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Executive General Management Program Overview

Move to a business strategy role with thorough knowledge of the business environment and the new fundamentals of business strategy with this general management program from IIM Indore.

Key Features

  • Online Self Paced content by IIM Indore

Executive General Management Program Advantage

Ranked at 6th position in NIRF 2021, IIM Indore has been a leader in the field of management education, interfacing with the industry, government, and PSUs.

  • IIM Indore Certification

    In Collaboration with IIM Indore:

    • Alumni status and certificate from IIM Indore
    • 3-day campus immersion at the IIM Indore campus
    • IIM Indore will issue your program certificate directly within 90 days of program completion

Executive General Management Program Details

In this General Management Program, you'll get a broad overview of the business environment and the new essentials of business strategy for learners who want to transition from a functional strategy to a business strategy role.

Learning Path

  • Get started with the Executive Certificate Program in General Management. Explore everything about this online executive program and kickstart your general management journey.

  • Join the onboarding session for the Executive Certificate Program in General Management, where we'll collect your required documents to kickstart your journey into the world of general management.

  • This General Management course will provide you with a thorough introduction to management practices via the lenses of four important disciplines: accounting, finance, marketing, and organizational behavior. Build the skill set necessary to lead your division or business successfully, and offer assistance to current managers who want to advance their careers.

  • Understanding basic economic concepts like elasticity, demand and supply equilibrium, and industrial laws will help you fully comprehend significant macroeconomic changes, their effects on businesses, and how to respond to them. Learn about GDP, taxation, repo and reverse repo rates, the classical and Keynesian case, monetary and fiscal strategies, and other key ideas.

  • Learn how accounting principles are used to evaluate and communicate a company's financial position to external stakeholders and how to interpret financial reports to make business decisions. This General Management course also covers important aspects of debt and credit, balance sheets, cash flow, financial statement analysis, capital structure, and the costs of debt and equity.

  • Go through this Accounting and Financial Management masterclass by IIM Indore as a part of this General Management program. Learn to make informed business decisions based on your company's financial health.

  • Learn how products and services are developed and created, purchased and sold, and offered to clients in the manufacturing and service industries by using problem-solving, strategic decision-making, and critical thinking. Additionally, you will study the procurement process, process transformation, process automation, and the product-process matrix.

  • Go through this Operations and Supply Chain Management live session by Simplilearn industry experts as a part of this General Management program.

  • In this General Management course, you will gain an understanding of the most important marketing strategies, including market research, competitor analysis, segmentation, the 5C framework, and many others. These strategies will help you examine consumer attitudes and behavior toward products and services in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Go through this Marketing Management live session by Simplilearn industry experts as a part of this General Management program. Discuss consumer behavior and different marketing strategies in the course.

  • Learn how to connect with and engage staff for improved performance output, and how to manage staff performance utilizing a variety of compensation and reward management techniques. Additionally, you will gain knowledge of how to perform a job analysis, create a job description or job specification, and the difficulties in hiring and choosing employees. ​

  • Go through this HR (Human Resources) masterclass by IIM Indore as a part of this General Management program.

  • The General Management course emphasizes the use of three different types of analytics — descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. It also includes technical skill-building modules on advanced analytics, big data analytics, social media analytics, decision trees, pyramid of analytics, and data-driven decision making.

  • Go through this Business Analytics live session by Simplilearn industry experts as a part of this General Management program. Learn the value of real-world business and management modeling using the most recent quantitative tools and approaches to solve a range of business and management problems.

  • Learn the fundamentals of effective team leadership, how to build and manage successful teams, and how to encourage a creative workplace culture. Discover how leadership may affect corporate success, employee development, and the importance of leadership at various levels.

  • Go through this Management and Leadership masterclass by IIM Indore as a part of this General Management program.

  • Learn about the fundamental theories and frameworks, such as the 5C force analysis, positioning strategies, PEST & SWOT analysis, and value chains that organizations use to discuss sourcing issues, market entry strategies, and every aspect of developing and putting organizational strategies into practice.

  • Go through this Business Strategy masterclass by IIM Indore as a part of this General Management program.

  • Learn to use design thinking as a strategic tool to create new products and services. Understand how to adopt design thinking in a company and the differences between systems thinking, complementary mindsets, and design thinking. Discover and pursue an innovation opportunity in this section, while also learning about the human-centered design framework, to create products and services that are appealing, viable, and practical.

  • Go through this Design Thinking session by Simplilearn industry expert and IIM Indore faculty as a part of this General Management program.

  • Learn the underlying themes that successful digital disruptors employ. Discover the fundamentals of business models, the 4I framework, pricing schemes, the digital supply chain, digital transformation, and many other key ideas. Imagine the potential changes that disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, automation, etc. can add to the corporate landscape.

