Node.js Course Description

  • Why Learn Node.JS?


    Node.js is an open source, cross-platform framework that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. The Node.js Training in Bangalore is designed to enable developers to understand and create web applications by making use of JavaScript. Node.js is an event-driven, server-side JavaScript environment that runs JavaScript by making use of the V8 engine created by Google. This Node.Js course in Bangalore provides hands-on experience in building HTTP server with Node.js, working with the file system, streams, events, buffers, and multi-processing in Node.js and also focuses on the various important concepts of Node.js. This Node.Js Training covers a powerful and flexible web application framework, Express.js, which gives a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.

  • What are the objectives of this course?

    This Node.Js Training in Bangalore helps you:

    • Learn how Express.js connects with MongoDB and SQLite
    • Master Express.js
    • Comprehend multi-processing in Node.js
    • Understand the Node.js framework
    • Work with Node Projects
    • Understand file systems in Node.js
    • Work with Gulp and Grunt
    • Work with shrink-wrap to lock the node module versions
    • Learn asynchronous programming
    • Build HTTP Server with Node.js using HTTP APIs
    • Understand Events, Streams, and Buffers
    • Understand unit and End to End (e2e) testing
    • Build chat application using

  • Who should take this Node.JS Training?

    This Node.Js course in Bangalore is ideal for :

    • Full Stack Web Developers
    • Technical Project Managers and Technical Leads
    • Aspirants and students eager to learn web development
    • QAs, Architects

  • What are the prerequisites to learn Node.Js?


    The Node.js course requires a prior basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

  • What projects will you be working on?

    The projects that you must submit to unlock the Node.Js certificate are:

    Project 1 - Online Music Store - Manage Your Personal Music Library

    In this project, you must design an online music store that helps clients enhance their business by allowing a customer to purchase different music related items directly from the website. The website should be lively and user-friendly to attract more customers that will eventually increase the revenue for the client

    Project 2 - Create Your Own Learning Management System

    Develop a Learning Management System with the following features -

    • Multiple device access: Delivery of course content over web-based interfaces such as desktops, phones or tablets.
    • Registration of new courses: Create new courses and register the students
    • Course calendars: Creation and publication of course schedules, tests, and deadlines.
    • Registration Control: The ability to customize and monitor the registration process of the e-learning curriculum.
    • Document Management: Uploading and managing the documents that contain the curricular content.

    Project present with Solution:

    Real-time Chat Application with Node.js:

    Develop a real-time chat application using Socket IO and Node.js. Some of the features included in the application are:

    • Should allow the users to choose a name before they begin the chat
    • Should allow the users to send messages either to a specific user or the whole room
    • Must develop UI using RWD Library (Bootstrap), etc.

  • How will you work on projects during this course?

    Candidates must download the Node.js software. The trainer will provide details for the installation process in the class.

Node.js Course Preview

    • Lesson 1 - Introduction and Foundation

      • 1 Introduction
      • 2 The Node.js framework
      • 3 Installing Node.js
      • 4 Using Node.js to execute scripts
    • Lesson 2 - Node Projects

      • 1 The Node Package Manager
      • 2 Creating a project
      • 3 The package.json configuration file
      • 4 Global vs. local package installation
    • Lesson 3 - Working with shrink-wrap to lock the node modules versions

      • 1 What is shrink-wrap
      • 2 Working with npmvet
      • 3 Working with outdated command
      • Install NPM Shrinkwrap
    • Lesson 4 - Working with asynchronous programming

      • 1 Asynchronous basics
      • 2 Callback functions
      • 3 Working with Promises
      • 4 Advance promises
      • 5 Using Request module to make api calls
      • Asynchronous Commands
    • Lesson 5 - Building a HTTP Server with Node.JS using HTTP APIs

      • 1 The HTTP protocol
      • 2 Building an HTTP server
      • 3 Rendering a response
      • 4 Processing query strings
      • 5 Processing posted data
    • Lesson 6 - File System

      • 1 Synchronous vs. asynchronous I/O
      • 2 Path and directory operations
      • 3 __dirname and __filename
      • 4 Asynchronous file reads and writes
    • Lesson 7 - Buffers, Streams, and Events

      • 1 Using buffers for binary data
      • 2 Flowing vs. non-flowing streams
      • 3 Streaming I/O from files and other sources
      • 4 Processing streams asynchronously
    • Lesson 8 - Multi-Processing in NodeJS

      • 1 Working with Child Process API
      • 2 Working with Cluster API for multi-core servers
    • Lesson 9 - ExpressJS

      • 1 The model-view-controller pattern
      • 2 Defining Jade templates
      • 3 Configuring Express
      • 4 Postman configuration
      • 5 Using REST
      • 6 JSON Data
      • 7 Reading POST data
      • 8 CRUD operations
      • 9 Adding middleware
    • Lesson 10 - Express JS with MongoDB and Sqlite

