Excel Macros & VBA Skills you will learn

  • Excel Macros Formulas
  • Excel VBA Set Up
  • VBA Editor Interface

Who should learn Excel Macros & VBA?

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist

What you will learn in this Excel Macros Free Course?

  • Business Analytics: Excel Macros & VBA for Beginners

    • Introduction

      • 0.0 Introduction
    • Lesson 1 - Excel Macro Demo

      • 1.01 Excel Macro Demo
    • Lesson 2 - What is VBA

      • 2.01 What is VBA
    • Lesson 3 - VBA Editor Interface

      • 3.01 VBA Editor Interface
    • Lesson 4 - VBA and Macros Demo

      • 4.01 VBA and Macros Demo

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Why you should learn Excel Macros & VBA?

US$33.77 billion in 2023

The Business Intelligence Market size

$93067 a year

The average salary for a Business Analytic professional

About The Course

This free VBA Excel course is specially tailored for beginners who want to improve their Excel skills. Additionally, this free VBA Excel training focuses on Macros and VBA implementation in Excel, providing foundational knowledge for those new to this domain. Participants will learn the basics of Excel Macros and practical insights into setting up and using VBA.

By the end of the Excel macros training, beginners will have a solid gra

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  • What are Excel Macros?

    Excel macros are essentially sets of instructions that you can record, name, and save within the program. These instructions enable the manipulation of data, automation of tasks, and standardization of documents in Excel. By using macros, you can significantly save time and effort in performing repetitive actions.

  • What is VBA in Excel?

    VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is a creation of Microsoft. It's inte­grated into key Microsoft Office re­views like Word, Excel, and Acce­ss. VBA gives people the power to automate and individualize tasks. It provides a powerful toolset for creating efficient and tailored solutions within Excel and other Office programs.

  • Can I automate any task with a Macro in Excel?

    Yes, macros in Excel are versatile and can be applied to automate a wide range of tasks. From simple actions like entering company details into a spreadsheet to more complex processes such as generating custom reports, macros offer a flexible and efficient way to streamline various sequences of tasks.

  • What can I expect to learn in this course?

    This free VBA Excel training for beginners covers the e­ssentials of Excel Macros and VBA use. You'll learn helpful tips on operating these­ functions and applications, setting you up to effectively handle and examine data in Exce­l.

  • Is it necessary to know programming to use Excel Macros?

    Actually, it is optional to have extensive programming knowledge to benefit from Excel Macros. This free VBA Excel course is suitable for beginners and requires only a basic understanding.

  • How long can I access the course content?

    You will have access to the Excel macros training content for 90 days. This allows ample time to progress through the self-paced video lessons and reinforce your understanding of Excel Macros and VBA.

  • Can I obtain a certificate of completion for this free course?

    You will be awarded a completion certificate upon completing the free VBA Excel training. This certificate serves as recognition of your mastery of the basics of Excel Macros and VBA through this free training.

  • What is the course duration?

    The free VBA Excel course comprises 2 hours of self-paced video lessons. This duration allows you to learn quickly, ensuring a thorough understanding of the course material.

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