Is Cloud Computing a Shift in Culture?

Is Cloud Computing a Shift in Culture?


Last updated September 4, 2017

Last year, Gillian Law, who has been working as a freelance journalist, came up with a case study. This study was about using Cloud accounting for the benefits of clients and business organizations. The study also analyzed how business have handled the shift from traditional business practices to utilizing the Cloud. 

Since the emergence of Cloud computing, a wide range of online packages have emerged. All these packages or software claim to make it easy for your business to manage accounting, finances, inventory management and other tasks. In fact, most of the business organizations have started using these packages, and encourage their clients to do the same. 

Most companies around the world have been asking clients to use SaaS software and services. Primarily, Cloud computing service providers have been targeting contractors, traders and small business organizations. Some service providers are also suitable for larger SMEs. Both of these systems have transformed the way clients manage their business operations and finances. 

Numerous Benefits of Cloud Accounting 

Since the beginning, most Cloud computing service providers have been working as remote businesses. They have always taken advantage of Cloud services and other such technologies to let their staff work from wherever they are. 

The boom in the industry was seen around five years ago, along with the shift from traditional business practices to Cloud computing. In the beginning, most of the workers were people who had children and wanted flexible hours. Hence, most of them worked from home. 

Most service providers managed client documentation through scanned images. They did not believe in collecting paperwork or physical collection of files. However, most companies still have fully functional in-house servers. These servers host all the files. But the service providers are already planning to use Cloud-based storage for these files in future.
For internal business operations, most Cloud computing service providers have always relied on reputed Cloud software packages. These software allow the companies to monitor prospective clients and leads. Moreover, they help the companies to communicate with clients and employees through a wide range of communication channels. 

Although Cloud accounting still makes sure that the companies focus on every client, it reduces the workload significantly. It has completely changed the way business organizations used to handle business. In order to make sure that clients get the best services, most service providers have to train their employees properly. It is also important to make sure that every piece of data is entered correctly. This has been even more helpful for clients. 

In the past few years, most of the clients have shown interest in using Cloud-based systems. There are still some clients who believe in traditional management and handover a lot of paperwork. In time, most service providers plan to set up online accounts and simply charge the clients to add their files on the systems. 

How Are Clients Trained?

In the beginning, many service providers used to organize seminars and training sessions for their clients. This makes sure that every client is confident about entering information. This is quite helpful for clients who don’t have much time to handle their business finances and accounts. 

Most service providers have always believed in on-going training. It helps gather relevant and useful information throughout a financial year. Most companies are still in the phase of evolution after this shift in culture and traditional business practices.
Companies can still make efforts to encourage clients to use Cloud-based systems to make sure they get high-quality services at affordable prices. Service providers believe in helping the clients manage their financial resources and acting as financial advisors. 

Are The Servers Secure?

Most of the clients are not concerned about security anymore. They understand that Cloud servers are completely secure and keep their information safe. Moreover, Cloud-based systems also have backup servers and there is no risk of losing private, confidential and crucial information. 

However, most service providers still encourage their clients to change passwords on a regular basis. Most companies set up high end, on-site monitors to make sure there is no significant change in the bank balance of a client. 

Impact of Cloud on Change Management

In recent years, most business organizations have been very excited to move toward Cloud computing. However, companies fail to understand that benefits of Cloud computing for change management. When there’s a shift in culture and business practices, change management plays an important role. Here’s how Cloud computing improves change management.   

Enhanced Productivity - Cloud computing can enhance the productivity of your organization by offering infrastructure or application platforms and numerous other resources to bring positive changes in customer service. Even employees can respond to customers efficiently and quickly. 

Mobility Services - Cloud computing also offers mobility changes to an organization. With Cloud computing, a business uses mobility services at reasonable prices. When Cloud is implemented in an organization, there’s no need to worry about integrating and maintaining servers and databases. Employees can focus on managing various services. 

Process Driven Change Management - BPM or Business Process Management solutions offer support for change management. With Cloud computing, businesses can drive particular changes, and even ensure traceability of certain elements. 

Business processes can be easily linked to changes in the requirements and analysis documentation. However, a business may need to refine structured approaches, such as IT Service Management with Information Technology Infrastructure Library to support rapid and dynamic Cloud deployments. 

Future of Cloud Accounting

There is no doubt that almost every business organization would be suing Cloud-based systems in the next five years. Cloud computing has completely transformed businesses. In a tough market, Cloud computing has allowed business organizations to remain competitive. 

With Cloud computing, you will be able to have prices on your monitor screens within ten minutes. Moreover, you will be able to prepare and file your own accounts. Most reputed Cloud computing service providers will be offering good value for money. 

As a result, Cloud computing will not be a luxury anymore, but a necessity. It’s worth mentioning that Cloud computing is a major shift in culture and traditional business practices. However, it’s been a positive one.

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