  • Go through this Digital Disruption and Innovation live session by Simplilearn industry experts as a part of this General Management program.

  • The general management capstone project will help you put the knowledge you've learned in this program to use by applying it to numerous sectors. With the help of focused mentoring sessions, you'll discover how to resolve a real problem pertinent to your field. You will gain practical experience by working on projects with an industry focus. You can show potential employers your proficiency through the capstone project, the final step in the learning process.

  • Attend this live online immersive masterclass on Generative AI designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to harness its incredible potential. These cutting-edge masterclasses are conducted by industry experts and delve deep into the world of AI-powered creativity, helping you to understand various concepts & topics related to generative AI.

Skills Covered

  • General Management
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Disruption
  • Innovation


  • Project 1

    Strategic Analysis Project

    Choose a company, conduct industry and company analyses, and perform functional analysis on a selected department, providing recommendations.

Disclaimer - The projects have been built leveraging real publicly available data-sets of the mentioned organizations.


Program Advisors

  • Prof. Amitabh Kodwani

    Prof. Amitabh Kodwani

    Professor, IIM Indore

    Dr. Amitabh Kodwani is a Professor in, the Department of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has done his Post Doctorate from the University of Warsaw, Poland.

  • Prof. Saumya Ranjan Dash

    Prof. Saumya Ranjan Dash


    Dr. Saumya Ranjan Dash is a Professor, Department of Finance and Accounting, at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has a Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

  • Prof. Siddhartha K Rastogi

    Prof. Siddhartha K Rastogi

    Associate Professor, IIM Indore

    Dr Siddhartha K Rastogi is an Associate Professor, Department of Economics, at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has done a fellowship from IIM Ahemdabad. He also published 14 research papers on topics like welfare assessment, pricing, and more.

  • Prof. Manoj Motiani

    Prof. Manoj Motiani

    Associate Professor, IIM Indore

    Dr. Manoj Motiani is an Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has done the Fellow Program in Management (FPM) from IIM Ahmedabad.

  • Prof. Hasmukh Gajjar

    Prof. Hasmukh Gajjar

    Associate Professor, IIM Indore

    Dr Hasmukh Gajjar is an Associate Professor, Department of Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques, at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has done his Ph.D. from IIT Bombay. His interest includes Retail Ops, Operations Management and Strategy, SCM, Optimization Models.

  • Prof. Aditya Billore

    Prof. Aditya Billore

    Associate Professor, IIM Indore

    Prof. Aditya Billore is an Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has also  done his Fellow Program in Management (FPM) from IIM Indore.

  • Prof. Shubhabrata Basu

    Prof. Shubhabrata Basu

    Professor, IIM Indore

    Dr. Shubhabrata Basu is an Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has done his fellowship from IM Ahmedabad. His interests include topics like Emerging Markets,  Banking, the Sector and Inclusive Growth, Bottom of the Pyramid Strategies.


Become a Management Professional

Strong managers can potentially enhance company profits by a significant margin of 34.2%.

Job Icon3rd

Best among overall jobs in the US

Source: Glassdoor
Job Icon400,000 +

Jobs globally

Source: LinkedIn
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Companies see management driving annual planning

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Batch Profile

General Management Program caters to working professionals from various industries & backgrounds; the diversity of our students adds richness to class discussions and interactions.

  • The class consists of learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries
    IT & Services - 20%Banking - 20%Computer Software - 15%Automotive - 15%Financial Services - 15%Telecommunications - 15%
    Tata Consultancy Services

Learner Reviews

Admission Details

Application Process

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates by paying the admission fee.


Submit Application

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to do this program


Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application



Selected candidates can begin the program within 1-2 weeks

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to the in General Management Program , candidates should have:

2+ years of work experience
A bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
Can be from any background/ industry

Apply Now

Program Benefits

  • Alumni status and certificate from IIM Indore
  • 3-day campus immersion at the IIM Indore campus
  • Masterclasses by IIM Indore faculty
  • Online Self paced content from IIM Indore
  • Exposure to prompt engineering, ChatGPT, generative AI, etc.

Executive General Management Program FAQs

  • What is a General Management program?

    A General Management program is a type of management program that provides students with a comprehensive overview of business and management. It covers essential general management subjects like finance, marketing, operations, and strategy, among others.

  • What are the key objectives of the General Management Program?

    The key objectives of the General Management Program at IIM Indore focus on equipping participants with essential managerial skills, strategic thinking, leadership qualities, and a comprehensive understanding of various business functions such as Operations, HR, Business Strategy, and digital disruption. Through a rigorous curriculum, participants gain insights into decision-making processes, problem-solving techniques, and effective communication, preparing them for leadership roles in diverse industries.

  • Is the General Management Certification recognized internationally?

