How a Certification in ITIL Can Earn You Higher Salary than an Investment Banker?

How a Certification in ITIL Can Earn You Higher Salary?


Last updated November 24, 2016


The ITIL certification is a globally recognized IT service management certification, owned by Axelos. ITIL Foundation certification is an entry level qualification in field of IT service management

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Every promising professional who wants to develop his career in the field of IT Service Management should consider an ITIL Foundation course. Once certified in ITIL Foundation you will be able to guide a business organization in executing the best IT service management practices along with using IT as a tool for its growth or change.

ITIL® Foundation Training

The focus of the ITIL Foundation certification course is on familiarizing candidates with the common IT Service Management practice framework which will in turn help in delivering value to a business. Along with a practical approach to IT service management, this certification course also focuses on the approach and standards of quality management.

Reasons of popularity of ITIL certification

The ITIL Foundation certification can be used by any organization for training since it is not based on some special technique. Thus, this certification offers wide variety of job opportunities in IT companies. IT professional will learn to understand and implement a cariety of best practices of quality management along with IT service management, which in turn will result in better growth of the business. 

Levels of ITIL Certification

ITIL framework presently offers four levels of the ITIL certification.

levels of ITIL Certification

Fig: Levels in ITIL Certification

Level 1: 

The first level of the ITIL certification is ITIL Foundation certification, which focuses on building standard terminology and methodology to obtain knowledge to support and deliver ITIL services. At this level, candidates can understand the basics of ITIL and the ways to implement it in a workplace.

Level 2: 

The second level of the ITIL certification is the  ITIL Intermediate certification wherein candidates can choose from a number of educational modules available, as per their requirement.

The intermediate module has been divided into two parts - Service Lifecycle and Service Capability.

Service Lifecycle involves a high level focus of management across several processes of ITIL.

Service Capability provides specialized and process-level knowledge in one or more ITIL processes.

An additional module, the ITIL managing across the Lifecycle qualification, needs to also be passed by the candidate to complete his Intermediate Level ITIL Certification. This module focuses on candidates who are preparing for Expert level certification.

Level 3:

The third level of the ITIL certification is ITIL Expert certification which provides the skills and knowledge in detail to clearly understand the entire system of ITIL. Candidates are allowed to choose from a variety of ITIL processes, since this certification is delivered in modular form, on the basis of their personal requirements. The candidates must possess complete and balanced knowledge of the lifecycle of ITIL service to obtain this certification.

Level 4: 

The fourth level of the ITIL certification is ITIL Master Level certification which strengthens and widens the practical application of ITIL knowledge in various types of industrial settings. The ITIL professionals directly involved in planning, management, and operation of IT service management functions take up this certification to demonstrate their knowledge. To get more information in this regard you can visit official website of ITIL.

Reasons to take up the ITIL certification

The ITIL Foundation certification is the base for other ITIL certifications and adds two credit points to the qualification scheme of ITIL. This training program helps in increasing the confidence level of the candidates by allowing them to design, implement, and use IT services for the satisfaction of their customers.

The ITIL framework used in this course helps in taking the benefit of the best practices used across the IT industry. It also helps in using common language in delivering IT services to interact with the suppliers and customers more effectively to overcome the hindrances between IT and business to achieve targeted results.

Moreover, the ITIL Foundation certification is the best among several other certification courses preferred by professionals of IT service management because it provides basic knowledge about the concepts, core principles, and best practices used in the IT service management sector.

Eligible candidates for the ITIL certification 

Though anyone working in the IT service industry can appear for the ITIL Foundation certification course, it is ideal for service delivery professionals, operation managers, production support engineers, and quality analysts. It is the most suited certification for the IT professionals who want to progress in the IT service sector.

Becoming an ITIL Foundation certified professional - The ITIL Foundation Exam

You can be an ITIL Foundation certified professional by scoring an average of 65% or above in ITIL Foundation exam. The exams lasts for 60 minutes. 75 minutes is given during the exam to answer the questions if the candidate uses language other than native language. You will earn two credit points once you have passed this exam.

Career benefits of the ITIL certification

You can understand the basic principles and practices of IT service management once you gain knowledge from the ITIL Foundation certificate course. Once you are a certified ITIL Foundation professional you will be able to contribute to the overall service improvement program of an organization.

You will find a number of job oppotunities in IT infrastructure management and IT service design sectors after completing this certification course. In 2014 ITIL Foundation certification is listed among the top 15 high paying certifications according to the salary survey conducted by Global Knowledge and Penton.

According to various surveys, ITIL certified professionals can earn up to $95,000 per year whereas starting salary of an investment banker is $75,000. Large number of renowned IT companies including Genpact, GE Capital, CSC, Accenture, JP Morgan, KPMG, Goldman Sachs and HSBC etc normally prefer hiring staff who are certified in ITIL for IT support and delivery services. A certification in ITIL can help in earning higher salary than an investment banker. Yes, it is the truth.

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