Key Takeaways

  • Despite job market fluctuations, the demand for skilled IT workers, especially in cloud computing, remains steady.
  • Cloud computing skills are crucial for businesses aiming to adapt and thrive in the post-pandemic landscape.
  • The pandemic has accelerated the shift to cloud services, leading to increased spending and demand for cloud professionals.
  • Cloud-related job roles offer high-paying salaries and attractive perks, making them sought-after positions in the IT industry.

Amidst the upheavals in the job market in the post-pandemic era, if there's one thing that has remained stable, it is the demand for skilled IT workers. In fact, the IT sector continues to be one of the few bright spots in the hiring world, with the average cloud computing salary reflecting the demand. 

Cloud computing, in particular, has emerged as a key tech skill that companies are relying on in order to stay agile, responsive, and adaptive in the new environment. If you're looking to step into a cloud computing career or rise to higher levels by learning new skills, in this article, we'll dive into the best job roles and cloud computing salary trends for 2024 that you should watch out for.

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The Mass Exodus to the Cloud Spurring Cloud Computing Jobs in 2024

While the shift from a hardware-oriented infrastructure to remote cloud servers was already underway, the pandemic has compelled millions of companies to consider cloud services to achieve cost-efficiency and business continuity. 

According to Principal Analyst at Forrester, Dave Bartoletti, "When you look back at the public clouds developed in the last 15 years, it almost seems like they were designed to handle the global demand shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Without public cloud apps, development services, tools, and infrastructure available to every business and consumer on demand, imagine how different (and hobbled) the pandemic response would have been." 

The findings from Gartner echo the words of Bartoletti. Their latest forecast predicts the spending on public cloud services to jump from $257.5 billion in 2020 to $304.9 billion in 2022 as cloud services play a central role in helping businesses recover from the onslaughts of the pandemic. 

As such, professionals with cloud skills are witnessing a spike in demand from hiring companies that want to derive the most value from the technology. Global job site, identified the "booming" cloud skills as a major trend in the tech skills market. 

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As organizations rethink their strategies and models, they are hiring more professionals that can help them leverage the cloud to meet their digital transformation goals. With the global employment rate in tech at an all-time low and top candidates receiving an influx of offers, employers are going all out in offering lucrative salaries along with terrific perks and benefits to these professionals.

No wonder reports are recognizing cloud-related job roles to be some of the highest-paid ones in the coming year.  

With the public cloud computing market expected to be valued at $800 billion by 2025, gaining cloud computing skills could be well worth your time and efforts and could make you eligible for ample job opportunities with high-paying salaries. Have a look at some of the top highest paying cloud certifications from where you can get started.

Here are some of the top cloud computing jobs with a solid salary trajectory for 2022. We'll discuss the cloud computing salary by job role as well as by geography. 

1. Network and Cloud Architect

Network/cloud architects are responsible for planning, designing, and upgrading various network and cloud projects — basically developing an organization's overall computing strategy. They work closely with the IT team and act as their number one resource when it comes to troubleshooting issues related to network architecture and suggesting system enhancements.

For succeeding in this role, candidates must possess good experience in handling network and cloud technologies. Plus, they should excel at technical problem-solving while having strong communication skills.

Network/Cloud Architect Salary by Geography:

In the United States, the average Cloud Systems Architect salary is $106,100 / year.

In the UK, the average network/cloud architect salary is £63,732 / year

A network/cloud architect's average salary in India is ₹19L / year.

2. Cloud Network Engineer

The job of a network/cloud engineer is to execute, design, and manage day-to-day support and maintenance of network and cloud services. They are also tasked with identifying the best cloud providers and scaling cloud services to address growing business needs. To accomplish these tasks, the candidate must have expertise in networking and cloud hardware and software.

A strong background in server and network infrastructure, interfacing, and security, along with analytical and problem-solving skills, is required to get hired in this position. The candidate must be familiar with leading cloud providers, namely Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and also have working knowledge of cloud-based systems.

Cloud Network Engineer Salary by Geography:

In the United States, a cloud network engineer can draw an average salary of

 $150,866 /year.

In the UK, the average cloud network engineer salary is £ 35,183 / year.

In India, a cloud network engineer's average salary is ₹6L / year.

3. Computer Systems Analyst

As people who ensure companies are up-to-date with technological changes to meet their needs and goals, computer systems analysts can help businesses make the switch to the cloud swiftly and efficiently.

Also referred to as systems architects, these professionals get to the core of an organization's current computer systems, procedures, and processes to develop solutions to help them adapt their operations to the changing times and perform effectively. As such, companies need to hire the expertise of computer systems analysts to assist them with their adoption of cloud systems. 

Computer Systems Analyst Salary by Geography:

A computer systems analyst in the US can earn an average salary of $ 73,318 /year.

In the UK, computer systems analysts command an average salary of £36,398 / year.

In India, the average salary for computer systems analysts is ₹20,810 / month .

4. Cloud Security Analysts

Cloud Security Analysts take on the critical role of ensuring the security of cloud systems within an organization and recommending specific measures that can strengthen the company's overall security, especially with regards to cloud usage. They need to work hands-on to identify potential flaws and address security needs when an organization is migrating to the public cloud. The ideal candidates for these jobs must have a solid CSE background and knowledge of the latest security protocols, authentication, and certification. Good analytical and communication skills are basic requirements, while those familiar with cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace have an added advantage.

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Cloud Security Analysts Salary by Geography:

US-based Cloud Security Analysts command an average salary of $94,796 / year.

In India, the average annual salary of Cloud Security Analysts is ₹ 8,14,386 / year.

5. Cloud Database Administrator

With workloads moving to the cloud and the growing popularity of database as a service (DBaaS), database administrators are increasingly working with data in the cloud. Responsible for managing cloud-based databases, these professionals play an important role in guiding businesses into new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and AI, all of which cloud computing enables People in this role work directly with business leaders, managers, and customers to find out the most appropriate ways to apply data to solve business problems.

Some of the skills required to get hired in this role include the knowledge of Azure, JSON, DevOps, analytics, Linux and Linux scripting, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Cloud Database Administrator Salary by Geography:

Cloud Database Administrators based in the US can earn an average salary of $180,000 / year.

The average salary of Cloud Database Administrators in India is ₹ 501,660 / year.


The demand for skilled IT workers, particularly in cloud computing, remains robust in the post-pandemic era. Cloud architecture skills offer lucrative career prospects as businesses prioritize agility and resilience. Investing in cloud education, such as the Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing, is pivotal for aspiring professionals. Whether entering the field or aiming for advancement, acquiring the right skills through reputable programs sets the stage for success in the dynamic technology landscape.


1. Is Cloud Computing in Demand?

Yes, cloud computing is highly sought after in today's job market due to its pivotal role in digital transformation initiatives.

2. What career opportunities does cloud computing offer, and what salary can one expect?

Cloud computing offers a wide scope of career opportunities, ranging from cloud architects to network engineers, with competitive salaries reflective of the demand.

3. What is the Average Cloud Architect Salary?

Cloud architects command competitive salaries, with earnings varying based on factors such as experience, location, and employer. The average cloud architect salary is $180,000 annually.

4. Which factors impact the salary of professionals in cloud computing roles?

Cloud computing salaries are influenced by factors like skill level, certifications, industry demand, and geographic location.

5. Are there differences in cloud computing salaries across various industries?

While cloud computing salaries generally remain competitive across industries, specific sectors may offer higher compensation based on demand and specialized skills.

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