Data Analytics Tutorial for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide
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Tutorial Highlights

➤ Data analytics enables organizations to uncover patterns and extract valuable insights from raw data. It helps companies understand their customers better, produce relevant content, strategize ad campaigns, develop meaningful products, and ultimately boost business performance.

➤ This data analytics tutorial will help you learn all about data analytics - what it is, how to start a career in data analytics, various applications of data analytics, and the top questions asked in data analytics interviews.

➤ This data analytics tutorial also covers various data visualization skills and complex topics such as Python libraries and SQL.

Start learning this data analytics tutorial today to become a part of the burgeoning data revolution.

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Skills Covered

  • R
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Data Visualization Skills
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistical Knowledge
  • Microsoft Excel Skills

Topics Covered

The topics covered in the Data Analytics tutorial are:

Why Learn Data Analytics?

More and more companies are beginning to recognize the potential of data analytics to gain insights and make informed decisions. Data analysts who can define and uncover hidden patterns, find new opportunities, and generate insights for the betterment of a business are in high demand. This data analytics tutorial will provide the various skills you need to kickstart a career in data analytics.

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Applications of Data Analytics

1. Improved Decision Making

Data analytics eliminates the guesswork of choosing what content to create, what products to develop, and much more. It helps businesses make informed decisions, which in turn leads to better outcomes.

2. Effective Marketing

Data analytics provide useful insights into the performance of marketing campaigns so that you can fine-tune them for optimal outcomes.

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3. Better Customer Service

Data analytics gathers information about customers’ communication preferences, interests, and concerns. This allows you to provide them with personalized content and build stronger relationships.

4. Efficient Operations

Data analytics provides an improved understanding of what your audience wants. Hence, you eliminate the wastage of time and resources on creating ads and content that don’t match your audience’s interests. 

Who Should Learn Data Analytics?

With the massive growth of data every single day and organizations looking to make use of it, a career in data analytics is the next big thing. If you have a keen interest in data and how to derive useful information from data, you can apply for the popular Data Analytics Bootcamp offered by Simplilearn. From beginners to senior data analysts, this data analytics tutorial will help you choose exactly which course you should start with.


Anyone can learn and become a data analytics professional. However, here are some prerequisites that would be helpful for choosing a career in data analytics:

  • Ability to work with numbers and quantitative stuff
  • Some programming experience
  • Willingness to learn statistical concepts
  • Passion for solving problems

If you plan to switch to being a data analyst but bear no experience in the industry, this data analytics tutorial will provide you with a strong foundation in the subject.


Data Analytics Tutorial: Table of Contents

1. What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is currently one of the most buzzing terminologies. For those who want to begin their journey in data analytics, this data analytics tutorial is the right start for you. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of data analytics, the steps involved in data analytics, and the various tools you need to use. It also contains a bonus case study on Walmart and how global chain uses modern tools and technologies to derive business insights and improve customer satisfaction

2. Data Analytics With Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used by statisticians, engineers, and scientists to perform data analytics. One of the main reasons why Python is the most preferred language for data analysis is that it provides a range of libraries. In this data analytics tutorial, you will learn how to perform data analytics using the Python library - NumPy.

3. Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence tools help an organization analyze huge chunks of data and provide insights with actionable recommendations. A successful career in data analytics calls for expertise in one or more of these tools. In this data analytics tutorial, you will learn about the top 5 business intelligence tools used by data analysts.

4. Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

Qualitative research and quantitative research are two methods that data analysts use for their projects. Although their objectives and applications overlap in many ways, there are significant differences between them. This data analytics tutorial will help you learn the differences between them, how to decide which one to use, and the different techniques used in each research.

5. How to Become a Data Analyst?

Data analyst jobs vary depending on the industry or company or the type of data analytics you choose as your specialty. As such, no one can become an expert data analyst in every field overnight. This data analytics tutorial will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the role of a data analyst and the various skills you need to acquire to bag this position.

6. Top Data Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Data analyst as a career is rising in demand, both for entry-level and experienced job candidates. Whether you’re just starting out in your career, have a few years of experience, or looking for a senior-level position, this data analytics tutorial will provide you with the top data analyst interview questions that you can expect from employers.

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Data Analytics as a Career

The massive growth of data will continue to give rise to the growth of more data analyst positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, market research analyst positions are expected to grow by 20%, which is much faster than the average job growth. This data analytics tutorial by Simplilearn will provide you with all the tools and skills necessary to help you jumpstart your career in data analytics. You can also enroll in our Data Analyst Course to dive deeper into the specialized paths of data analytics and prepare yourself for a lucrative career in this field.

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