Data Mining Skills you will learn

  • Statistics in Data Mining
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Data Collection and Cleaning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Interpretation

Who should learn this free Data Mining course?

  • Data Science Enthusiasts
  • Beginners in R programming
  • Aspiring ML Professionals

What you will learn in this free Data Mining course?

  • Introduction to Data Mining Course

    • Lesson 1 - Introduction To Data Mining

      • 1.01 Data Mining Intro Session
      • 1.02 Data Mining Applications Phases Major Elements in Data Mining
      • 1.03 R Tool R Studio Installation
      • 1.04 Rapid Miner Installation Step by Step explanation
      • 1.05 R Commands and Accessing the Tool
    • Lesson 2 - Statistical Knowledge required for Data Mining

      • 2.1
      • 2.2
    • Lesson 3 - Data Mining Concepts

      • 3.01 Data Pre processing in the Data
      • 3.02 R Studio Prelim Demo and Functional
      • 3.03 Accessing the Datasets from R
      • 3.04 How to remove incomplete values from the dataset with R
      • 3.05 Plots with R
      • 3.06 Merging and Grouping with Rapid Miner
      • 3.07 Attribute Inclusion in the Dataset
      • 3.08 Setting Roles in the Dataset with the RapidMiner
      • 3.09 Handling Missing Values with Rapid Miner
      • 3.10 Normalize and Outlier Detection with the RapidMiner
      • 3.11 Modelling with Decision Tree with RapidMiner
      • 3.12 Clustering With RapidMiner
      • 3.13 K Means Clustering with Aggregation
      • 3.14 K Means Clustering with R
      • 3.15 Agglomerative clustering with RapidMiner
      • 3.16 Hierarchical clustering and Visualization Techniques with R
      • 3.17 Association Rule Mining
      • 3.18 Association Rule Mining Support and Confidence Calculation
      • 3.19 Apriori Algorithm
      • 3.20 Data Exploration with R
      • 3.21 CSV file with R

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Why you should learn Data Mining?

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About the Course

This 4-hour self-paced data mining free course will introduce you to the fundamentals of data mining. Through video lessons and hands-on examples, you will learn:

  • Key statistical concepts for data mining such as distributions, regression, classification, clustering, and association analysis.

  • Data preprocessing techniques like data cleaning, integration, transformation, and

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  • What do you mean by data mining?

    Data mining is the computational process of analyzing large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, relationships, insights, and new knowledge that can generate value for business. It derives useful insights from raw data using statistical and machine-learning approaches.

  • Why is data mining needed?

    In the digital age, data volumes are exploding from web, mobile, sensors, IoT devices, etc. Mining value from data has become critical for success. Data mining powers every function - marketing, risk, operations, finance, etc. It drives revenue, cuts costs, improves efficiency, manages risks better, and provides a competitive advantage.

  • Will I get a certificate after completing the free data mining course?

    You will receive a certificate after all video lessons and hands-on assessments. This certificate validates your data mining knowledge and can be added to your CV or shared on professional profiles.

  • What is the duration of my access to the course?

    You will have 90 days of access to the self-paced video lessons, hands-on exercises, and course materials. The content is available for you to consume at your own pace.

  • Is there a cost associated with this course?

    No, this introductory data mining course is completely free. There are no hidden costs or charges.

  • When can I expect to receive my data mining course certificate?

    Your downloadable certificate will be immediately available once you complete the final assessment and meet the course passing criteria. This can be downloaded and shared instantly.

  • How difficult is the course?

    This data mining free course is designed for beginners. No programming or statistics knowledge is required. Concepts are explained clearly with ample visualizations and examples. There is an option to take lifetime access to an expert community forum if you need help.

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