Graphic designers design and create visual concepts with the help of a computer or by hand, depending on the type of project or the company they are working at. Creating a graphic design aims to communicate inspiring ideas through art and design, inspiring and attracting more customers.

The job of a graphic designer is to develop the entire layout and production design for various applications, namely reports, magazines, brochures, and advertisements.

Graphic design is one of the most popular professions in the world. Especially in the US, it is a fast-growing domain that attracts more and more youngsters to learn and serve society in this field. Additionally, obtaining a UI/UX design certification can further enhance a graphic designer's skill set and career prospects.

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Graphic designers define the entire process of graphic designing and its requirements and visualize and create graphics that include logos, illustrations, photos, and layouts. They are the ones who decide what the visualization should look like. For example, graphic designers shape the visual aspects of products, packages, books, websites, exhibitions, etc.

The main objective of graphic design is to attract and inspire the target audience. These are the basic roles and responsibilities of a basic graphic designer.

  • Conceptualize visuals according to the requirements
  • Determine the requirements of the projects by studying the design briefs
  • Define budget constraints by scheduling the provided projects
  • Present ideas using sample or rough drafts
  • Utilize the color combinations correctly and make layouts for each graphical idea
  • Use specific software, develop logos, illustrations, and other designs, and use hands for appropriate ones
  • Always test the created graphics with the help of different media
  • Produce the final designs with the assistance or advice of creative directors and copywriters
  • Make minor changes in the design after obtaining feedback from the users
  • Ensure that the layouts and final graphics are visually appealing to attract customers. 

Different Graphic Designer Job Profiles

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are individuals who perform artwork and design works to illuminate the company's logos, product or service illustrations, and websites. A graphic designer should be a creative-minded person who has the necessary skills in arts and drawings.

2. UX Designer

The main job of UX designers is to make the services and products offered by the company seamless and easily understandable. In general, they run tests to fix bugs and other problems caused while using the platform. 

3. Product Developer

Product developers play a leading role in creating and developing essential products for consumers. Their primary role is to perform industry research and craft product illustrations. They also present the product to the customers or stakeholders, depending on its needs.

4. Creative Director

They perform creativity and act as the visionary for the projects. One part of the job is ensuring the products' design and other aesthetic aspects stay on track. Creative directors and their teams are provided with regular projects in various sectors, namely films, ad commercials, video games, magazines, etc. The professionals who possess excellent leadership and management skills opt for this role.

5. UI Designer

These are professionals similar to UX designers. It is an incredible career option for tech-savvy individuals who possess excellent web designing skills. These professionals make the interface user-friendly to attract more customers.

6. Animator

Animators are responsible for creating complex graphics. It is a difficult job compared to other web designing works, as it involves creating animations to correlate with the graphics. Animators are also called multimedia artists as they possess the utmost creativity. They develop the story and visual components in their design work.

The below-mentioned table provides information regarding graphic designer salaries in US for different fields:

Job Profiles


3 to 5 years of experience

5+ years of experience

Graphic Designer

4,286 USD per month 

3,700 - 4,700 USD per month

5,500 - 6,700 USD per month

UX Designer

3,750 - 4,750 USD per month

3,750 - 5,146 USD per month

9,100 - 11,600 USD per month

UI Designer

4,500 USD per month

7,000 - 8,000 USD per month

10,000 - 11,600 USD per month

Product Developer

5,000 - 6,000 USD per month

8,300 - 10,500 USD per month

8,750 - 11,000 USD per month

Creative Director

5,500 - 7,000 USD per month

9,500 - 11,250 USD per month

13,300 - 16,600 USD per month


3,600 - 4,600 USD per month

6,250 USD per month

10,500 USD per month


Graphic Designer Salary Guide - 10 Year Plan

In any job, experience level matters the most. It goes the same for the graphic design career. Individuals with more experience earn more. Here are the expected salaries for graphic design from 1 to 10 years of experience as per Salary Explorer-

  • A beginner-level graphic designer with 0-2 years of experience earns somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 USD per month in the US.
  • Moreover, professionals with an experience level of 2-5 years will earn between 3,500 and 3,750 USD every month. This pay range is 34 % more than the 0-2 year experience level.
  • Furthermore, individuals with an experience level of 5-10 years earn around 5,300 USD per month. It is almost 50 % more than the entry-level earners.

The following is the graphic representation of the same:


The following is the salary range based on education level:


After gathering information from all the reliable sources, graphic designers' salaries in the United States increased 10 % every 16 months.

Below provided is the calculation of salary increment in percentage:

Annual Salary Increase = Increase Rate×12÷Increase Frequency

Therefore, the average salary increase per year in the US is 6 %.

Graphic Designer Salary in US by Location


Average Monthly Salary


5,030 USD


4,640 USD


5,260 USD


5,140 USD


5,600 USD


5,340 USD


4,950 USD


4,850 USD

District of Columbia

4,540 USD


5,390 USD


5,590 USD


4,560 USD


4,810 USD


5,430 USD


5,470 USD


4,830 USD


5,100 USD


5,020 USD


5,290 USD


4,660 USD


5,550 USD


5,300 USD


5,250 USD


5,240 USD


4,710 USD


5,340 USD


4,510 USD


4,910 USD


4,790 USD

New Hampshire

4,850 USD

New Jersey

5,380 USD

New Mexico

5,040 USD

New York

5,620 USD

North Carolina

5,220 USD

North Dakota

4,500 USD


5,310 USD


5,100 USD


4,870 USD


5,710 USD

Rhode Island

4,470 USD

South Carolina

5,280 USD

South Dakota

4,500 USD


5,530 USD


5,640 USD


5,050 USD


4,480 USD


5,180 USD


5,430 USD

West Virginia

4,600 USD


5,310 USD


4,290 USD

The salary information based on top US cities:


Average Monthly Salary


4,840 USD


5,390 USD


5,170 USD


5,440 USD


4,270 USD


5,890 USD


4,530 USD


4,450 USD


5,750 USD


5,440 USD


5,080 USD


4,170 USD


5,960 USD


5,550 USD

Iowa City

4,110 USD


5,330 USD

Kansas City

4,960 USD


4,350 USD

Las Vegas

4,900 USD

Long Beach

4,540 USD

Los Angeles

6,200 USD


5,210 USD


4,800 USD


4,710 USD

New Orleans

4,530 USD

New York

5,930 USD


4,690 USD

Oklahoma City

4,930 USD


4,220 USD


5,550 USD


5,620 USD


4,910 USD

San Antonio

5,540 USD

San Diego

5,630 USD

San Francisco

5,420 USD

San Jose

5,830 USD


5,100 USD


4,340 USD


4,300 USD

Washington D.C.

5,330 USD

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1. How do I know if I am being paid fairly as a graphic designer? 

You have to compare your salary with the salary mentioned above for the particular city. For example, if your salary is 4,000 USD in Hawaii, that means your salary is less than the average salary of what people are getting in Hawaii. 

2. Which graphic designing job profiles get similar salaries? 

According to Indeed, professionals in the post of a Web Designer and the User Experience Designer get about similar salaries in the graphic designing industry. 

3. Is graphic design a good career in the US?

Graphic design is growing tremendously in the US. People are becoming more creative and enjoying art, communication, and technology. Due to this, they have started choosing this line as their profession. In the US, graphic designers are needed across all industries, giving them more opportunities to start their careers. 

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