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Chapter-4: How to Get a Business Analyst Job (Industry Secrets Revealed)

Business analyst resume secrets revealed

Your resume as a business analyst is very important. This is because it represents your professional self and you have only one opportunity to impress your prospective employer The employer judges your ability with what they see on your resume. 

Utilize these five examples to optimize your resume for recognition:

1) Turn your resume into a sales document

All resumes include a catalog of their experiences at work and skills.  The truth is, your resume should not be arranged in the form of a catalog. Put it together in a way that captivates and entices recruiters.  It should be like a sales document in that it is easy to read and holds attention. Use your resume to convince your audience that you are unique, providing insight into your skills, goals, personal and operating style. 

2) Keep your resume concise 

Most recruiters don't have the time to read your resume, so summarize it in a way that it will be easy to read. Create a concise summary statement. Be specific and highlight your accomplishments and specify the types of business analysis jobs you are applying for. Make it enticing so that it will draw your employers in to read the rest of the document.

3) Present your relevant skills      

Highlight your most important skills. You can do that by using the projects where you have the most relevant role as a business analyst. Let your experience will speak for you, use the right terminology and keywords to make your resume stand out from the business analysis industry. It is your duty to make sure that the terms you use are relevant, specific, and clear so that they will understand what you mean. This is known as transferable business analysis skills. You can use bullet points to highlight the skills in order to build credibility.  

4) Use bullet points to highlight accomplishments and responsibilities

It is necessary to highlight your accomplishments within the work history section of your resume and make them easy to see when glancing over your resume. Document how you used a business analysis skill to achieve an important result. Back up the accomplishment with relevant qualification using the right language. Add contributions you made to projects you have handled in the past, even if you don't know the entire project.

5) Write your resume yourself

It is becoming a common occurrence to see different kinds of resume writing services on the internet. Hiring any one of them can help you create an acceptable resume for employment purposes, but it may not help you to get the job.  Writing documentation is part of the responsibilities of a business analyst on top of the ability to clearly communicate. A resume writer may not possess the knowledge you have to create a detailed resume and no one knows you better than you know yourself. Take the time to write your own resume and if you need help, have someone coach you rather than write it for you.

How to Get a Job as a Business Analyst 

Are you searching for a business analyst job? Below are tips to help you get hired as a business analyst:

1) Know the type of business analyst job you are qualified for and position yourself to get hired for it.
2) Arrange your resume in a way that showcases your business analyst skills. Add a clear and specific summary to your resume so it does not end up in the trash can.
3) Highlight relevant skills and career experiences
4) Provide work samples with context
5) Apply for business analyst jobs that are a close match for your skillset.
6) Attend the job interviews with confidence and use them to your advantage, sharing relevant details

Business analyst job interviews

As a business analyst looking for a job, you will need to prepare for job interviews. Most positions in business analysis consist of two or three interview sessions.  The first session is commonly a phone screen. The second and third interview sessions involve a single person or group of interviewees which including the hiring manager, a peer business analyst, and possibly stakeholders.

While preparing for the interview, pay specific attention to job descriptions. They act as a guide to the type of questions you may come across during the interview section. It’s a good practice to reference a job description prior to an interview so you have a frame of reference for the company and what qualifications they are looking for.

Most business analyst job interviews are based on questions about your past experience in relation to business analysis. 

Given below are sample interview questions:

1) Tell me about yourself
2) Tell me about a time you________ (fill in the blanks with relevant skills you used to achieve success in a particular project.
3) What is a ____________ (use case, business process, data dictionary, etc.)
4) How do you handle difficult stakeholders?
5) Looking back at your most recent job, what would you miss the most?
6) What does a typical day look like at your most recent job? 
7) Enumerate the steps you will take in handling a project
8) When can you say you are done with requirements?
9) List the key strengths of a business analyst
10)Any questions for me?

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