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Excel Courses Learner's Reviews

  • Murali Sunku

    Murali Sunku

    Fantastic courses, well-researched training material, and great trainers make Simplilearn a great platform to upskill. I recently completed my course. Ashok Nichani is the best trainer I have come across.

  • Olu Adeyinka MSc

    Olu Adeyinka MSc

    Senior Business System Analyst

    The faculty has excellent knowledge about the subject, and his ability to teach is very inspiring. The course content is comprehensive and updated.

  • Caleb Navarro

    Caleb Navarro

    The trainer was highly skilled and took the time to answer every single question, and explained how to think of the BA framework from the right perspective. The sessions were very interactive and focused on content and explained each knowledge area in detail.

  • Asha Kaushik

    Asha Kaushik

    The instructor was highly knowledgeable and incorporated live project cases into the sessions, making them more enjoyable. The topics were simplified and made easy to understand through real-life examples, which greatly benefited my post-graduation in business analytics.

  • Rahul Asswani

    Rahul Asswani

    I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions. The examples cited during the classes were outstanding. I never imagined online classes could be this smooth. Thank you again. Completing this training has significantly increased my confidence in pursuing a post-graduation in business analytics.

  • Yash Haswani

    Yash Haswani

    Thrilled to announce my graduation from Purdue University's Post Graduation Program in Data Analytics. Grateful to Simplilearn for their top-notch data analytics course, certification, and training content, empowering learners worldwide.

  • Dhanya krishna

    Dhanya krishna

    I'm glad you found our Python and Data Science instruction valuable! Our instructors, well-versed in data analytics, provided patient, knowledgeable responses throughout the course. I appreciate the efforts put in by the team.

  • Manish Beniwal

    Manish Beniwal

    Advisor Reporting - Global Mobility at Rio Tinto

    I am a Data Analyst with 7 years of experience, but I hadn't worked with Statistics much. So, I enrolled in this Data Analyst Certification course. It's a good course, even for beginners. Overall, the training is very good. Thank you, Simplilearn.

  • Anne Gitiiya

    Anne Gitiiya

    It was an honor to learn from such a knowledgeable and experienced instructor. I truly enjoyed the sessions.

  • Justin Selleck

    Justin Selleck

    Member at AACE International

    Simplilearn’s Business Analytics Master's' in-depth material & interactive instructor-led classes are great, and I am confident of upscaling my career after this course.

  • Musheer Ahmed Shaik

    Musheer Ahmed Shaik

    Project Manager @Wipro

    The program is excellent, and well designed for Project Managers. All the topics are well covered, and the added advantage is we get support from the professionals.

  • Harmeet Singh

    Harmeet Singh

    Manager Expert at CGI

    The complete Business Analyst Certification course was a great learning experience and all credits go to Simplilearn and its trainers. The trainer was highly knowledgeable and has covered all the topics. I am sure this course will help me to achieve the desired goal in my career.

  • Arjun Shinde

    Arjun Shinde

    Sr. Project Manager at Mastercard

    I could recommend Simplilearn to anyone without hesitation. The courses have great depth and they allow you do work on them at your own pace. The course content is regularly updated and the content is presented in a crisp manner. The certification helped me to get a promotion from Business Analyst and Project Manager to Senior Project Manager.

  • Tulsi Ram Sharma

    Tulsi Ram Sharma

    Scrum Master | Sapient Corporation

    Great trainer, Great training material, and everything worked well. The training sessions were impressive.

  • Arja Naveen

    Arja Naveen

    I liked the active participation, and participants were encouraged to share their experiences. The approach of allowing participants to ask questions then and there was beneficial to all.


FAQs for Excel Courses

  • What is Excel?

    Microsoft Excel or popularly recognized as MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software that serves as an excellent data analysis tool. Excel is useful for storing data, analyzing, comparing, making calculations, etc. This spreadsheet software is loaded with multiple data visualization tools, making analyzing and recording data the easiest task.

