A study by the Avery Point Group states that the demand for Lean and Six Sigma professionals has risen by more than 90% since 2010.

Although there are many debates on the credibility of Lean Six Sigma, it is still a very relevant methodology. This is because it has become standard for new manufacturers and quality managers who want to be considered high-quality business partners. There are numerous reasons why you should get Six Sigma Certified. Its philosophy of continuous improvement also aligns to the ISO 9001 standards, which is a big plus for major businesses.

Lean Six Sigma has adapted to the changing times to encompass understanding customer requirements, managing business processes, guiding people through change, and making business decisions based on data. The methodology has also evolved to provide leaders with the critical skills to effectively achieve significant business improvements – across all industries.

So yes, if you have a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you are still relevant in the business world. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you will need a few more skills up your sleeve.

One of the best new skills for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professionals to acquire, in our opinion, is a Minitab certification.

Now, what is Minitab?

Minitab is a software package that helps you analyze critical data from the Lean Six Sigma process – particularly in the Measure and Analyze phases of DMAIC.

It provides a quick and efficient process for the time-consuming level of analysis required in most Lean Six Sigma projects.

The importance of Minitab for a Lean Six Sigma professional

The practice of Six Sigma requires you to rely on hard data and statistics that allow professionals to provide continuous process improvement. The ability to evaluate and determine variances is a base of knowledge that cannot be performed without reference. As a Six Sigma practitioner, you will depend on specialized tools to achieve success – such as Minitab. It takes practice to successfully implement the powerful Minitab tool. The software allows a Six Sigma practitioner to enter data, manipulate it, understand the trends, and extrapolate the solutions. With no clear understanding of Minitab, Six Sigma professionals will find it hard to provide accurate solutions to complex problems.

The Minitab software is tailored for quality. 

To achieve success, it is important to have a complete understanding of the tools for the job. Every industry has a software package that is unique to its business. For Six Sigma professionals, Minitab is by far the leading software package. As with any other software, professionals are most successful when they understand the basic mechanics of the process – and then graduate into using automated software. This makes sure that the professional knows the whys, hows, and whats of the process before they begin using the software.

Understanding the statistical applications of Six Sigma is crucial to anybody in the profession. Once the manual manipulation of statistics has been mastered, moving to Minitab becomes the starting point of another learning process. Like any other software, Minitab requires some level of education to achieve results. Every Six Sigma professional must complete a detailed and comprehensive training course in this software in order to achieve significant results.

The Minitab certification training

Which is where Simplilearn’s Minitab certification training comes into play. This course will ensure that you learn the practical applications of the latest version of Minitab (Minitab 17). You will learn by example using 9 case studies in fields like healthcare, IT and IT services, and manufacturing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Process critical statistical data operations using Minitab
  • Export data to various MS Office applications
  • Understand and apply various statistical tools in different quality projects
  • Understand and avoid common pitfalls in data analysis
  • Master all statistical tools/topics needed for Green/Black Belt projects

So there you have it – your next step to excel at quality management. Become a quality expert and take on the industry. Get certified in Minitab and watch your career soar!

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