AWS STS Skills you will learn

  • AWS STS Overview
  • AWS STS working
  • Identity Federation
  • CrossAccount Access
  • Creating and Configuring Temporary Security Credential

Who should learn this free AWS STS course?

  • Security Architect
  • IAM Specialist
  • Cloud Operations Engineer
  • AWS Solutions Architect

What you will learn in this AWS STS free course?

  • Introduction to AWS Security Token Services (STS)

    • Introduction to AWS Security Token Services (STS)

      • Introduction to AWS Security Token Services (STS)

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Why you should learn AWS STS?

Amazon Web Services

(AWS) is the largest cloud service provider globally.

$80K+ (USA) | INR 8 LPA

Average salary of a Security engineer annually.

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About the Course

Our AWS Security Token Service (STS) course is customized to provide a comprehensive understanding of AWS STS, an important component in the AWS security sphere. Whether you're a beginner or an adept AWS user, this course caters to individuals seeking a detailed exploration of STS functionalities.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to AWS STS: Understand the basics of Security Toke

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  • What is AWS (STS)?

    AWS Security Token Service (STS) is a web service by Amazon Web Services that provides temporary, limited-privilege credentials for users and services. These credentials are dynamically generated, enhancing security by minimizing the use of long-term access keys.

  • How does AWS STS work?

    AWS STS works by issuing temporary credentials based on IAM roles and policies. Users or services request these credentials, and STS validates and provides them if authorized. Temporary credentials expire after a defined duration, reducing security risks associated with prolonged access.

  • How long can I access the course content?

    You will have the privilege of accessing the course content for a generous period of 90 days. Take advantage of this timeframe to maximize your learning experience and absorb the valuable insights offered by the course.

  • What is the difference between AWS IAM and STS?

    AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) manages long-term access by controlling users, groups, and permissions. In contrast, AWS STS issues temporary credentials for short-term access, often used in scenarios like cross-account access or federated identity.

  • Can I obtain a certificate of completion for this free course?

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with the course completion certificate powered by AWS from SkillUp. This certificate will be delivered to you via email within 6 hours of course completion.

  • What can I expect to learn in this course?

    This course covers fundamental AWS STS concepts, authentication, authorization, role-based access control, cross-account access, and best practices for secure implementation. Practical skills, real-world scenarios, and insights into security considerations are emphasized.

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