1.       Briefly share your professional profile (Education, professional experience, certification/awards, skill sets etc.)
I have a BS in Business, Information Systems and have been a member of the Project Management Institute for the majority of my Program Management career.  I recently became a Certified Scrum Master and will be pursuing my PMP certification.

2.       What made you consider a professional certification? We know that everyone has a reason and we would like to know yours.
Although I have been practicing project management with over 20 years of experience in the commercial and government sectors, certification was not a requirement for my leadership position nor was it an obstacle to my career progression.  However, I found myself in between jobs recently and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain the certification to further demonstrate my knowledge/experience and my dedication to the profession.  

3.       Please describe the research you’ve done before choosing Simplilearn as your training partner.

I researched online through web searches and surveyed several colleagues who had obtained the certification previously.  Based on the information I learned, I did a comparison of several different vendors.  My selection of Simplilearn was a combination of convenience, the variety of choices (dates/availability) and price, coupled with the website knowledge materials and online support.

4.      What, according to you, helped during the training period? 
First, the description of the course and materials available to assist with learning and preparing for the exam. It was very thorough and set me up for success from the very start. Second, the network of colleagues I met through the course which allowed each of us to study collaboratively and to remain in touch even after the course concluded and we obtained our certification, allowing us to continue to share real-world situations and circumstances to improve our understanding of the fundamentals and put them into practice.  And third, the self-paced practice tests that help me to prepare for the certification exam.

5.      Which according to you are the main focus areas for the preparation for the course?
Do your homework and follow the guidelines that are provided by Simplilearn!  When I started researching the certification requirements, I didn't know what to expect.  Simplilearn helped me to understand the requirements, plan for the course, proceed through the course, take practice exams to test my knowledge, all before taking the exam. Following the approach identified by Simplilearn truly amplified the process and took the uncertainty and guesswork out of the equation.

6.      How helpful was our online courseware for your preparation?
Extremely beneficial.  All the information I needed to know was covered by the courseware and was available for re-review prior to taking the exam.

7.      Name any one thing you learned in the course that surprised you.
I was surprised by the variety of business industries that practice the course fundamentals and the rapid growth within the project management arena, in both the commercial and government sectors.  It was very interesting to learn how others apply best practices within their own corporate culture and market segments.

8.       What, according to you would make this training more effective?
I cannot think of anything that would make the training more effective.  I had a terrific experience, from the initial contact with Simplilearn to the communication of the instructor and format of the materials to the exam preparation practice tests and materials.

9.      Name one leader you respect the most and share at least 3 things in him/her that motivates you. This leader can be your colleague, manager, or a visionary leader in your industry.
I have had several mentors throughout my career, for various reasons and expertise.  One mentor, in particular, stands out as a strong visionary whose strategy and interpersonal skills inspire others to step outside of their comfort zone to achieve results. He encourages innovation, creativity, and growth while maintaining high-quality standards. He has a positive "can do" attitude that inspires trust and confidence in others. I learned a lot under his leadership and guidance and truly enjoyed working with him.

10.  Would you recommend this course to others? 
Yes, with no hesitation, and I already have!  My expectations were satisfied and helped me achieve my goal of completing the education and preparation necessary to successfully pass the certification exam.

Our Project Management Courses Duration And Fees

Project Management Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Post Graduate Program in Project Management

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6 Months$ 3,000
PMP® Plus36 Months$ 1,849

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