Excel Formula Skills you will learn

  • Data analysis
  • Project management
  • Problemsolving Techniques
  • Data visualization

Who should learn this free Excel Formula course?

  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Financial Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts

What you will learn in this free Excel Formula course?

  • Data Analyst 101: Excel Formulas & Functions

    • Introduction

      • Introduction
    • Lesson 1 : Introduction to MS Excel

      • Introduction to MS Excel
    • Lesson 2 : Mathematical Functions

      • Mathematical Functions
    • Lesson 3 : Char Text Functions

      • Char Text Functions
    • Lesson 4 : Advanced Functions

      • Advanced Functions
    • Lesson 5 : Sumif and Countif Functions

      • Sumif and Countif Functions
    • Lesson 6 : Date and Time Function

      • Date and Time Function
    • Lesson 7 : Financial Functions

      • Financial Functions

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Why you should learn Excel Formula?

81% of global businesses

use MS Excel in all departments

Over 750+ million users

MS Excel is the tool of choice for data analysis globally

Career Opportunities

  • Average Salary

    $45,612 - $109,534 Per Annum

    Hiring Companies
About the Course

In this free Excel formula course, you will explore the fundamentals of Excel formulas, covering the basics of Excel, formulas, and functions. You will learn a range of Excel functions, including mathematical and text, and gain hands-on experience working with advanced, financial, and character-text functions. 

Additionally, you will engage in practical exercises throughout the course to reinforce your learning and develop proficiency in using Excel for data analysis and manipulation. By the end of the&n

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  • What is an Excel Formula Course?

    This Excel formula course is a comprehensive learning program designed to teach participants how to use formulas effectively in Microsoft Excel. It covers various formulas essential for data analysis, manipulation, and calculation within Excel spreadsheets.

  • What basic formulas should I expect to learn in this course?

    In this Excel formula course, you will learn fundamental formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, IF, VLOOKUP, and more. These are essential formulas for performing basic data analysis, summarization, and conditional calculations in Excel.

  • What kind of jobs can I apply for after completing an Excel Formula Course?

    After completing this free Excel formula course, you'll be equipped with the skills needed for various roles requiring strong Excel proficiency. You can apply for positions such as data analyst, financial analyst, administrative assistant, project manager, and more, where Excel skills are highly valued.

  • Do I need to have Excel installed to take this course?

    Yes, to fully engage with the Excel formula course material and practice applying the formulas taught, it's necessary to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

  • What are the most useful Excel formulas for analyzing data?

    Some of the most useful Excel formulas for data analysis include SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, SUMIF, COUNTIF, and PivotTables. These formulas allow you to analyze and summarize data efficiently, making them indispensable for data-driven decision-making.

  • Will the course cover how to troubleshoot common formula errors?

    The Excel formula course includes guidance on identifying and troubleshooting common formula errors you may encounter while working with Excel. You'll learn valuable techniques for diagnosing and fixing formula-related issues.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

    Upon successful completion of the Excel Formula Course, you will receive a SkillUp-verified certificate. This certificate confirms your proficiency in Excel formulas, which can enhance your resume and professional profile.

  • What are the top tips for mastering Excel formulas quickly?

    Some tips for mastering Excel formulas quickly include practicing regularly, breaking down complex formulas into smaller components, leveraging Excel's built-in help features and documentation, and seeking additional resources or tutorials for further guidance.

  • Can I access the course materials after completion for revision?

    Yes, you will have access to the free Excel formula course material for 90 days after completing the course. This allows you to revisit the content, review key concepts, and reinforce your understanding of Excel formulas as needed.

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