PMP® is the top-ranked globally acknowledged professional certifications of project management. PMP® credential enhances your PM skills, expands your market reach, showcases your ability to handle critical projects to potential employers, earns you challenging projects and increases your salary dramatically. PMP® exam is conducted by the Project Management Institute and while certifying the PMP® exam candidates, PMI® tests them on five processes of project management as per PMBOK® Guide.

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Five Processes of PMP® Exam:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing

To attain PMP certification, one needs to be skilled in all these five processes and should also behold good understanding of major topics tested in the PMP® exam. Below are the major topics to concentrate for better PMP® exam preparation.

Top 10 topics to concentrate for optimum success in PMP® Exam:

Project Scope management:

Project Scope Management includes two factors; firstly it relates to all the work required for completing and delivering a product or a service and secondly, it relates to the features and functions that characterize the product or service. Thus, Scope project management includes the entire work requirements that are involved from initiating a product through creating to finally delivering it.

Project Risk Management:

Project Risk Management focuses in controlling risks within projects. The major focuses of project managers in this process are to plan project risk management, identify risk, perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, plan risk responses, monitor and control risks.

Project Quality Management:

Project Quality Management process ensures the quality of the end product or service within project management. It determines quality policies, objectives and responsibility and manages to deliver quality service at the end of the project.

Project Cost Management:

Project Cost Management is the process through which technology uses to measure cost and productivity throughout the lifecycle of enterprise level projects.  It estimates costs, determines budget and controls costs.

Project Time Management:

Project Time Management is the process of distributing and monitoring time in project management that ensures completion of project within time is Project Time Management. Project Time Management monitors the time spent over a project and also describes how much time should be spent for a certain task within a project.

Project Integration Management:

Project Integration Management is the process which ensures that all the requirements within a project are coordinated. It includes the integration of project plan development process, execution process and integrated change and control processes. Each process has different sets of input and output and also different sets of tools and techniques used to perform the tasks and convert the input into output.

Project Human Resource Management:

Project Human Resource Management is the process of identifying and documenting roles, responsibilities and required skills. It mainly deals in organizational planning, staff acquisition and team development. Project Human Resource Management ensures planned and strategic approach to managing an organization’s most valuable assets and those are people involved within various projects.

Project Communications Management:

Project Communications Management is the process that ensures clear communication between team members, stake holders, product owner and all others involved with the project. The main focus area of communications management is to identify stakeholders, plan communications, distribute information, manage stakeholders’ expectations and report performance.

Project Procurement Management:

The major focus areas in Project Procurement Management are to plan, conduct, administer and control procurements.

Professional and Social Responsibility:

The area of Professional and Social responsibility included by PMBOK® Guide in the PMP® exam study ensures individual integrity within a project. It enhances self-professional competence and promotes stakeholder collaboration.

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