware was able to do it on commodity x86 hardware. By turning these established IT resources into virtual copies, a community of users can access them at the same time, set the stage for the cloud as we know it today.

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In its initial stages in the 1990s, IT professionals defined the cloud as the empty space found between the end-user and the service provider. However, the definition evolved in that decade as more companies became aware of cloud computing’s potential. Finally, in 1999, cloud computing had its watershed moment as Salesforce debuted, became the business application, and showed the world the great potential of cloud computing.

In 2002, the world was introduced to Amazon’s web-based retail services, which gave rise to many imitators in the years following. Then, in 2006, Amazon once again took the lead by introducing Amazon Web Services, allowing users to access online services, including Amazon Mechanical Turk and the Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), which let users rent virtual resources to run their applications. At the same time, Google launched its Google Docs services.

Netflix, formerly known for its DVD-rental service, launched its streaming service in 2007, taking full advantage of the cloud.

Security concerns hampered the public cloud’s widespread acceptance, although it spurred the development of private clouds. In 2010, Microsoft, OpenStack, and AWS created usable private clouds, and 2011 saw the development of hybrid clouds (private and public clouds used together).

Oracle brought a game-changing idea to cloud computing in 2012 by rolling out SAAS (Software-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), offering them as standard basics to their cloud subscriptions.

Docker introduced viable containers in 2013, which became extremely popular. Consequently, many legacy tools were adapted to work with containers, including the container orchestration system known as Kubernetes, developed in 2014 by Google.

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In 2016 the cloud started to evolve from a developer-friendly entity to a developer-driven one. As a result, application developers began taking full advantage of the cloud and its tools. 

So much for “brief!” Now, let’s look at those top U.S. cloud computing companies!

Ten U.S. Cloud Computing Companies

As the demand for cloud computing services continues to surge, the hunt for the ideal workplace in this dynamic industry becomes paramount. The United States houses a plethora of cloud computing companies, each with its unique offerings and work culture. In this article, we will explore ten U.S. cloud computing companies that stand out as exceptional employers, providing a valuable guide for individuals aspiring to build their careers in this flourishing sector.

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Overview: This one’s no surprise, considering AWS practically wrote the book on cloud computing providers. Not only is AWS the largest platform vendor in the world, it also specializes in analytics, blockchain, containers, storage, and machine learning, among others.

Company Size: 10,000+

Opportunities: AWS offers a diverse array of opportunities for cloud enthusiasts, with a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

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2. VMWare

Overview: While AWS is the cloud computing pioneer, VMWare has the same prominence in the world of virtual machines and is one of the world’s top virtualization and cloud computing companies.

Company Size: 10,000+

Opportunities: VMWare emphasizes virtualization and cloud technologies, making it an ideal workplace for those passionate about shaping the future of these domains.

3. Zymr, Inc

Overview: Zymr is a Silicon Valley-based company that develops full-stack software using cutting-edge open-source technology and Agile development practices. They are a one-stop tech partner for companies looking for DevOps, integrated cloud, and cybersecurity competencies.

Company Size: 50-249

Opportunities: For those seeking a one-stop destination for DevOps, integrated cloud, and cybersecurity competencies, Zymr offers a stimulating environment.

4. IT Svit

Overview: IT Svit is a reputable Big Data and DevOps service provider with a staff of over 60 software developers, Big Data architects, and DevOps engineers who offer end-to-end solutions for business projects of all sizes and types.

Company Size: 50-249

Opportunities: IT Svit provides end-to-end solutions for projects of all sizes, making it an appealing choice for those who thrive on diverse and challenging assignments.

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Level Up Now: Get Certified in Cloud Ops on AWS

5. CodeBright

Overview: CodeBright works with non-profit organizations, startups, and companies of all sizes to tackle business problems, increase productivity and efficiency, streamline and automate business processes, and provide Minimal Viable Products to market.

Company Size: 50-249

Opportunities: The focus on business problem-solving and efficiency makes CodeBright an enticing option for those wanting to make a tangible impact.

6. AWSQuality

Overview: We mentioned Salesforce earlier, and here’s a highly rated Salesforce development and consulting company. AWSQuality works with their clients to help design, develop, and manage different solutions on Salesforce, Salesforce 1, and

Company Size: 10-49

Opportunities: With a focus on Salesforce solutions, AWSQuality provides opportunities to work on diverse projects within the Salesforce ecosystem.

7. Microsoft

Overview: ou knew they had to appear somewhere on this list, right? Microsoft is particularly highly rated for Cloud Engineering positions, scoring one of the better scores for a non-military employer according to Indeed.

Company Size: 10,000+

Opportunities: Microsoft's influence in cloud computing makes it an attractive workplace for those aspiring to contribute to groundbreaking innovations.

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8. Verizon

Overview: This telecommunications giant is another no-brainer for Cloud Engineers. Reviews on Indeed are positive, with the company’s compensation score being particularly noteworthy.

Company Size: 10,000+

Opportunities: The company's pivotal role in telecommunications and cloud infrastructure positions it as an appealing choice for cloud professionals.

9. Vrinsoft Technology

Overview: Vrinsoft develops software with expertise in Android development, iPhone app development, web design, .NET, PHP, SEO, graphic designing, and developing apps for the iPad, Applewatch, iBeacon, and Phonegap.

Company Size: 10-49

Opportunities: For software developers seeking diverse projects and skill development, Vrinsoft provides a stimulating environment.

10. Deloitte

Overview: Deloitte is a highly regarded accounting and professional services firm that delivers financial and technical consulting solutions. In addition to their cloud solutions, they also offer to help their clients with analytics, risk and financial advisory, audit and assurance, and much more. They have over 80 locations throughout the United States.

Company Size: 10,000+

Opportunities: Deloitte's extensive reach and diverse service offerings make it an attractive option for those seeking a multidisciplinary career in cloud computing. 

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