     Excel is popularly used in businesses to track day-to-day data and manage them. The tool is very helpful with project management, organizing and assigning work, data entry and calculations, creating tables and graph charts, and much more. Precisely, it is a multipurpose, useful tool for data analysis.

  • What are the best MS Excel courses for beginners?

  • What are some jobs that use Excel?

    Excel training can open doors to many job opportunities. Some of the most significant job roles that are also highly paid require professionals to have Excel skills; therefore, excel training is essential and beneficial. The best career scopes that come along with an excel courses online  are the following job roles:

    • Data Analyst

    • Business Analyst

    • Project Manager

    • Data Entry Clerk

    • Financial Analyst

    • Retail Manager

    • Administrative Assistant

    • Quality Analyst

    • Operations Manager

  • What is VLOOKUP?

    VLOOKUP is a popular and very useful tool attached to Excel that is used in creating a lookup table or a table array. VLOOKUP makes it easier to locate important data or information in a table. It saves up a lot of time having to scroll down the whole sheet and instead can quickly locate the row or the table.

     VLOOKUP is one of those tools that makes Microsoft Excel an efficient data analysis and organizing platform. Through this tool’s feature, users learn how to quickly locate on the sheet the data they are looking for. VLOOKUP is an excellent tool to save time finding things amidst lengthy sheets.

  • Should I learn SQL or Excel?

    SQL is a popular coding language particularly used in Data Science, but when it comes to Excel, it comes to use in every domain. Almost every field, every place, and every position are in some way or the other dependent on Microsoft Excel. Whether for calculating monthly expenses in a business or a Data Scientist working with analyzed data, an Excel sheet is used widely. Therefore, it is more profitable to learn Excel than SQL.

  • How can I learn Excel quickly?

    Excel for beginners is the easiest to learn. The basics of Excel are easy to cover in an hour, but you have to invest more time to use it like a professional. The easiest way to learn Excel quickly is by enrolling in a course specially designed for beginners without prior knowledge. An Excel course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the platform, and also, you will explore all the vital tools and functions. 

    Students who want to learn Excel quickly to begin a career can benefit from online courses. Students can also attend Excel courses for free from reliable platforms like Simplilearn and then proceed with advanced-level certifications. A certificate in Excel can help with finding the best career opportunities.

  • What are Excel courses?

    Excel courses are specialized training programs that teach individuals how to effectively use Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet software widely used for data analysis, financial modeling, and more. These courses may cover various topics, such as basic and advanced Excel functions, data visualization, pivot tables, macros, data analysis techniques, and more.

  • What are the best programs with excel skills?

    Simplilearn offers a variety of programs with Excel skills, including these courses cover different levels of Excel skills proficiency and various topics such as data analysis, automation, and advanced functions.

  • Why should I take an Excel course?

    An Excel course can enhance your skills and knowledge in using this powerful tool, which is highly valued in many industries. It can help you become more proficient in data manipulation, analysis, and reporting and boost your work productivity. Excel courses are ideal for individuals seeking to improve their job prospects, entrepreneurs managing their businesses, or anyone interested in data-driven decision-making.

  • Are there different levels of Excel courses?

    Yes, Excel courses are typically offered at different levels to cater to different skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Basic Excel courses cover fundamental functions and operations, while advanced courses delve into complex features such as data modeling, automation, and advanced formulas. Some courses may also be specialized, focusing on specific aspects of Excel, such as data visualization or financial modeling.

  • Where can I take Excel courses?

    You can enroll in industry-recognized Excel training courses on the course links provided on this page. Simplilearn offers basic and advanced-level Excel certification courses suitable for beginners and experienced professionals.

  • Can I get an Excel certification after completing an Excel course?

    Yes, many Excel courses offer certification options upon completion. These certifications validate your skills and knowledge in Excel and can enhance your credibility in the job market. Some popular Excel certifications include Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Certified: Excel Associate. Obtaining an Excel certification can be a valuable addition to your resume and boost your career prospects.

