Numpy Skills you will learn

  • Install and import NumPy
  • Perform NumPy arithmetic operations
  • Build histograms using the matplotlib library

Who should learn this free Numpy course?

  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Software Testers

What you will learn in this Numpy free course?

  • Introduction to Numpy

    • Introduction

      • Introduction to Numpy
    • Lesson 01: Numpy and Its Installation

      • Numpy and Its Installation
    • Lesson 02: Numpy Array vs Python List

      • Numpy Array vs Python List
    • Lesson 03: Basics of Numpy

      • Basics of Numpy
    • Lesson 04: Arrays

      • Arrays
    • Lesson 05: Array Manipulation

      • Array Manipulation
    • Lesson 06: Numpy Arithmetic Operations

      • Numpy Arithmetic Operations
    • Lesson 07: Numpy Histogram using Matplotlib

      • Numpy Histogram using Matplotlib

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Why you should learn Numpy?

Python is the #1

Programming language for data scientists, AI and ML engineers

$124,408 per year

The average salary for a Python developer 

About the Course

This NumPy free course provides an in-depth exploration of NumPy, a popular Python library. You'll learn about NumPy basics, installation procedures, and essential arithmetic operations, from fundamental concepts to practical applications. By completing this NumPy course free NumPy training, you'll acquire hands-on experience with diverse arrays and functions available in the library. Additionally, you'll gain proficiency in building histograms using Matplotlib.

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  • What is NumPy, and why is it important in Python programming?

    NumPy is a powerful Python library for performing various mathematical operations on arrays. It introduces efficient data structures for arrays and matrices, offering a vast library of high-level mathematical functions. The importance lies in enhancing Python's capabilities for efficient numerical computations.

  • Do I need prior experience with Python to start this free NumPy course?

    You don’t need any prior experience for this NumPy free course, though a basic understanding of programming can be beneficial.

  • What topics can I expect to be covered in this free NumPy course?

    The course content will cover fundamental topics such as NumPy basics, installation, array manipulation, arithmetic operations, and more.

  • How long can I access the course content?

    You can access the NumPy course free course content for 90 days, providing ample time for self-paced learning.

  • Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

    Upon completion, you will receive a certificate showcasing your proficiency in NumPy, a valuable asset for a data science or programming career.

  • How will learning NumPy benefit my career in data science or programming?

    Learning the NumPy course free enhances your skills for efficient numerical computing, making you an asset in data science and programming.

  • What is the free NumPy course duration?

    The NumPy free course lasts 2 hours and features self-paced video lessons for a comprehensive learning experience.

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