Typescript Skills you will learn

  • TypeScript Programming
  • Creating Mobile Application
  • Fundamentals of Typescript

Who should learn this free Typescript course?

  • JavaScript Developers
  • Angular and ReactJS Developers
  • Typescript Developers

What you will learn in this Typescript free course?

  • Typescript : The New JavaScript for Web Development

    • Introduction

      • 0.0 Introduction
    • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Typescript

      • 1.01 Introduction to Typescript
    • Lesson 2 - Setting Up Development Environment

      • 2.01 Setting Up Development Environment
    • Lesson 3 - Typescript Generics

      • 3.01 Typescript Generics
    • Lesson 4 - React Typescript

      • 4.01 React Typescript
    • Lesson 5 - Node.Js Typescript

      • 5.01 Node Js Typescript
    • Lesson 6 - Express.Js Typescript

      • 6.01 Express Js Typescript
    • Lesson 7 - Advance Typescript

      • 7.01 Advance Typescript
    • Lesson 8 - Typescript Project

      • 8.01 Typescript Project
    • Lesson 9 - Interview Questions

      • 9.01 Interview Questions

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Why you should learn Typescript?


Average Salary of a TypeScript Developer

31% of the job offers

 Explicitly require JavaScript and Typescript

Career Opportunities

About the Course

Access this TypeScript course for free and learn how to make solid and reliable mobile apps using TypeScript, a programming language better than regular JavaScript. You'll explore the basics of TypeScript, understand its advantages, and gain the skills needed to create excellent mobile applications. This free TypeScript course is perfect for beginners, as it offers a straightforward way to grasp the necessary knowledge and boost your efficiency in mobile app development.

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  • How does TypeScript improve the developer experience in building large-scale applications?

    TypeScript enhances the developer experience in large-scale applications by introducing static typing and object-oriented programming features to JavaScript. This improves code reliability, catches errors early in development, and boosts productivity.

  • Is this course suitable for beginners with no prior experience?

    To start this course, a basic understanding of JavaScript is required. While it covers foundational TypeScript concepts, familiarity with JavaScript will help beginners grasp the material more effectively.

  • Can TypeScript be used for both frontend and backend development in a full-stack application?

    Yes, TypeScript is versatile and supports front and backend development, making it suitable for full-stack application development. Whether you're working on the user interface or the server-side logic, TypeScript provides consistency and benefits throughout the entire stack.

  • Will I receive any certification upon completing this free TypeScript course?

    Yes, upon completing the free TypeScript course, you will receive a Completion Certificate to recognize your accomplishment in mastering TypeScript fundamentals.

  • How long will I have access to the course materials?

    You will have access to the free TypeScript course materials for 90 days, which allows you sufficient time to review the content and reinforce your learning.

  • What is the free TypeScript course duration?

    The TypeScript course for free lasts 3 hours, providing a concise and focused learning experience to help you quickly acquire essential TypeScript skills.

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