AWS Global Accelerator Skills you will learn

  • AWS Global Accelerator Overview
  • Set up and Configure AWS Global Accelerator
  • Creating an Accelerator
  • Adding endpoints
  • Integrating with other AWS services

Who should learn this free AWS Global Accelerator course?

  • Cloud Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Professional

What you will learn in this free AWS Global Accelerator course?

  • Introduction to AWS Global Accelerator

    • Introduction to AWS Global Accelerator

      • Introduction to AWS Global Accelerator

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Why you should learn AWS Global Accelerator?

$1025.7 Billion

Expected size of Global Cloud computing Market by 2028.

$125K+ (USA) | INR 8.8 LPA

Average salary of a Cloud Engineer annually.

Career Opportunities

  • Average Salary

    $83,063 - $187,627 Per Annum

    Hiring Companies
    Tech Mahindra
About the Course

In this AWS-powered course, you'll get to grips with AWS Global Accelerator, learning what it is and how it works. You'll discover how to manage networks effectively within the Global Accelerator environment, picking up techniques to fine-tune and improve global network traffic. Plus, you'll uncover the advantages of using Global Accelerator, like faster performance and increased reliability. By the end, you'll be equipped to harness the full potential of this tool in your infrastructure projects.

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  • What is the Global Accelerator in AWS?

    AWS Global Accelerator is like a high-speed express lane on the internet, designed to make your applications run faster and more reliably for users around the world. It achieves this by optimizing the path your users' requests take through the global AWS network, ensuring they reach your application endpoints quickly and securely.

  • What are the use cases of Global Accelerator?

    Global Accelerator AWS acts as a sort of traffic director for your applications, providing them with two fixed entry points called static public IPs. This setup is perfect for scenarios where you need to ensure global availability and minimize latency for your users, whether you're running web applications, APIs, or other services.

  • What is the difference between Global Accelerator and CloudFront?

    While both services aim to improve user experience, they do so in different ways. Global Accelerator AWS focuses on optimizing the flow of traffic to your application endpoints over the AWS network, making it ideal for applications that require low latency and high availability globally. CloudFront, on the other hand, caches and delivers content at edge locations closer to users, primarily benefiting content-heavy web applications.

  • What are the key takeaways of this free AWS Global Accelerator Course?

    By taking this AWS Global Accelerator free course, you'll gain a solid understanding of how AWS Global Accelerator works and how to leverage its features to enhance the performance and availability of your applications. You'll learn practical strategies for managing network traffic effectively and ensuring a smooth user experience for your global audience.

  • Is this completely a Free course?

    This Global Accelerator course is completely free of charge, allowing you to access valuable learning materials and resources without any cost involved.

  • Who should take an AWS Global Accelerator course?

    This course is tailored for developers, network engineers, system architects, and IT professionals who want to optimize their applications' performance and availability on a global scale using AWS Global Accelerator.

  • Is the course content updated regularly?

    Absolutely! The curriculum is continuously evaluated and refreshed to align with the most recent advancements and established practices in AWS Global Accelerator.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with the course completion certificate powered by AWS from SkillUp. This certificate will be delivered to you via email within 6 hours of course completion.

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