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Complete your Lean Management exam preparation by taking Simplilearn’s Lean Management Exam Practice Test. Analyze the topics at which you excel and know what you have missed out by attempting our lean management test questions. If you are looking for list of questions on lean management, updated according to the latest syllabus, then this lean management exam prep is ideal for your exam preparation. The test assists you to upgrade your skills in lean management. Give it a try today!

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2. Test Duration: 60 Minutes

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1. Which one of these item is not a type of standard set of waste
2. What item listed below could be used as preconditions for Kanban.
3. What type of waste is Creating extra reports that no one needs
4. What are the key metrics tracked in OEE
5. At which Lean maturity level you can expect Well Defined Process to Follow Lean Principles
6. How would one calculate "Days in Inventory" metrics
7. How is First Pass Yield (FPY) Calculated
8. What is Lean philosophy?
9. Just-In-Time Production methodology was introduced by?
10. Define "wrong use of metrics" type of waste
11. What are the main seven types of waste?
12. Japanese 5S methodology is created and used for
13. Which of the 5S technique requires you to separate necessary and unnecessary items at the workplace
14. While implementing 5S, red color tags are used to mark items for what reason
15. What is significance of the Seiso (Shine) phase of 5S methodology
16. What does Seiketsu (Standardize) of 5S methodology focuses on
17. What part of 5S promotes that all work stations for a particular job should be identical
18. What tool helps in visualize series of causes to an effect.
19. Which is the tool or technique used for rapid improvement for discrete process issues
20. What is Takt Time
21. What is the name of the process, tool or technique which help in automatic detection of process malfunction and product defect and prevents it from moving forward in the production process
22. Which of these tools / techniques represents "continuous improvement."?
23. Plan Do Check Act (PDCA Cycle) was popularized by:
24. The "5 Whys" technique is used for what purpose?
25. SMED stands for?
26. For many people, changing a single tire can easily take 15 minutes. But, for a NASCAR pit crew, changing four tires takes less than 15 seconds. This represent good use of what tool?
27. What are five phases of 5S
28. What does PDCA stands for
29. Taiichi Ohno developed Kanban based on which model?
30. single-piece flow, pull production" was achieved using which method
31. In which year Boeing implemented Lean
32. In healthcare service industry "excess amount of blood drawn" is what type of waste
33. What type of waste is "nurse transporting patients to x-ray room"
34. What type of waste is Patients waiting to be seen by the doctors
35. What type of waste is "insufficient quantity or overdose of medicine is given to the patient"
36. What type of waste is "Purchasing and storing office supply, sales literature, etc."
37. What type of waste is "Excessive or unnecessary emails and document get forwarded multiple times"
38. What is an appropriate Lean metric to capture effective utilization of manufacturing operation in a factory?
39. How can one provide assessment of financial, behavioral, and core process performances on an on-going basis to track continuous improvement efforts of the company?
40. What metrics capture availability, performance, and quality components of a manufacturing unit
41. OEE measures production effectiveness against
42. How is First Time Yield (FTY) Calculated
43. What metrics is used to calculate the timeliness of production or deliveries from suppliers
44. What metrics captures and demonstrates an ability of a production system to execute a plan, match the schedule of production or delivery to gradually produce certain amount of output according to a contracted plan, and to meet expectancies of the customers?
45. Which of the following formula can be used to calculate the Schedule adherence metrics?
46. Who developed "The theory of constraints"
47. What are three major types of constraints?
48. What is the manufacturing strategy for implementing speed throughout the manufacturing process including often neglected areas such as quote processing, engineering, product development, and order processing?
49. What methodology helps in arriving at a systematic description of the underlying behavior of manufacturing systems.
50. What are the typical phases of Six Sigma based Improvement methodology
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