How to Become an Information Security Analyst

Information is the lifeblood of every business. Without it, companies lose their ability to make informed business decisions and can quickly lose all organization. The modern business environment is built around data, which is why it should come as no surprise that protecting data is of extreme importance.

This individual manages a wide variety of tasks that ultimately seek to protect data and are in high demand as a result. So, what is an information security analyst, what are the job prospects, and what information security certification is needed to become one?

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What is an Information Security Analyst? 

An information security analyst defends computer networks operated by private businesses, government organizations, and nonprofit organizations. There isn’t really any field where an information security analyst cannot find work – finance, marketing, insurance, sales, computer systems, and many other industries require security. At work, the analyst’s primary responsibility is to set up scalable security apparatuses to address threats and help prevent them.

The roles and responsibilities of the job vary depending on the field, but an information security analyst is often on standby in case of data breaches or other emergencies of this caliber are to occur. The analyst is also responsible for generating reports that IT admins and business executives use to assess the practicality of their security apparatuses. After doing so, the analyst will assist in making necessary alterations to the security apparatus for a more secure network. They might also create and execute educational programs to help educate employees, end users, and executives on healthy security practices.

What are the Job Prospects?

Since information security is a concern for businesses around the world, a well-trained, properly credentialed information security analyst is in high demand. As a result, job prospects are very good overall.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 28% from 2016 to 2026, which is considerably faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for information security analysts is expected to be very high, as organizations will need these analysts to create innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or causing network problems.

In fact, listed an information security analyst as the second-best IT job for 2019 and beyond. This is mainly because there’s such a wide variety of businesses looking for data security such that the demand far outweighs supply.

As with any profession in short supply but high demand, an information security analyst salary is healthy. As of 2018, the median information security analyst salary stood at $98,350 per year or $47 per hour. In fact, the highest-paid 25% made $123,180 that year, while the lowest-paid 25% made $72,130 that year.

The market has clearly spoken. Information security analysts are needed now more than ever, but what’s the catch? With job prospects so good and salaries so generous, shouldn’t there be plenty of people looking to fill these roles? Well, as with most high-level professions, certifications and education are needed as prerequisites to succeed in this job market.

What Certifications are Needed?

Thankfully, certifications are closer to reach than you think. An information security certification is really a collection of several different certifications that collectively certify foundational knowledge in various topics.

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CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is the first, most basic certification needed for a career as an information security analyst. It’s a foundational, vendor-neutral certification that validates basic knowledge of network security and risk management. Think of it as a first step, but don’t underestimate its market value as the CompTIA Security+ certification alone affords a wide variety of opportunities as well. Our online preparation course covers all six domains of knowledge required to get certified and even comes with an exam voucher to take the test.

Certified Ethical Hacker

The CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification covers the advanced logistics behind the hacking and exposes the tactics hackers use to cause data breaches, such as writing virus code and reverse engineering. Think of CEH as the information security certification that teaches you the tactics of the enemy – a must have for data security, helping you breach the mind of the hacker so that you can implement effective defense solutions.

CEH Course Preview

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification is considered the gold standard for the information security analyst. It trains students to become professionals in the fields of information security. CISSP covers a wide variety of topics in accomplishing this goal, including:

  • IT security
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Management
  • Controls

Most employers look for this information security certification above all else, so it’s a good certification to work towards.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

The CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certification covers a wide array of topics in an effort to teach you the fundamentals required to govern and control enterprise IT. It also seeks to train you to create and implement effective security audits. The CISA certification also covers areas such as acquisition, development, testing, and implementation of security systems. Think of it as the executive certification that gives you a broad overview and an effective knowledge base.

Cyber Security Expert

The Cyber Security Expert Master’s Program is for the go-getters seeking to achieve one of the highest goals in information security and cybersecurity. This program helps solidify yourself as an expert in the field and is an excellent path for those seeking to achieve the highest caliber credentials in their respective domains.

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Ultimately, the market is wide open for the information security analyst. With proper training and proper credentials by your side, you can take part in one of the most expansive job markets in the world. IT and cybersecurity jobs are the future will likely to grow in demand, so invest in your future by pursuing one or all Simplilearn’s certifications. Our courses and training are a great way to assure job security for yourself for the foreseeable future.

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