    Yes, the General Management Certification from IIM Indore is internationally recognized and highly regarded in the business world. The certification signifies a strong foundation in management principles and demonstrates the graduate's ability to excel in leadership roles globally.

  • Will financial aid be provided for this General Management Course?

    To ensure money is not a limiting factor in learning, we offer various financing options for the fully online track to help make this program financially manageable. For more details, please refer to our "Admissions Fee and Financing" section.

  • What are the career prospects after completing this General Management Program?

    Upon completing the General Management Program at IIM Indore, learners can pursue various career opportunities. They can take leadership positions in multinational corporations, start-ups, government organizations, and non-profits. Career paths include roles in general management, business development, consulting, entrepreneurship, and executive leadership, offering substantial growth prospects and competitive salaries. The program alumni work in top global companies, including Accenture, Dell, Hotstar, AirBnB, Tata Steel, Mahindra Logistics, Infosys, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, and Reliance Digital.

  • What certificate will I receive after completing this General Management Course?

    IIM Indore is collaborating with Simplilearn to deliver this  Executive Certificate Program in General Management. This course leverages IIM Indore's management and thought leadership. After completing this program, you will receive a certificate from IIM Indore.

  • What should I expect from this General Management Program?

    As a part of the General Management certificate program, you will receive the following:

    • General Management certificate from IIM Indore
    • Executive Education Alumni status of llM Indore
    • 3-day campus immersion at the IIM Indore campus,
    • Delivery mix of self-paced learning and live sessions
    • Online self-paced content by IIM Indore faculty
    • Masterclasses by IIM Indore faculty and live classes by Simplilearn Instructors
    • Capstone projects mentored by IIM Indore faculty

    Stay Competitive in the Job Market: Explore More Courses for Working Professionals.

  • How does the General Management Program differ from other business programs?

    The General Management Program at IIM Indore stands out due to its holistic approach, combining comprehensive business knowledge with a deep focus on strategic leadership. Unlike specialized business programs, this course provides a broad understanding of various facets of management, allowing participants to adapt to dynamic business environments. The curriculum emphasizes real-world applications, enhancing participants' ability to solve complex business challenges effectively.

  • Are there any networking or career support services offered to General Management Certification graduates?

    Yes, IIM Indore's General Management Program offers extensive networking opportunities and career support services. Graduates become part of a robust alumni network, connecting them with industry leaders, fellow professionals, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the program provides career counseling, resume workshops, and access to exclusive job postings, empowering graduates to make significant strides in their careers.

  • Is the General Management program good to enroll in?

    A General Management certification can be a good choice for those who want to develop a broad understanding of business and management practices. It provides a solid foundation for a managerial career in various industries and positions.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for this General Management Program by IIM Indore?

    For admission to this General Management Programme, candidates must satisfy the following criteria:

    • A bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum score of 50% 
    • At least 2+ years of experience (preferred)
    • An eagerness to apply course concepts to real business problems

  • What is the delivery format of this IIM Indore General Management Program?

    The General Management Program offered by IIM Indore features a delivery mix of self-paced learning and the live sessions. The content for the online self-paced modules is provided by IIM Indore, and masterclasses are conducted by IIM Indore faculty, while live classes are led by Simplilearn instructors.

    The Masterclasses by IIM Indore are scheduled for 2 hours, typically on either Saturday or Sunday. In contrast, Simplilearn’s live classes consist of 4-hour sessions held on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • What are the completion criteria for this General Management Program by IIM Indore?

    Learners are required to meet the following General Management Program completion criteria established by IIM Indore:

    • Attain a minimum of 75% passing marks in all assessments throughout the program
    • Complete at least 75% of the online self-paced videos for all courses in the learning path
    • Maintain a minimum attendance of 75% for live sessions in all courses within the learning path
    • Successfully pass the Capstone project

  • I am not able to access the General Management Course. Who can help me?

    You can connect with us through the Form on the right side of this page to resolve your queries or visit here.

  • Why take an Executive General Management program?

    An Executive General Management program is designed for experienced professionals who are looking to acquire new skills and advance their careers toward management positions. It provides a comprehensive overview of business and management and can help a professional gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a more effective leader.

  • What is the scope of a General Management program?

    The scope of a General Management program varies depending on the program's focus and level. The program's scope is designed to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of business and management practices. Most programs cover elements of finance, marketing, operations, and strategy. Enrolling in a General Management program will help you get hired in managerial, effective, and decision-making positions.

  • What is covered under the 24/7 support promise?

    Our dedicated team extends support to you via email, chat, calls, and community forums. On-demand assistance is offered to help you complete the Executive Certificate Program In General Management. After you complete the Executive Certificate Program In General Management, you will have lifetime access to the community forum.

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