      • 1 How Node.js connects to databases
      • 2 RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases
      • 3 Connecting to RDBMS and Mongodb databases
      • 4 Performing CRUD operations
    • Lesson 11 -, The Front-end, and A Chat App

      • 1 Getting Started
      • 2 Adding To Your App
      • 3 Exploring The Front-end
      • 4 Sending Live Data Back & Forth
      • 5 Creating The Front-end UI
      • 6 Showing Messages In App
      • 7 Working With Time
      • 8 Timestamps
      • 9 Show Message Time In Chat App
      • 10 Chat application Project
    • Lesson 12 - Introduction to Task Managers with unit testing

      • 1 Working with gulp
      • 2 Working with grunt
      • 3 Working with unit and E2E testing
    • Fundamentals Of JavaScript

      • 1.1 Course Materials
      • 1.2 What Is Javascript
      • 1.3 Internal Vs. External
      • 1.5 document.write()
      • 1.6 Alert And Confirm
      • 1.7 Prompting For Info
      • 1.8 Variables
      • 1.9 Conjugation
      • 1.10 Arithmetic
      • 1.11 Redirecting And New Windows
      • 1.12 Empty Links
      • 1.13 String Manipulation
      • 1.14 Comparisons
      • 1.15 If Else Statements
      • 1.16 Else If Statements
      • 1.17 Switch Statements
      • 1.18 Functions
      • 1.19 Events
      • 1.20 getElementById()
      • 1.21 Escaping
      • 1.22 Arrays
      • 1.23 For Loops
      • 1.24 While Loops
      • 1.25 Breaking Out Of Loops
      • 1.26 Skipping A Loop Cycle
    • {{childObj.title}}

      • {{childObj.childSection.chapter_name}}

        • {{lesson.title}}
      • {{lesson.title}}

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Node.js Exam & Certification

  • What do I need to do to unlock my Simplilearn certificate?


    Online Classroom:

    • Successful completion and evaluation of any one of the given projects.
    • You need to attend one complete batch.

Node.js Course Reviews

Suhas Ranganath
Suhas Ranganath Co-Founder, Bangalore

I am really happy with Simplilearn and the training went beyond my expectation. Great going guys! The instructor is great.

Maneesh Parihar
Maneesh Parihar IT Consultant, Gurgaon

I have registered for Node.js Certification from Simplilearn. The trainer is excellent and knowledgeable. The way he explains the concepts is amazing. I would highly recommend Simplilearn.

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Sudhir Gupta
Sudhir Gupta Project Manager at LogicSpice Consultancy Private Ltd, Jaipur

I love the course. The trainer was very helpful. His attitude and his approach to teaching were extremely impressive. Simplilearn takes care of all the possible needs and I feel respected. Thank you!

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Node.js Training FAQs

  • Who delivers the training?


    All the trainers at Simplilearn are highly qualified and are certified. They have several years of working experience with the front-end development technology.

  • Is this live training, or will I watch pre-recorded videos?


    The online classes conducted are all live. The classes are interactive sessions that allow you to ask questions and participate in discussions during class time. Simplilearn provides the recordings of each session that you attend for your future reference.

  • Can I cancel my enrollment? Do I get a refund?


    Yes, candidates can cancel their enrollment if it is inevitable. We will refund your course fee after deducting the administration fee. You can view our Refund Policy to learn more.

  • Are there any group discounts for classroom training programs?


    Yes, our training programs have group discount options. You can contact Simplilearn by selecting the Live Chat link or the form present on the right of any page on our website. You can also contact our customer service representatives for more details.

  • What payment options are available?

    You can make payment using one of the following options. Your payment receipt will be sent through email after the payment is made.

    • PayPal
    • American Express
    • Visa Credit or Debit card
    • Diner’s Club
    • MasterCard

  • I’d like to learn more about this training program. Who should I contact?


    You can contact Simplilearn by selecting the Live Chat link or the form present on the right of any page on our website. You can also contact our customer service representatives for more details.

  • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

    Simplilearn’s teaching assistants are a committed group of subject matter experts who help you get certified in your first attempt. They help enhance your learning experience in every step beginning from the class onboarding and project mentoring to job assistance. They proactively engage the students to make sure that the course path is being followed. During business hours, teaching assistance is available.

  • What is covered under the 24/7 Support promise?

    • Simplilearn offers 24/7 support through chat, email, and calls.  
    • We also have a committed group team that offers on-demand assistance through our community forum. You will also be given a lifetime access to our community forum even after you complete the course with us.

    Our Bangalore Correspondence / Mailing address

    # 53/1 C, Manoj Arcade, 24th Main, Harlkunte, 2nd Sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore - 560102, Karnataka, India.

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