  • What are the benefits of taking Excel courses online at Simplilearn?

    Taking Excel courses online at Simplilearn provides the flexibility to learn at your own pace, access to expert instructors, practical hands-on projects, and real-world scenarios. You can learn from anywhere, at any time, and get lifetime access to course materials. Simplilearn's Excel courses also come with industry-recognized certifications to boost your career prospects.

  • Are the Excel courses at suitable for beginners?

    Yes, Simplilearn offers Excel courses suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Thesecourses cater to different skill levels, starting from basic Excel functions and operations to advanced features such as data modeling, automation, data visualization, and more. The courses are designed to be comprehensive and provide step-by-step guidance for learners at all levels.

  • How can I enroll in Excel courses at Simplilearn?

    To enroll in Excel courses at Simplilearn, browse through the courses given on this page, select the desired course, and click on the "Enroll Now" button. You can choose from different course options, such as self-paced learning or instructor-led training, and complete the online enrollment.

  • Can I get a certification after completing Excel courses at Simplilearn?

    Yes, Simplilearn offers industry-recognized certifications upon successful completion of their Excel courses. These certifications validate your skills and knowledge in Excel and can enhance your resume and career prospects. Simplilearn's Excel courses are aligned with Microsoft certifications, making them highly valuable in the job market.

  • What are the best advanced Microsoft Excel courses?

    ‎Advanced Microsoft Excel courses are specially designed for professionals who wish to upgrade their skills and have a comprehensive knowledge of how to use Excel as an analytics tool. The advanced excel certificate course that learners can choose from are:

  • Is Simplilearn offering Excel skills in its certifications?

    When it comes to Excel skills, Simplilearn offers a variety of free and paid courses. There are separate excel courses for beginners and advanced-level learners who want to become experts. From basic knowledge of Excel to advanced level and practical use in real-world projects, Simplilearn courses prepare learners in the best way.

  • What skills or experience do I need to already have before starting to learn Microsoft Excel?

    The best part about learning Excel is that students do not require prior knowledge to attend a course. Most excel training courses  are designed for beginners and provide a brief introduction to the software platform and its multiple uses. Excel is undoubtedly the easiest to learn, and by earning a beginner or advanced-level certificate, a learner can prove that they are proficient in using this multipurpose platform. School students, college goers, working professionals, and anyone can attend an Excel course without prior knowledge or skills.

  • What are common career paths for someone in Microsoft Excel?

    Someone who is proficient in Microsoft Excel can open doors to various career opportunities. Their Excel skills can become the core skills necessary for particular job roles. The best career paths for someone who has in-depth knowledge of Excel are:

    • Data Analytics/ Data Analysts/ Data Analysis 

    • Data Scientists

    • Business Analytics/ Business Analysts

    • Financial Analytics/ Financial Analyst

    • Market Research Analysts

    • Auditor Or Accountant

    • HR Analyst

    • Project Manager

    • Data Entry Experts

  • What types of places hire people with a background in Microsoft Excel?

    Microsoft Excel is an important and demanded skill in today’s job market. And for this, job aspirants with Excel skills are often given preference over inexperienced candidates. Learning Excel is very beneficial because it expands the career scope. The types of places that hire people with a background in Microsoft Excel are:

    • Administration Offices

    • Retail Management

    • Marketing Research

    • Data Analysis

    • Financial Analysis 

    • Data Entry

    • Project Management

    • Accountancy And Back Office

  • What are some alternatives to Microsoft Excel?

    Some readily-available alternatives to Microsoft Excel that you must be aware of are:

    • Google Spreadsheet

    • Zoho Sheet

    • Apache OpenOffice

    • PDF Tables

    • Apple Numbers

    • Quip

    • LibreOffice

    • ClickUp

    • Gnumeric

  • What certifications are offered for Excel?

    Usually, three types of Microsoft Excel certifications are designed for professionals who want to develop strong Excel skills. The three types of certifications are:

    • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate Certification

    • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Master Certification

    • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Expert Certification

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