Course description

  • What is this course about?

    Through this course, you will gain a high-level understanding of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing, enabling you to take informed decisions and strategize your online marketing efforts. This course is suitable for all business roles from fresh recruits to function heads and business owners and is the stepping stone to begin your digital marketing learning journey.

  • What are the course objectives?

    This course will enable participants to :
    • Understand the digital media, its power and potential
    • Discover and internalize online marketing  jargons
    • Basic understanding of SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing
    • Gain the context to take business decisions involving the digital media and online marketing
    • Get ready to deep dive into advanced online marketing topics

  • Who should do this course?

    This course is ideal for:
    • Fresh graduates
    • Business owners
    • Web Designers
    • Web Marketers
    • Professionals in their early career
    • Marketing Professionals

  • What is prerequisite for this course?

    Individuals are expected to have a fair idea on popular search engines and working knowledge of the MS Office suite which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Course preview

    • Introduction to SEO 14:56
      • 1 Part 1 - Introduction to SEO08:33
      • 2 Part 2 - A Model of Search Engines06:23
    • Introduction to Social Media 43:43
      • 1 Part 01 - Understanding Social Media Strategy24:03
      • 2 Part 02 - Building a Social Media Strategy19:40
    • Introduction to Content Marketing 18:28
      • 1 Introduction to Content Marketing18:28
    • Introduction to Email Marketing 14:36
      • 1 Part 1 - Introduction to Email04:54
      • 2 Part 2 - Basic Terminology09:42
    • Introduction to Mobile Marketing 15:17
      • 1 Introduction to Mobile Marketing15:17
    • Introduction to PPC 27:21
      • 1 Part 1 - Introduction to PPC13:36
      • 2 Part 2 - Psychology of Search13:45
    • Introduction to Conversion Optimization 15:19
      • 1 Introduction to Conversion Optimization15:19
    • Introduction to Digital Analytics 18:13
      • 1 Introduction to Digital Analytics18:13
    • Introduction to Marketing Automation 10:33
      • 1 Introduction to Marketing Automation10:33
    • Introduction to Programmatic Buying 07:59
      • 1 Introduction to Programmatic Buying07:59
    • Digital Marketing Strategy 2:04:56
      • 1 Digital Marketing Strategy2:04:56
    • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Test
      • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Test
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    • What is digital marketing all about?

      Digital marketing or online marketing uses the internet and email for advertising and marketing purposes. Obtaining leads and sales conversions are the prime focal areas of this field.

    • Is the training up to date and relevant?

      Simplilearn strives to provide the latest, best-quality content that’s up to date with current industry standards. Our experienced and certified trainers are subject matter experts who constantly research the latest trends and infuse them into our training programs. Every change happening in the market is immediately considered and our training content is regularly upgraded and updated to reflect current market trends.

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