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This Digital Marketing test is a free practice test that aims to help you excel in the Digital Marketing certification exam. Containing 19 Digital Marketing MCQ questions, this free test gives you a feel of what you might come across in the certification exam since all its questions resemble the digital marketing questions that you get in the certification exam. The marketing test enables you to assess your knowledge of Digital Marketing and its nuances. So, what are you waiting for? Test your skills with this Digital Marketing mock test today!

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  • Instructions:

  • FREE test and can be attempted multiple times.
  • 45 Minutes
  • 19 Multiple Choice Questions
  • You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later.
1. The 4Ps of marketing as defined by Philip Kottler are:
2. Which one of these statements is correct?
3. What are the key considerations for people in sales while they use social media for selling (Social Selling)?
4. Which one of the following statements is true?
5. How would you describe what multi-channel attribution does?
6. Why did Internet Service providers clamp down on personal emails being used for mailing purposes?
7. What makes the mobile phone the ultimate brand engagement platform?
8. Location is a unique feature of Mobile Marketing because ____________.
9. What are the two types of targeting that can be done with PPC advertising?
10. What do we mean by: "It's important to maintain the scent in your PPC"?
11. What is an ad group?
12. To maintain information scent in your PPC campaign you need to:
13. What are the three core elements of analytics?
14. Which of these is NOT a building block for Google Analytics?
15. What does RTB stand for in Programmatic buying?
16. What is the purpose of inline analysis?
17. What was the purpose of the Twitter algorithm that was introduced in 2016?
18. Why is Twitter a popular way for customers to communicate with or complain about a business?
19. Which of these is the most important consideration when doing trend analysis?


  • What is a Digital Marketing practice test?

    The Digital Marketing free practice test, in simple words, is a mock version of the actual Digital Marketing certification exam. There are 19 digital marketing MCQs included in the test and help you validate your knowledge in the digital marketing domain. The test aims to check whether you are well prepared in digital marketing and its important aspects. 

  • Who can take up this Digital Marketing mock test?

    This digital marketing practice exam is perfect for professionals willing to become a successful digital marketer by passing the Digital Marketing certification exam.

  • What will I learn from this Digital Marketing practice test?

    The digital marketing mock test helps you verify your understanding of the digital marketing concepts and all of its important aspects. The test indicates whether you have a firm grasp of the latest trends in the field of digital marketing. With over 19 digital marketing questions, you can know your areas of strength and those which need better focus.

  • What are the requirements to take the Digital Marketing simulators?

    You can take the digital marketing test online without any prior conditions.

  • Will the Digital Marketing Practice Test be updated frequently?

    Yes, this digital marketing test is updated periodically to include the latest information necessary to excel in the actual certification exam.

  • Will the Digital Marketing trial exam help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes, the Digital marketing sample questions gives a clear demonstration of what the aspirants will face in the actual digital marketing certification exam. While we do not guarantee success in the exam, you can face the toughest of the questions with much ease. 

  • What is included in this Digital Marketing mock test?

    The Digital Marketing mock exam consists of 19 digital marketing questions of multiple choice type. While the test duration is 45 minutes, you can even pause the test, if necessary, and resume it later.

  • Can I retake the Digital Marketing simulator?

    Yes, the Digital Marketing sample questions can be taken multiple times. We, however, recommend you to take the test after your preparation is completed. It will allow you to analyze your performance better.

  • Are these the same Digital Marketing questions I'll see on the real exam?

    Yes, the digital marketing sample questions asked in the practice test are similar to those asked in the actual certification exam.

  • I didn’t do well on this Digital Marketing mock exam. What should I do now?

    The Digital Marketing mock test can be taken multiple times. If your performance is not up to the mark, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the digital marketing concepts with Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Program. The course will help you prepare better for the actual exam.

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