The whole web design community knows that CSS3 can propel your HTML/Website/Content to the next level, but many CSS3 beginners and intermediates don’t know where to find the resources, important tutorials, or cheat sheets they need to learn CSS. To that end, we’ve collected a huge list of CSS3 tutorials, resources, must-see CSS3 discussions, and projects to watch on Github. 

CSS3 Resources

  1. How to Make CSS3 Features Cross Browser Compatible Click here
  2. 11 CSS learning tools and resources Click here
  3. CSS3 examples and best practices Click here
  4. Using CSS animations Click here
  5. 25 pro tips to breathe new life into your CSS Click here
  6. The 147 CSS3 color module color keywords Click here
  7. Six useful CSS3 tools Click here
  8. Pure CSS GUI icons Click here
  9. 33 Must read CSS3 tips, tricks, tutorial sites and articles Click here
  10. Dynamic drive Click here
  11. CSS tricks Click here
  12. A collection of CSS3 hover effects Click here
  13. CSS3 Demos and tools Click here
  14. CSS3 and HTML5 toolbox starter Click here
  15. Creative CSS3 animation menus Click here
  16. 20+ Useful CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks, tolls and templates Click here
  17. 12 Awesome CSS3 features that you can finally start using Click here
  18. 10 examples of futuristic CSS3 techniques Click here
  19. 10 Awesome CSS3 techniques to improve your designs Click here
  20. 8 Examples of stunning CSS3 text effects Click here
  21. 5 of the best CSS3 font tools Click here
  22. 5 CSS3 features explained Click here
  23. 3 Cool CSS3 image hover effects Click here

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CSS3 Tutorials

  1. Whirling drop down menu - Tutorial here
  2. 3 Awesome CSS3 typography techniques to learn Tutorial here
  3. 22 Useful HTML5 CSS3 form tutorials Tutorial here
  4. 25 Helpful CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques Tutorial here
  5. 26 Web Design Tutorials for Learning New CSS3 Properties Tutorial here
  6. 50 Brilliant CSS3/JavaScript Coding Techniques Tutorial here
  7. BounceBox Notification Plugin With jQuery & CSS3 Tutorial here
  8. Create a responsive CSS3 product wall Tutorial here
  9. CSS3 Animations – How to with animation and keyframes Tutorial here
  10. CSS3 Logo Design Tutorial here
  11. CSS-only: Load images on demand Tutorial here
  12. Enhancing Imagemaps With CSS3 Popups Tutorial here
  13. How to create impressive 3D graphics in CSS3 Tutorial here
  14. How to Code a Homepage Template with HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorial here
  15. How To Create a Stylish Content Slider using CSS3 & jQuery Tutorial here
  16. Say Hello to Webkit Filters Tutorial here
  17. Top 100 Useful And Detailed CSS3 Tutorials And Techniques Tutorial here

Inspiration for CSS3 Beginners

  1. 3 stunning CSS animation effects that will captivate your users Click here
  2. 8 simple CSS3 transitions that will wow your users Click here
  3. 90 Absolutely Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates Click here
  4. Animated image with zoom effect and appearing title using only CSS3 Click here
  5. 22 stunning examples of CSS3 animation Click here
  6. 9 eye-popping images created purely in CSS3 Click here
  7. Coding a Responsive Resume in HTML5/CSS3 Click here
  8. The Simpsons in CSS Click here

Tips from CSS3 Experts

  1. 10 Principles of the CSS Masters Click here
  2. 15 Effective Tips and Tricks from the Masters of CSS Click here
  3. CSS3 Tips & Techniques for Designers Click here

CSS3 Videos

  1. Create a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS3 Play
  2. CSS3 Flip 3D Animation For Boxes and Cards HTML5 Tutorial Play
  3. Let’s Learn HTML5 and CSS3! [FULL 3hrs+] Play
  4. CSS3 border-image Property Custom Graphics Slice Tutorial Play
  5. Image Zoom Effect Animation CSS3 HTML Tutorial Play
  6. Scrolling Activated CSS3 Animation Tutorial Play
  7. 3D Flip Animation Effect CSS3 Tutorial Play
  8. CSS3 Full Screen Background Image - Dreawmeaver CS6 Tutorial Play
  9. CSS3 Tutorial: Create And Style A CSS3 and HTML5 Contact Form Play
  10. Awesome CSS3 3D Image Slider. With Flickr Play

CSS3 Projects on Github

  1. I am a junior-ish front end developer. What should I learn next? Discussion
  2. I saw this GIF and I thought it would be interesting to recreate it using CSS3 Discussion
  3. What are your top 3 "Aha!" CSS moments? Discussion
  4. CSS color style question Discussion
  5. What can you do to improve CSS3 animation performance on desktop and mobile? Discussion
  6. What is the best CSS3 tutorial on the Internet? Discussion
  7. Is it better to use javascript or CSS3 for animations? Discussion
  8. What are the top 5 differences between CSS3 and CSS2 ? Discussion
  9. What are the differences, cons/pros between CSS3 animations and JS animations? Discussion
  10. Who are the CSS3 gods to follow these days? Discussion
  11. How did Mailchimp create this animation sequence with CSS3? Discussion

There you have it: 92 resources that will undoubtedly answer just about every question you have about CSS3. These resources should bring a change in the way you code and help you transform from beginner to expert. Check out our HTML5 and CSS3 course to get you even further!

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