“Great teamwork always leads to success and winnings.” DevOps (Development and Operations of software) is a methodology where many technologies, concepts, and practices related to software work together. It is an advanced concept changing how software is developed for organizations and technological domains. It promotes teamwork with great communication and collaboration among members of different streams related to software development. 

DevOps is becoming crucial in every aspect of the advanced technological world, enabling faster development of new products (applications) and easier maintenance of existing deployments. DevOps is important due to its speed and agility, improved collaboration, increased efficiency, enhanced quality and reliability, scalability, security, etc. 

With increasing popularity, there is a high demand for DevOps professionals who play a vital role in web development processes. They possess a set of skills in IT operations and software development and advanced skills related to the entire software development lifecycle. DevOps professionals work as the bridge between development and operation teams and members.

In the evolving field of web and software development, there are many kinds of DevOps professionals who provide their services as DevOps Engineers, Automation Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Release managers, site reliability Engineers, Security Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Configuration Managers, Monitoring and Performance Engineers and Build Engineers. These professionals are proficient in many skills, like scripting and programming, CI/CD tools, version control, cloud services, and containerization. Therefore, they possess higher posts and higher salaries in any organization. 

This article will discuss the average and median Salaries of DevOps professionals in the UK.

Average DevOps Salary in the UK

According to DevItjobs, DevOps professionals in the UK usually earn almost 60000 GBP annually, and their salaries fall between 38,500 GBP and 92,500 GBP per year. However, the salaries of DevOps professionals depend on their qualifications, working experience, and location in the UK.

DevOps professionals are also categorized into junior, Regular, and Senior levels. At the junior level, DevOps professionals can earn around 47500 GBP; at the regular level, around 80000 GBP; and at the senior level, around 92500 GBP per year in the UK. 

Here, the average salary is calculated as the sum of all salaries divided by the number of working DevOps professionals. On the other hand, the median salary is the one that a specific DevOps professional earns. Typically, 50% of professionals earn more than 60000 GBP, and the remaining 50% less than this.

As mentioned, the average salary for a DevOps professional is around 38300 GBP. Still, if anyone earns less than this, it's time to ask for a raise or increment or switch to another DevOps job role. 

According to “Glassdoor” DevOps professionals can earn an average salary of  £58,082 annually in London. The average additional compensation for a DevOps professional in London, United Kingdom, is £4,441, ranging from £2,374 - £8,307. Some of the DevOps professionals who can earn higher average salary per year are Linux administrators (£46,294), Site Reliability Engineer (£68,734), Linux System Administrators ( £42,105), and Release Engineer (£41,900) in the UK. 

DevOps Salary in the UK: Based on Experience

Web development is dynamic and evolving, and several types of professionals work together. In this field, many are beginning their DevOps careers as freshers, doing their jobs with some experience, and many professionals have skills, expertise, and a lot of experience. They are categorized as Entry-level, Mid-level, and Experienced-level DevOps professionals. 

Let's examine the salary aspects of DevOps professionals at each level based on their experience and specific skills. 

Entry-Level DevOps Salary in the UK

Entry-level DevOps job roles are those jobs where professionals have just started their careers as freshers. From 0 to 2 years of working in this domain falls in entry-level job roles. The average DevOps salary in the UK is around £30,000 per year​ (PayScale)​​​.

Mid-Level DevOps Salary in the UK

DevOps professionals with few years of experience in this domain fall in the Mid-level zone. These professionals have 5 to 10 years of experience and earn around £42,000 annually​ (PayScale)​.

Experienced DevOps Salary in the UK

DevOps professionals with over 10 years of experience in this domain reach higher positions and fall into the inexperienced or senior-level category. They can earn an average salary of almost £55,500 per year, with total compensation, including bonuses, potentially reaching up to £65,599​ (PayScale)​. 

DevOps Salary in the UK: Based on Location

Besides skills, qualifications, expertise, and experience level, geographical location also plays a vital role in salary prospects for DevOps professionals. For example, DevOps professionals in London can earn higher salaries than in other cities like Liverpool, Glasgow, etc. Let us check how much a DevOps professional can earn according to their location inside the UK. 


According to Glassdoor, the average DevOps salary in London, UK, is £58,070 per year. These professionals also get cash compensation of £4,439, ranging from £2,377 to £8,290. In London, A DevOps professional can earn an average of £58,070 per year, and a senior DevOps professional can earn £81,611 per year. In contrast, £94,098 per year can be earned by a Lead DevOps professional as an average base.


According to DevITjobs, the average salary for a DevOps professional in Manchester, UK, is between 41500 GBP and 77000 GBP per year.


In Liverpool UK, a DevOps professional can earn an average salary of $47657 annually (Source: Glassdoor).


In Leeds, UK, salary opportunities for DevOps professionals are higher than in other cities. On average, they earn around £75,617 per year and around £6,301 monthly (Source: Jooble).


The average salary of DevOps professionals in Glasgow, Scotland, is $42180 per year. On the lowest average, they can earn £40,000; on the highest average, they can earn around £65,312 per year (Source: Glassdoor).


In Cambridge, UK, DevOps professionals can earn £62,500 per year on average (Source: CW Jobs).


The average salary of DevOps professionals in Preston, UK, is around $46510 per year (Glassdoor).


In Nottingham, UK, the average salary of a DevOps professional is £62,500. At the lowest average, they can earn up to £52,500; at the highest, they can earn around £67,500 per year (Source: Totaljobs).


The salary of DevOps professionals in the UK relies on many factors, such as qualification, experience, skill/expertise, and geographical location. So, if a professional wants to earn more, they must focus on every aspect and choose the organization accordingly to explore the domain's real potential. They can earn competitive salaries that showcase their expertise and reflect their crucial role in enhancing software delivery and infrastructure management.

According to the current business environment, this dynamic field has significant growth potential. Professionals aspiring to flourish in DevOps can take a comprehensive DevOps Engineer course to strengthen their DevOps knowledge and develop DevOps skills that will prepare them for the competitive market. Enroll in a course of your choice today and reap the various career benefits associated with it.

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