Data Visualisation Skills you will learn

  • Data visualization principles
  • Communicating datadriven findings
  • Using ggplot2 to create customized plots

Who should learn this free Data Visualisation course?

  • Data professionals
  • Product managers
  • Designers
  • Agile and Scrum professionals
  • Program managers

What you will learn in this free Data Visualisation course?

  • Introduction to Data Visualization

    • Introduction

      • Introduction
    • Lesson 01: Data Visualization using Tableau part 1

      • Data Visualization using Tableau part 1
    • Lesson 02: Data Visualization using Tableau part 2

      • Data Visualization using Tableau part 2
    • Lesson 03: Tableau Dashboard

      • Tableau Dashboard
    • Lesson 04: What is Power BI?

      • What is Power BI
    • Lesson 05: Power BI Dashboard

      • Power BI Dashboard
    • Lesson 06: Excel Dashboard

      • Excel Dashboard
    • Lesson 07: GGPlot2 Tutorial

      • GGPlot2 Tutorial
    • Lesson 08: Matplotlib Tutorial

      • Matplotlib Tutorial

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Free Data Visualization Training Course Online

Why you should learn Data Visualisation?

$5.17 billion by 2026

The projected growth of the global data visualization market 

$76,638 per year

The average salary for a data visualization professional

Course Overview

This free data visualization course provides the key concepts and tools of data visualization.  As data-driven decision-making becomes more prevalent across industries, the need for skilled data visualization professionals continues to increase rapidly. Through a series of video lessons and hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to:

  • Apply data visualization principles to create meaningful representations of data

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  • What is data visualization, and why is it important in today's data-driven world?

    Data visualization involves creating graphical representations of data and information. It makes large, complex datasets easier to comprehend and digest. As more industries rely on big data analytics, data visualization is essential for deriving and communicating data-driven insights.

  • What software or tools are commonly used in data visualization courses?

    This course covers popular tools like Tableau, Power BI, Excel, and ggplot2 in R. Other common data visualization tools include D3.js, Python's Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries, and web-based tools like Plotly and Datawrapper.

  • What are the prerequisites to learn this free data visualization course?

    No prior experience with data visualization or programming is required. However, having some knowledge of statistics and spreadsheet software can be helpful.

  • What is the duration of my access to the course?

    You get 90 days of unlimited access to the course materials.

  • Can I take data visualization courses online, and are they as effective as in-person classes?

    Yes, online courses are very effective for learning in-demand skills like data visualization. The online format offers flexibility and accessibility.

  • How difficult is the free data visualization course?

    As an introductory primer, this course is aimed at beginners. There is no need for extensive knowledge of mathematics or programming.

  • Is there a cost associated with this free data visualization course?

    No, the course is 100% free, thanks to SkillUp. There are no hidden fees.

  • When can I expect to receive my Data visualization certificate?

    You can download your certificate as soon as you finish all the course modules.

  • Is data visualization primarily used in business, or are there other industries where it's valuable?

    While very common in business intelligence, data visualization is also extremely useful in healthcare, science, social sciences, journalism, engineering, and more.

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