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  • Why is the data science with r certification most sought-after?

    The open source analytics market is gaining momentum and this has resulted in huge demand for the R certification. With $14.4 billion in revenue, the analytics market requires 250,000 certified analytics professionals to handle ever-increasing volumes of data. Top companies like Amazon, Google, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Dell are looking for certified and skilled analysts to meet this challenge head-on. Additionally, the Big 4 audit firms – PWC, E&Y, Deloitte, and KPMG, are hiring data scientists in large numbers.

  • What is this course about?

    Simplilearn’s Data Science with R Programming Certification training is an ideal package for aspiring analytics professionals in Toronto to gain expertise in data analytics. By the end of the training, participants will be competent in the applications of the R programming language, such as for data visualization, exploration, and statistical concepts like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis, and forecasting.

  • What are the Benefits of Taking Data Scientist Certification Course from Simplilearn in Toronto?

    Simplilearn’s data scientist certification training has a clear focus on the vital concepts of business analytics and R. By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
    • Work on data exploration, data visualization, and predictive modeling techniques with ease.
    • Gain fundamental knowledge of analytics and how it assists with decision making.
    • Work with confidence using the R language.
    • Understand and work on statistical concepts like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis, and forecasting.
    • Develop a structured approach to use statistical techniques and R language.
    • Perform sharp data analysis to make business decisions.

    on the other hand

    • This course forms an ideal package for aspiring data analysts aspiring to build a successful career in analytics/data science. By the end of this training, participants will acquire a 360-degree overview of business analytics and R by mastering concepts like data exploration, data visualization, predictive analytics, etc. 
    • According to, the advanced analytics market will be worth $29.53 Billion by 2019
    • points to a report by Glassdoor that the average salary of a data scientist is $118,709
    • Randstad reports that pay hikes in the analytics industry are 50% higher than IT

  • What are the benefits of having Data Scientist Certification in Toronto?

    Certified data scientists draw a lucrative salary with excellent growth prospects. Statistics from KDNuggets suggest a tremendous salary increase with a certification, at 50% and 13% in Asia and the rest of the world, respectively. According to, certified R data scientists earn an average of $97, 000 and are sought-after in Fortune 500 companies. A data science credential opens up career opportunities in almost every industry and vertical. Data science skills are also quickly becoming transferable between industries.

  • Who are eligible for taking this data science course in Toronto?

    There is an increasing demand for skilled data scientists across Toronto in all industries, Simplilearn made this data science certification course well-suited for participants at all levels of experience. We recommend this Data Science training particularly for the following professionals:

    • IT professionals looking for a career switch into data science and analytics
    • Software developers looking for a career switch into data science and analytics
    • Professionals working in data and business analytics
    • Graduates looking to build a career in analytics and data science
    • Anyone with a genuine interest in the data science field
    • Experienced professionals who would like to harness data science in their fields

    Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this data science online training course. If you are new to the field of data science, this is the best course to start with.

  • What different Data Science Projects you will work as Part of training?

    During data science certification course at simplilearn, Toronto you will be working on eight real-life, industry-based projects on R CloudLab. Successful evaluation of one of the following four projects is a part of the course completion certification eligibility criteria.

    Project 1:
    Healthcare: Predictive analytics can be used in healthcare to mediate hospital readmissions. In healthcare and other industries, predictors are most useful when they can be transferred into action. But historical and real-time data alone are worthless without intervention. More importantly, to judge the efficacy and value of forecasting a trend and ultimately changing behavior, both the predictor and the intervention must be integrated back into the same system and workflow where the trend originally occurred.

    Project 2:
    Insurance: Use of predictive analytics has increased greatly in insurance businesses, especially for the biggest companies, according to the 2013 Insurance Predictive Modeling Survey. While the survey showed an increase in predictive modeling throughout the industry, all respondents from companies that write over $1 billion in personal insurance employ predictive modeling, compared to 69% of companies with less than that amount of premium.

    Project 3:
    Retail: Analytics is used in optimizing product placements on shelves or optimization of inventory to be kept in the warehouses using industry examples. Through this project, participants learn the daily cycle of product optimization from the shelves to the warehouse. This gives them insights into regular occurrences in the retail sector.

    Project 4:
    Internet: Internet analytics is the collection, modeling and analysis of user data in large-scale online services such as social networking, e-commerce, search and advertisement. In this class, we explore a number of key functions of such online services that have become ubiquitous over the last couple of years. Specifically, we look at social and information networks, recommender systems, clustering and community detection, dimensionality reduction, stream computing and online ad auctions.

