DevOps on AWS Skills you will learn

  • Understanding DevOps culture practices and tools
  • What is continuous integration and continuous delivery CICD
  • Different stages in CICD
  • Monitoring and logging
  • AWS DevOps services such as codepipeline codebuild codedeploy and cloudformation

Who should learn this Free DevOps on AWS Course?

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Developers
  • Solutions Architects
  • IT Operations Engineers

What you will learn in this Free DevOps on AWS Course?

  • Fundamentals of DevOps On AWS

    • Fundamentals of DevOps on AWS

      • Fundamentals of DevOps on AWS

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Why you should learn DevOps on AWS

$25.5 Billion

Expected size of global DevOps market by 2028.

$108K+ (USA) | INR 7 LPA

The average salary of a DevOps engineer annually

Career Opportunities

About course

The Fundamentals of DevOps powered by AWS is a beginner-level course that covers the basics of DevOps in the AWS runtime environment. It introduces learners to different phases of software development, including the traditional approach, the DevOps approach, the need for DevOps in software development and the benefits of adopting DevOps, etc.

This course covers the fundamental concepts of DevOps, including video demonstrations that guide you through tools and practices to overcome the challenges faced in the traditional s

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  • What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a set of practices that combines Software development and IT operations that shortens the software development life cycle to provide continuous delivery with high software quality

  • What is the need for DevOps?

    DevOps helps to overcome the challenges incurred in the traditional software development cycle by breaking down the silos between development and operations teams that automates and streamlines the software development process for a quick, reliable and Error free software delivery.

  • Is there a cost associated with the AWS DevOps course?

    No. There are no costs associated with this AWS DevOps course.

  • What are the prerequisites to learn the AWS DevOps Fundamentals course?

    There are no prerequisites to learn this AWS DevOps Basics course.

  • What is the Amazon DevOps course duration?

    The total duration for this AWS DevOps basics course is 1 hour.

  • When can I expect to receive my certificate?

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with the course completion certificate powered by AWS from SkillUp. This certificate will be delivered to you via email within 6 hours of course completion.

  • What is the duration of my access to the course?

    You will have 90 days of access to this free course.

  • How difficult is the AWS DevOps course?

    The mentors, industry professionals with extensive expertise in the sector, prepared the videos you may discover as an integral component of this AWS DevOps basics course. They are mindful of the demands of various learners and have developed the course to be simple to learn.

  • What are the basics covered in this AWS DevOps course?

    The following fundamental concepts are addressed throughout the course: 

    • Application Development Lifecycle

    • What is DevOps

    • DevOps Tools and Practices

    • Benefits of Adopting DevOps in Software Development

  • How to Become an AWS DevOps Engineer with Amazon DevOps Course?

    Here are some steps on how to build a career as an AWS DevOps engineer

    1. Learn the fundamentals of software development and DevOps

    2. Get hands-on experience with cloud computing and application development platforms

    3. Upskill and get certified in DevOps

    4. Build a portfolio of your projects

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