Database Skills you will learn

  • Data modeling and ingestion
  • Sharding and data replication
  • Managing your SQL database
  • Using SQL databases in your applications
  • Working with the MongoDB environment
  • Structuring your databases

Who should learn this free online Database course?

  • Aspiring data scientists
  • Aspiring big data engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Project managers
  • BI professionals
  • Software developers

What you will learn in this free Database training?

  • Introduction to the Fundamentals of Databases

    • Introduction

      • Introduction
    • Lesson 01: Database and DBMS

      • Database and DBMS
    • Lesson 02: SQL and Its Installation

      • SQL and Its Installation
    • Lesson 03: MySQL Built-In Function

      • MySQL Built-In Function
    • Lesson 04: Group By and Having

      • Group By and Having
    • Lesson 05: Joins in SQL

      • Joins in SQL
    • Lesson 06: Subquery in SQL

      • Subquery in SQL
    • Lesson 07: Triggers in SQL

      • Triggers in SQL
    • Lesson 08: MongoDB Tutorial

      • MongoDB Tutorial

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Why you should learn Database?

$125.6 billion by 2026

The projected growth of the global DBMS market 


The average annual salary of a Database Administrator 

About the Course

This free course covers fundamental database concepts, SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB basics, and the entire Database Management System. Ideal for aspiring Database Administrators, it offers a comprehensive understanding of databases.

Topics covered

Introduction - An introductory overview of the course and the significance of databases.

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  • Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in a free online database course?

    No, there are no prerequisites to get started with the Databases.

  • How long does it take to complete the free database course?

    The free Introduction to Database course offers 4 hours of video content, providing a comprehensive understanding for learners like you.

  • Will I receive a certification upon successful completion of this free database training?

    Yes, a certification will be provided from SkillUp upon successful completion of this free database training.

  • What is the free database course's duration?

    The total duration is 7 hours.

  • Will a free database course help me get a job?

    Yes, you can get a job after completion.

  • What if I need more advanced training after a free database course?

    We provide more advanced training classes, and you can contact our executive.

  • What is the duration of my access to the course?

    You will have 90 days of access.

  • Are there any hidden fees associated with the free course?

    No, there are no extra fees or charges associated with the course.

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