Programming Skills you will learn

  • Basic Software Concepts
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Python Data Types Variable Operators
  • Python Conditional and Looping Constructs
  • Python Data Structures
  • Python Functions
  • Python Modules
  • Python Error and File Handling
  • ObjectOriented Programming

Who should learn this Free Programming Course?

  • Aspiring Data Scientists
  • Software engineers
  • Web developers
  • AIML enthusiasts

What you will learn in this Free Programming Course?

  • Programming Fundamentals

    • Lesson 01 - Basic Software Concepts

      • 1.01 Basic Software Concepts
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 02 - Python Fundamentals

      • 2.01 Python Fundamentals
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 03 - Python Data Types Variable Operators

      • 3.01 Python Data Types Variable Operators
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 04 - Python Conditional and Looping Constructs

      • 4.01 Python Conditional and Looping Constructs
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 05 - Python Data Structures

      • 5.01 Python Data Structures
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 06 - Python Functions

      • 6.01 Python Functions
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 07 - Python Modules

      • 7.01 Python Modules
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 08 - Python Error and File Handling

      • 8.01 Python Error and File Handling
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 09 - Python Thread

      • 9.01 Python Thread
      • Quiz
    • Lesson 10 - Object Oriented Programming

      • 10.01 Object Oriented Programming
      • Quiz

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Why you should learn Programming?

21% growth in jobs by 2028

For developers, according to the U.S. BLS


The average annual salary for a Python developer

About the Course

This online self-paced course offers 5 hours of video lessons that will provide you with a thorough foundation in programming fundamentals and the Python language. The lessons cover basic software concepts, Python fundamentals, data types and structures, functions, modules, and more.  

Whether you're looking to switch careers, pick up a new skill, or are just curious about coding, this free programming course caters to complete beginners. No prior programming experience is required! The expert instructors br

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  • Will completing a free programming course improve my chances of landing a job?

    Yes, adding programming skills to your resume, even from a free course, will make you more employable for tech roles. While you may need additional training, a free course is a great start.

  • Will I receive the certificate upon completing this free programming course?

    Yes, you will receive a completion certificate that you can add to your job profile and resume when you finish the course.

  • What is the duration of my access to the course?

    You will have 90 days of access from the time you enroll to complete the course at your own pace.

  • Do free programming courses cater to both beginners and advanced coders?

    This particular free course is designed specifically for beginners with no prior coding experience. However, some platforms offer free courses at various skill levels.

  • What is the free programming course duration?

    The course consists of 5 hours of video lessons, which you can complete flexibly within 90 days of access.

  • Are there prerequisites required to enroll in a free programming course?

    No, this course has no prerequisites and welcomes complete beginners. You don't need any prior coding knowledge.

  • How do free programming courses compare in quality to paid ones?

    High-quality free courses are often created by reputable platforms to give learners a valuable starting point. They cover the core concepts well. However, paid courses often provide more advanced or specialized content.

  • How difficult is the free programming course?

    As a beginner course, the instructors aim to make concepts understandable for newcomers to coding. You'll be challenged but can take it step-by-step.

  • How do free programming classes keep their information updated in the ever-changing tech industry?

    Free programming courses focus on teaching universal, fundamental concepts that provide a foundation for any language. They avoid covering niche or advanced topics prone to change.

  • What programming languages can I expect to learn in this free course?

    This course covers Python, which is a versatile, in-demand language to start with.

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