    Four additional projects have been provided to help learners master the R language.

    Project 5:
    Music Industry: Details of listener preferences are recorded online. This data is not only used for recommending music that the listener is likely to enjoy but also to drive a focused marketing strategy that sends out advertisements for music that a listener may wish to buy. Using the demographic data, predict the music preferences of the user for targeted advertising.

    Project 6:
    Finance: You’ll predict whether someone will default or not default on a loan based on user demographic data. You’ll perform logistic regression by considering the loan’s features and the characteristics of the borrower as explanatory variables.

    Project 7:
    Unemployment: Analyze the monthly, seasonally-adjusted unemployment rates for U.S. employment data of all 50 states, covering the period from January 1976 through August 2010. The requirement is to cluster the states into groups that are alike using a feature vector.

    Project 8:
    Airline: Flight delays are frequently experienced when flying from the Washington DC area to the Toronto City area. By using logistical regression, you’ll identify flights that are likely to be delayed. The provided data set helps with a number of variables including airports and flight times.

Exam & certification

  • What are the prerequisites for this course?

    This course can be taken up by anyone, and would greatly benefit those with strong logical reasoning and math skills.

  • How do I get certified in the Data Scientist with R program from Simplilearn in Toronto?

    You can get Simplilearns Data Scientist Certification Course completion certificate by:
    • Completing any one of the four projects. The outcome of the project will be evaluated by the lead trainer. Important screenshots of the project should be submitted via LMS.
    • Clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 80%.
    Note: It is mandatory that a participant fulfills both the criteria, i.e., completion of 1 project, and clearing the online exam with a minimum score of 80% to be certified.


Stephen Alex
Stephen Alex BI Business Development Manager/BI & Big Data Architect at Rolta AdvizeX, Philadelphia

Very good intro course.

Farheen Alam
Farheen Alam Data Analyst at Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc., Houston

Thoroughly planned topics relevant to the course and covers a wide variety of scenarios for data analysis. Pace of each lesson is perfect.

Anirudh Jamdagni
Anirudh Jamdagni Indore

Excellent learning place, and highly recommended for working professionals to enhance their skills. Flexible class hours with recorded version is accommodating. The customer support team is very supportive and at easy reach. Great to kick start your career.

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Sudarshan Alwar A
Sudarshan Alwar A Bangalore

After doing some research and consulting a few people about the course — I signed up with Simplilearn. The first live class I registered for was the session on R. The instructor, Prateek, who was driving the session was patient and made sure all of us in the class were satisfied. He has great knowledge that he shares during the session. He has the expertise, and the questions raised were answered promptly. He did not hesitate to answer the simplest, most straightforward questions asked. Of course — there were some students in the group who knew nothing about programming, or maybe had forgotten Math learned a decade ago. There were no such instances when their questions were skipped. The best part of his sessions were real-life examples...The stats course was a great basis for understanding the concepts of R. It’s been a good experience since the start of the course, and I am looking forward to the next set of live classes I am registered for, and hoping for the same. Thanks!

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Mani Kandan
Mani Kandan Design Engineer, Bangalore

I recently enrolled for a Master’s in Data Scientist degree at Simplilearn. The syllabus is systematically structured, and the live sessions are explained with real-world examples. Looking forward to completing the course. Thanks, Simplilearn Team.

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Frado Sibarani
Frado Sibarani Data Scientist, Singapore

Good course. Many examples and demos. Love it.

SumanKumar Akhileshwar Singh
SumanKumar Akhileshwar Singh Principal Software Engineer, Bangalore

I am able to understand and also practice. The course is wonderful!

Aaquib Hussain
Aaquib Hussain Software Application Developer @ IBM, Bangalore

Great presentation and lucid explanatory models....Correlated examples, sampled cohesion and beautiful flow to the structure are few of the USP's of the program

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Ganesh S
Ganesh S Exec. Member & Treasurer at DMS, IIT Delhi, Delhi

Excellent course to gain basic operational know-how of R & SAS.

Saravanan Ramaraj
Saravanan Ramaraj Solution Architect at MIMOS Berhad, Kuala Lumpur

Course is very well organized. Keep up the good work!

Ramya Tangirala
Ramya Tangirala Business Operations Associate @ZS Associates, Bangalore

The course is well structured for professionals who are looking to break into the analytics domain and wish to master the skills. The industry projects are the best part which spans across diverse domains. I am from the healthcare domain and found the healthcare project very interesting. The trainers are very good and bring a lot of industry context to the table. I am very happy with the training.

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