DevOps from Concepts to Practical Applications

By Matthew DavidLast updated on Jun 23, 20231742
  • Evolution of different delivery models and core tools
  • Automation and scripting, and future of DevOps
  • How Cloud Service providers are going “all in” to support DevOps delivery

About the eBook

The future of DevOps is usually discussed in the context of containerisation. A lot of developers, consultants, and users have started to question how easy or hard it is to adopt containerisation at scale. With a containerisation system, it is easy to provision many different services as well as take advantage of the existing complexity in a way that was not possible with before containers. There are other ways to mitigate deployment complexity and thus lead to better reliability and a broader scale.

Expect DevOps tools to become easier to use and thereby see faster adoption. The general mindset for many companies has moved to delivering on a digital strategy. DevOps is central to digital solution delivery.

Over the next few years expect one additional pillar of technology to be added to DevOps: Security. The term “DevSecOps” is rapidly gaining traction where security can be managed, scaled, and scripted in the same way development and operations currently are. The end result for DevSecOps is the rapid delivery of fast innovation, scalable solutions and products the customer can trust are secure.

Software delivery is more relevant in a digital-first world than it has ever been. Customers require solutions that are developed quickly, evolve to changing demands, run reliably, and, above all, are secure. This set of requirements firmly supports the modern DevOps delivery model. In this ebook, you will explore the following:

  • The evolution of different delivery models
  • The core tools required to build out a foundation DevOps team
  • The need to rely on automation and scripting
  • How Cloud Service providers are going “all in” to support DevOps delivery
  • A closer review of the specific DevOps tools that AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are delivering to support DevOps
  • The future of DevOps

And by the time you reach the end of this DevOps tools pdf ebook, you will have the knowledge needed to build a DevOps team and start working on your first project.

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Matt is a Digital Leader at Accenture. His passion is a combination of solving today's problems to run more efficiently, adjusting focus to take advantage of digital tools to improve tomorrow and move organizations to new ways of working that impact the future.

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